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ICICI Prudential / awaiting balance of refund and stressed out with this company

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----- Original Message -----
To: Ajay Saxena
Sent: Monday, June 09, 2008 10:24 PM
Subject: Life Time Super Pension - Policy No [protected]

Dear Mr Saxena,
I have today received the above policy. I am very disappointed to note that to me this policy is not the same policy that was discussed with me. When I came to your branch I was told about an investment and this was only for 3 years with three payments of 100, 000, 00 and that if I didn't take out the money and keep it for 5 years it could double.

I have read this policy and this is for 10 years with payment of 100, 000.00 each year. I have been mis-led by this and am not very happy about this. In the first instance when I came to your office just to open a fixed deposit account, I was told about the investment for 3 years and was also told about the fixed deposit and that there was not much return on that. I was really pressurised into buying a policy and you were also present on the second day. I then even told you that I have changed my mind but you said that it was too late and that the paperwork had already been posted. I was asked to sign all sorts of forms in a rush and I was so stressed when I left your office, even the paperwork was not ready and I literally walked out. Now I find that this policy is completely different to what I was told about.

I am a NRI and because I wanted to fix my savings for one year to earn more interest and that I was in India, I popped into your branch which was local to me. I was absolutely hounded by your staff to take out an investment policy. I had a friend with me who also has an investment plan for three years, she can be my witness. I am very disappointed with the service that I have received.

I would like to cancel this policy and would ask you to transfer all the amounts to my NRI Account - A/No. [protected] in the name of Mrs Inderjeet Khokhar & Miss Simrit Khokhar. I will be returning these documents to you tomorrow.

As you guys have mis-led me into buying, I would like a full refund into the above account and would like confirmation from yourselves to this effect.

Mrs Inderjeet Khokhar

After hundreds of emails I finally received some money:
Subject: RE: CallID# [protected]
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2008 17:29:02 +0000

I have just checked with my friend and she has confirmed that the cheque has been received, cheque number 042820 for the amount of 73, 481.83.

I would like to ask you the breakdown of the money. Why have you deducted 26, 5181.17 from the original amount of 1, 00000.00. I would like a breakdown of this amount.

This policy was cancelled within the freelook period and it is your fault that you have been delaying the matter. If there are any costs it is up to you to pay the bill, it should not come out of my pocket. I was told that there would be a 200.00RSso why have you charged me the above amount? Please explain. I am getting fed up writing to you and I have had the worst experience with you. I would ask that you send me the balance of the above amount deducting the 200.00 RS as per your email attached above.

Hope to hear from you very soon.

Inderjeet Khokhar

Again numerous emails regarding the balance I am still fighting for. The sent me this note in March but I have not received any of these monies in my account:

CallID# [protected]‏
Sent: 30 March 2009 13:00:15

Dear Mr. Inderjeet

We refer to your email dated 25th March 2009 pertaining to your LifeTime Super Pension policy (UIN code:105L055V01) policy number "[protected]".

We hereby inform you that the payment was processed by taking into consideration the NAV as on July 01, 2008. Hence the amount of Rs. 5601.82/- (Rupees Five Thousand Six Hundred and One and Eighty Two Paise) has been transfered back into your account. So we request you to check and confirm the same.

Please contact us for further clarifications, if any.


Umashankar Chary

Customer Service Manager

I have been fighting with these people for nearly a year. Mr Deepak who I saw when I went to the bank in May last year has moved from this branch. I was told to call him but he cut my phone off. Can you help me with this matter. I do have copies of each and every email electronically.
My email is

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