JC PENNY Account / Waiting for credit return

I opened a new account with JCPENNY and made a purchase. I paid the account IN FULL On July 7, 2009, thought the "due date" was August 24, 09. I was out of state and had my mail on hold at the post office. I returned home August 8, 2009 to 14 phone messages on my answering machine. The message said to press one for this and two for that which I can not do on my answering machine. I then got two phone calls a day, for two days, a recorded messages asking me to hold on all representatives were busy. I hung up on them because I had NO idea who was calling. Finally a "person" called and said I owed them 280.15 and would I like to pay it by check over the phone or by credit card. I said I wanted to pay it in full with my credit card and close my account and that is what I did. I later went and picked up my mail only to find a JC PENNY statement with a DIFFERENT account number. BOTH statements were mailed the exact same day, July 25, 2009. I had paid (246.34), and had NO further charges, but on the other account then they added a $29.00 late fee and a $4, total of 280.15 which is what I paid them over the phone.
I called to correct their mistake of two account numbers and informed them they had been paid in full back in July. I was then told I had to WAIT up to 14 days to get the origional amount of 246.34 back BY MAIL, and then told I had to CALL them AGAIN in three days to REQUEST the late fee and finance charge be mailed to me. The "account manager assured me there was NO ONE ABOVE HIM that I could speak with and that "this is our policy". I had requested they CREDIT the entire amount to my visa but James, the account manager said that was not possible. I'd just have to WAIT.
I feel I should be paid INTEREST and charge them a "penalty fee" for double billing me not to mention the harassing phone calls. I will NEVER buy anything from JC PENNY again nor will I ever enter their stores and suggest the same to you. This is just NOT right and their policy needs to be changed.
Never again will I do any business with ANY companies affiliated with JC PENNY.

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