JC Penneylocal store

I have an almost 13 year old daughter in a wheelchair. In August, I took her and 2 of my other daughters shopping for clothes. The racks were so close together that I couldn't fit her wheelchair into the majority of the store. I couldn't get her close enough to clothes for her to look at them. And the racks that I could get her chair to we're so close together that she was slapped in the face with various articles of clothing as I tried to maneuver her back to the main aisle. I mentioned to several associates how I couldn't get her chair through. They gave a half hearted apology and shrugged their shoulders. Sunday, Jan.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Batesville, AR 15, I took her and her sisters shopping at JC Penney again, well, i should say that i attempted to take her shopping. There were even fewer places that i could maneuver her. We gave up trying after many attempts to get her wheelchair through aisles. I did not speak to anyone today because my child had become so upset and overwhelmed by not being able to even look at clothes and being hit in the face by clothes that she was beginning to melt down. I had to get her out and to the car.Batesville Arkansas jc penney IS NOT HANDICAP ACCESSIBLE OR WHEELCHAIR FRIENDLY IN ANY WAY! The last 2 shopping trips to this store have been miserable and i plan to boycott this chain as well as let other parents of wheelchair bound children know what a miserable experience shopping at penneys is.

Jan 19, 2017

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