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Tom River, United States
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I walked into the Toms River, NJ location of IHOP. It was Columbus Day, 2017 and I asked the host if kids ate free, and he said, "Ummmmm, I don't know, ummm, I'll ask...ummm, and started yelling at the cashier behind us asking if it was. I said, 'never mind, we would just like to be seated.' So, he seated us and the waitress came up to the table. I asked her if kids ate free, she said "no", obviously, because it was Columbus Day and if it's a holiday, no kids eat free, which is an absurd way to get more money from customers. Anyway, I said, "oh ok, well I have a $5 off coupon" and took it out of my purse. The waitress rudely said, " no! thats not for this location. We wouldn't take that." I said to her, "ok, then can I ask if you have these coupons available for this location? Are there any I can get online?" She said, yeah, "I don't know...ok let me know when you're ready" and walked away!!! So, I went up to the cashier since the waitress did not answer my question and asked her if they had any coupons there. She said no as well. So, I said, "Ok, then we are gonna go" I turned back to the table and said to my nieces that we should leave. They said ok. At that moment, I saw the manager/owner walking around and I asked him if they had any coupons there. He said "No" so nastily and walked away dismissively. I was mortified. I send an email to corporate about it and for some reason it was forwarded to that owner who emailed me and accused me of threatening the cashier that if I didn't get a coupon, I was going to leave. Which was NOT what happened. I have the thread from the email I sent him. I am shocked that anyone would treat a CUSTOMER that way. Especially one who goes there all the time and asked extremely nicely to everyone involved. His name is George Ebinger and is apparently the owner of the two Toms River, NJ locations. I will never go to either one again. I am outraged by the treatment by the host, the waitress and the owner. My god!!

Janet Jacob

Oct 12, 2017

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