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IHOP & Denny's / poor service

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My family and I decided at about 9 o'clock one night to go out to eat. We decided to go to IHOP. Once seated it took 20 minutes for anyone to even acknowledge that we were seating there and take our drink order. Once we got our drinks we ordered our food. We waited, and waited, and waited. Finally we decide to speak to a manger (by now it's about 1030) and she claims they are short on cooks. After telling her we are going to leave, our food comes out, but it's cold! When we tell our waitress we don't even want it now, the manager couldn't even show her face and sent our waitress back out to tell us she'd take care of it! No one apologized!! So we decide on Denny's. Once we got there they apologized they were short on staff. So we sat down, ordered or drinks and food. 1115 came around and we began to see people come in and eat and leave before we even got our food. This went on until about 1145 and finally the waiter came over and says our order was lost and he needed to re-enter it! We refused and decided to go elsewhere. So needless to say we drove 1 hour away to a Waffle House, ate, and were home in less time than we wasted!!!

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  • An
      21st of Mar, 2007
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    I went to ihop in hammond, store #2003, on march 12, 2007. It was about 10:30am when we arrived,only to have to stand there about 15 minutes just to be seated. After we sat, there were 2 people who were seated after us, sitting right next to us. The waitress finally came take the order after another 10 minutes of sitting. She first went to take the other people's order who sat next to us, after us, and they told her we were first. She then proceeded to take our order, she didn't know anything about the menu, she kept yelling across the dining room to another waitress, "do we have this" or "can we do this", just different questions she had. After she took our order, instead of turning it in, she then proceeded to take the other people's order on side of us. The other people got there food within a half an hr. Then about 45 minutes later she comes to let one of the lady's at our table that what she ordered can not be made because they were out. Now shouldn't she have come let her know this right away. It had been an hour sitting there we were trying to call a waitress to let her know we had been sitting there way to long and we were going to leave and just go somewhere else. Right when we decided this, that's when they came to the table with our food. I ordered the egg special with the hashbrowns and pancakes. And toast bread on the side. Whenever she sat my plate down, the hashbrowns were so overcooked, the were hard like a brick, i asked her if she could get me more hashbrowns because those were burnt and hard and full of grease which covered the bottom of the plate, she said she would need my plate back, i said, "i would like to keep my plate because i will start eating my eggs before they get cold, she said, "i need your plate", i said, " i don't want to eat these hash browns i just don't want the rest of my food getting cold, so here comes my toast, so she tells the lady bringing my toast, "she doesn't want to give me her plate and she wants more hash browns. So i took the hashbrowns and put them on the plate that the toast was on and gave them to her. She did replace my hash brown with some good ones, but when she brought the plate she sat it on the table as hard as she could and she also had syrup, which she sat down hard too. I thought that to be very rude, she never said, "i'm sorry for the inconvience" or "i'm sorry at all". One of the other lady's at the table had burnt pancakes, she had to send back, and they did replace them with good ones also. My toast was hard and cold. I had to pay $1.29 for hard and cold toast. I know it's not the waitress's fault how the food comes out cooked, but you can have bad food with a good and kind waitress, but this trip to ihop was bad food and a bad waitress. We asked to talk to a manager, they told us there was none. I asked and the other lady asked also and they told us both the same thing. When i checked out, she never said thank you, she just had a frown on her face the whole time. I worked in a restaurant for 14 years and i know that the way she treated us as customers is not the way that we should have been treated. The waitress name was bobbie b. Even though she was new, she should have had a better attitude dealing with customers. That's not a way to keep customers going to your ihop. Then on march 21,2007 i received a private incoming call, someone saying that she was the asst. Manager at the ihop in hammond that i went to and that she had a comment card about bobbie b. To me, it sounded like bobbie herself. The lady asked me what happened and before i could continue my story she interrupted me and kept taking up for bobbie. So i told her, i know it wasn't her fault the way the food came out, but you can have bad food with a good waitress, and i told her not to worry about it, that we just had a bad experience there and they have a waitress that didn't know how to deal with customers. Do you know what this lady told me, she said, " well, we have customers that don't know how to deal with waitress's". So i ended up hanging up on her, because i feel that it was either bobbie, the waitress herself, or someone who was her good friend, because i know if it was an asst. Manager, she would have apologized for the inconvenience. Someone needs to check into that ihop, because it is not being ran properly.

    Sincerely yours,
    Annette Smith

  • Jo
      24th of Jul, 2007
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    You should eaten at home. We've had similar experiences at IHOP. They haven't had fresh fruit the last three times we've eaten there and (again) they didn't have crayons for our daughter. When the waitress came to take our order, I was afraid she was going to tell me they were out of pancake mix! The IHOP restaurant in Berlin, NJ is a mess. It stinks and it's understaffed. Don't go there!

  • Sh
      8th of Apr, 2008
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    4-8-08 I and 2 more went to my fave ihop in kingman az. 45 min. went by b4 ours came out. I've been a server 4 20+ yrs. Cheryl was our server n was great... BUT Heather sat 2 men saying i'll b rt back instead SHE HEATHER took their order and did'nt look at us again... Then finding out they were 3 short...& no MANAGER who is Larry Whitney... People were so upset THEY WALKED OUT. First time I've had BAD TIME THERE...I luv IHOP. Plz take care of the IHOP in Kingman, she's in desperate need of HELP.. Is it right 2 have the people seat themselfs?????????????????????????????????????? Yep no ONE UP FRONT 2 do their job. You need 2 do something!!! If my waitress's did what yours did today PINK-SLIP... Thank you Sheryl Meins KINGMAN

  • Em
      5th of Jul, 2008
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    We need a Denneys in our town. Ihop food is getting terrible bot they do not care as they do not have any competition. PLEASE DENNEYS COME HERE AND BUILD.

  • Ci
      16th of Aug, 2008
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    My sister and I went to a denny's in corning ny. We were seated and they took our drink order right away. Than the problems began. We waited and waited for our food to arrive. We both ordered the chicken sandiwich with lettuce and tomatoe and mayo and a order of ff. When it finally came the ff's were cold. So waitress said she would bring out more. Which she did but by that time my sister discovered bbq sauce on her sandiwich or part of sandiwich. Looked like they took a piece of chicken from one plate and put it on her sandiwich. The manager came over and said she would get her another sandiwich. We waited and waited and finally we got up to leave. There was her sandwich sitting under the lights. Our waitress and manager was outside taking a break. They did refuse to let us pay for what ever since we didn't get to eat. I doubt if we will go back there. There is a friendlys and a bob evans down the road a ways.

  • Se
      23rd of Sep, 2008
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    we need a ihop in our town mcdonalds sonic and subway are getting pretty old. we need something new that will bring more people to richmond.

  • Bo
      30th of Jul, 2009
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    ihops french toast is the blaghist tasting thing i have ever eaten and im almost 16 and i can make better french toast the the ihop in kalispell montana and my french toast is up to chefs quality of cooking and ihops is not. i could of fead three people for the price of what you charged me for my breakfest. and for the chefs out there heres a hint for cooking french toast it only takes a little bit of cinnamon and real vanilla for french toast.
    "HINT, HINT"

  • Ca
      23rd of Mar, 2010
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    I just got back from iHop. I had my worse service ever there.
    My friends and I decided to go to iHop because of course, we were hungry, and breakfast sounded good. We notice the parking lot is rather empty, but took it as a blessing, thinking our service would be quick, since our stomachs were growling. How wrong were we! There were three people in front of us, they waited in the lobby with us, for a good seven minutes. Finally, a waitress/hostess comes up, and seats the first three in front of us. She look high, her eyes being slits, and a tired look on her face, and very unhappy to be working, didn't even apologize for the wait. Mind you, the people in front of us, were only seated, we had to wait an extra three more minutes, which seemed like hours, just to get our seat, from the same lady. Who once again, asked how many, we were the only ones in the lobby, and were huddle together, it was obvious it was three of us, once again I see no chipper smile. I felt unwelcomed. So, She finally sits us down in a booth, asks us if our table was fine, hands us our menus. She then proceeds to ask what we'd like to drink, almost immediately as I touched my menu. I looked at her, and said, "I'm not sure at this moment." My other friend, said, "I would like an orange juice." She disappeared, and never came back. A good ten minutes went back, finally a girl came up who seemed a bit incompetent herself, she introduced herself, and didn't even apologize for leaving us stranded, and confused as to where the other lady went.

    She then asked what we'd like to drink, and eat. I ordered the pancake combo, my friend Brandon ordered the Strawberry Banana Pancakes, and his Girlfriend Amanda, ordered an Egg Benedict. We all order the same type of drink, flavored coffee, two Irish Creme, one French Vanilla. When Amanda ordered her Egg Benedict, the waitress look very confused, and uncertain if she heard her right. She said, "A what?" Amanda looked at her, and plainly said, "Egg Benedict." Pointing to it at the menu. She then proceeded to say, "Oh, well. How would you like your Eggs." First rule of being a waitress: Know the Menu. The Eggs in an Egg Benedict, come pooched.

    Finally, she left, taking our menus with her. We didn't see her for a good fifteen minutes, we still didn't get our drinks. Brandon eventually spoke up, and asked about our drinks. The waitress looked at us, and apologized saying she forgot about them, and went to make them immediately.

    During this five minutes of more wait, and no waitress, we began to comment about what she did during this time when she could have gotten our drink. We witness, her clean off a table at one point, she didn't even wipe it down with a wet toilet. Just took some sort of loin clothe, and dusted it off, then reset the table. How unsanitary! And she also was serving another couple across from us, and on her lanyard was her cellphone, I could see if she got a text or a phone call from where I was sitting. That's not very professional!

    Finally, she comes back with our drinks. They are so overflown, we have to use a spoon. We think, "Well, at least we got a lot this time." Only to find, our coffee was watered down so much, that the taste was unbearable, we sat in despair, as we desperately, stared at our waitress to return, another five minutes went back, she didn't come back until finally our food was here. Of course, during this time period, we were contemplating on leaving, saying forget all this. Our food, came. It was mediocre. The hash browns were over cooked, that they taste like potato chips, she drowned our pancakes in whip cream, which honestly more isn't always better, and Amanda's Egg Benedict, weren't good at all, rubber English Muffins contributed to that. As for our drinks, we asked for an alternative, telling our concern about her awful coffee. We all got sweet teas.

    There was a decision made, we weren't going to leave until we talked to a manager. We were discussing all the things went wrong, so we could give our comment as quickly as possibly, and leave with that note. We noticed that Manager was doing the register, and took that as our chance. Our waitress, returns fifteen minutes after our food was served, we were done with our food for ten minutes, we were starving so it took us five minutes to scarf it all down. She asked if we needed anything else, we promptly said, "Our ticket."

    There were separate tickets, as I scanned over the price, and saw she was going to charge us for the coffee, but not the sweet tea. I bought it to her attention. I said, "Why are you charging us for the coffee? We hardly touched it, it was awful. We shouldn't have to pay for it."

    Rather than being polite and apologizing. She said, "Well, I didn't charge you for the sweet tea."

    This is when I got snappy, I said, "Obviously. How much is the sweet tea?" She said, was like, "1...1...99?" I said, "Well, I would much rather pay 1.99 for a drink I actually had, than this coffee that is nearly three dollars that I took a sip of."

    She turned ugly on us, and walked away, as it took her forever to get new tickets.

    Mind you, THEY AREN'T BUSY! No one came in during this time, while we were being served. There was no reason for all this wait. She gives us our tickets, and doesn't say a word, no apology, nothing! We get up, ready to pay, and leave, with the intent to speak to the manager, while she did our tickets.

    Ahhh, so we thought. Our waitress, made it in record time to do our tickets, but that didn't stop us. I knew she was avoiding the manager, I even whispered to my friend saying that. Our waitress turned around giving a look like, she had heard that. By this time, I had grown cold to her, and didn't care if she was upset.

    So, the tickets were separate as mentioned earlier. Brandon and Amanda paid with a credit card. Voila, she does it. I give her cash. She doesn't know how to work the register, so she goes to the other monitor, where you are to ring up orders, not pay for them. She then comes back with her clutch, pulling out her money, shoving my 20 into her clutch, looking for change for me. I was appalled. She then realized she had not enough ones, so she turned to me, and said, "You're going to have to wait for your change." She said in a snappy tone.

    I look at her in complete awe. How on earth did this lady have a job? We finally get to speak to a Manager, as Brandon took over telling her that the service was terrible, and that we weren't coming here again. The Manager, didn't apologize, ask questions, or even acknowledge that this should be addressed, instead. She said, "Well, let me see your ticket, have you already paid?" He answered, yes, that he did. And immediately, she said, "Well, you should have said something earlier." Bloody hell. What kind of manager is this?! How do these people get hired?!

    I was finally given my change, and I left...sick to my stomach.
    We arrived at iHop a little before seven, and left at took us five minutes to eat...

    I'm going to call their home base in Glendale. I've never been so angry at a restaurant before, but there are more deserving people for that job, than our waitress. I want her fired. Karma's a ###. :]

  • No
      16th of Apr, 2010
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    we just got back from Dennys the one from aurora next to the mall. They sat us right away and got us our drinks fast too, but we waited a long time for our food we waited for 30 min. then wehn it came time to pay my dad gave one of the workers a 100 dollar bill . he when inside the kitchen with out saying anything and came back saying it was fake. we didnt think of it as much when we were there but as we were getting home we though of it and notice he had no reason to go back to the kitchen.

  • Rh
      19th of Mar, 2011
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    i just got back from eating at the denny's in spiceland, in. 47362 and i will never eat there again, our food was under cooked cold and we were over charged. We came in with a party of eight and five of us had issues with our meal. When we were at the register we asked to speak to the manager, when he came out he had an attitude from the start. I have sympathy when service is swamped or understaffed but we were only one of three tables, and the otheres were occupied by one or two patrons. I don't expect nor do i want any compensation for a resolution, my reason is solely to let you know how we were treated and hopefully you can look into the incident. Your manager Bob (unknown last name) was combative from the start not ever letting us any expain our issues to the point my immediate amd extemded family will never again visit the denny's in spiceland, IN.

    thank you,

  • Rh
      19th of Mar, 2011
    +1 Votes

    me and my family ate at your restraunt tonight

  • Tl
      25th of Apr, 2011
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    I am not suprised, I heard a lot about spiceland dennys.

  • Ba
      29th of May, 2011
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    Ihop sucks! Me and my family went to Ihop to celibrate my birthday, We waited about 10 minutes for the food because it was a slow day. I ordered the pancakes with eggs and bacon. When it came they gave me no bacon! My eggs were very cold also! Not joking I mean they probably put it in the freezer! I yelled at the manager because my family was hungry. He said he was sorry and gave me a new plate. Then the people from Ihop did not want to sing happy birthday to me! I did not care but I did want the free ice cream for my daughter. Then they finally sang but...the ice cream was half melted! Me and my family got up and left! NO WONDER IT WAS A SLOW DAY!

  • Ur
      6th of Jul, 2011
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    I didn't know Ihop had Eggs Benedict or pooched eggs. Pooched? I have been to Ihop yesterday and many other times and they never have had eggs benedict. Ten minutes for drinks is ridic, but ten minutes for food is NOTHING! As far as paying for orders do you work there? Do you know where they pay for orders etc? Orders can be paid for at any computer in the one I go to. You pay at the table. Sever can access it anywhere. "she didn't even wipe it down with a wet toilet." Well I would hope she didn't wipe it down with a wet "toilet". It seems as if you just wanted a free meal and you do this on a regular basis. Who cares if she got a text message or phone call. Heck, I watch people wait for the server to show up and then jump on the cell phone as soon as the server walks up to the table. "They are so overflown, we have to use a spoon." What, use a spoon to catch them out of the sky? Were they flying or I mean over flying or "overflowing."? "I've never been so angry at a restaurant before", . Key words. You probably complain everytime you come in." I want her fired. Karma's a ###." Yes, your name is probably Karma and you ARE a ###! Why don't you get a life and eat somewhere else!

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