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Jack in the Box / rude management

1 TX, United States Review updated:

My son went with a friend to Jack in the box and they ordered a drink and curley fries. While they were eating the manager told them to get out of the store and never come back! When my son told me that when he got home, I questioned it because it did not sound right so I asked my son what happened and he said he didn't know. He said that he dropped a fry and bent down to pick it up and the manager started yelling at them to leave and not come back. My son said they had both asked the manager if he could at least tell them why and the manager just kept ignoring them. So I called the Jack and Box to try and find out what happened and I asked for a manager and it sounded like he tossed the phone down and just left it off the hook and no one ever came to the phone. It had been setting off the hook for aprox 15 minutes before my husband and I went down there to see what happened. I thought maybe they were too busy to come to the phone .When we got there, there was only one customerin the store. So we asked him about the incident and he said it was him and he threw them out because my sons friend was coughing in the store. So I told him he threw them out and told them to NEVER come back because he was coughing in the store? And he got real snippy and said "yes" and he also was spitting. I said where was he spitting? And he said, " Well he was coughing and spitting." Well I came to get the Genaral Managers number and store number and he walked off and started ignoring us off. The when we had to tell him again that we wanted information to the General Manager he yelled at us and told You'll get it when HE"S ready, and I said yea like when you just droopped the phone and left me hanging earlier which I did not appreciate. He started yelling, I did not do that I talked to you!!! I said no you didnt, maybe it was the other parent but it was not me! And he said Yes it was YOU! Then he walks off and disappears, and we waited for probably 5 minutes maybe longer waiting for him to come back with the number. I finally went out to my car to try and get some paper and a pen to write the number down and when I came back in my husband said he told him he called the cops on us. Okay so whatever, I came to get the general Managers number and the guy said heres the number and rudely points to a little pamplet that says a 1-800-Jack number. Then he says " You havent heard the last from me." and so we left and had to drive to Baycliff which is about 7 miles away just to get a number from the Baycliff store because the manager was so rude and uncooperative at the other one. So while I was waiting this morning for the 1800 number to even open, I found all the websites here of reviews. I was shocked at some of these reviews. I also found a corporate website and when I went in to file a complaint with it, it takes you through a form that gives all your private information and then gives you options to show what store it number it was and when you click on it it places the store location and number at the bottom of the complaint and it just redirects your complaint to the management of that store. That really worried me because the manager had already said, this is not the last time you hear from ME." This guy would of had all my information so now I am going to have to try and speak with a Corporate manager. I did speak with my son's friends mother about it later that evening and she said she had called and talked to the manager and the manager told her that they had done NOTHING Wrong but that he told her her son was coughing in the store. So when I got there he had a real attitude... A BAD ONE!!! Thats not a good thing especially since probably MORE than half of their business comes from kids across the street at the high School.

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    I don't think the coughing was the issue, I think it was the spitting. If his cough was that bad he should have went to the restroom. Would you want to eat in a place where someone was spitting.

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