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On Monday night, May 8, 2017, my husband and I went to our local IHOP for a late dinner. It was about 10:00 p.m. As we arrived I took notice of the signing hanging on the computer monitor/cash register that said, "Now hiring cooks and waitresses". We were sat in a booth right by the kitchen and computer monitor where THE waitress (I only saw one) enters the orders, with full view and ear shot of everything. I faced the kitchen. Two young guys, I guess to be table bussers, had their cell phones plugged in behind the waitress's computer monitor, just outside the kitchen. These guys checked their cell phones every 3-5 minutes unless they rang with loud vivid rapper ring tones shouting out the f word and the n word, at which time they would run and answer them. Who I presumed to be the manager was in the kitchen helping out and at one point did say to one of the young men that he was not to be on the phone during work, but it pretty much continued. The one cook had on a fishing hat, the twill kind with a small brim all around it that fit big enough to almost cover his eyes.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Kansas City, KSI kept watching him struggle to look up under it to read the order tickets. The waitress although pretty rough around the edges, was nice and working very hard to keep up. The food took longer than it ever has to be delivered and then was barely warm. I asked if they still had boysenberry syrup as none of the containers on the table were labeled as such and they usually have it. The waitress said that they did have boysenberry syrup. After asking a second time for the boysenberry syrup, it was delivered to me in a child's cup with no lid. The entire experience was almost nauseating to me. My husband was in agreement.
I am sharing this information because we have frequented this, our local IHOP many times in the past and had good experiences. I was at a meeting last night and asked local members if any had noticed change. I was met with a resounding YES. My concern is that this, your business location is going downhill quickly. I am not writing to get anyone in trouble, but in hopes that the corporate offices will care enough to see that things improve.
I did take a photo of the boysenberry syrup in the kid's cup but do not know how to attach it here.

May 10, 2017

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