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personal loan delay

The manager
Icici personal loan

Dear sir,
i am karthick from chennai,, i was applied for the personal loan with icici bank in chennai,, 5th december concern executive said with in one week you can get the loan
, i am also agreed, 15days back that executive called your loan got approval you should give 6 cheque leafs with sign, i have done all the formalities , after nobody didnt responce i send complient mail in icici and i called customer care lot off times but no use,,
now also thay said give me one day you will get the money ,, its one month over ,, i dont know what icici peoples doing when i get the loan ,, iff its possible or not,, they will return my cheque or not???????????????? thank you
aplication no: [protected]
complient no :[protected]
sr no :[protected]

thanks and regards

  • Pi
    Pious Fernandes Feb 16, 2008

    we want personal loan of Rs 100000

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  • Pr
    praveena Mar 31, 2008

    Yes I agree the same. I have also applied for the personal loan before 16 days. One day the executive come and ask the cheque lief. Still i didnt get any useful reply from the bank. What is this...

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  • Ch
    chander prakash musturia Jul 07, 2008

    I have not recieved bank statement last one year on my add: I have already complaint at 24 customer care on telephone but yet no any response

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  • La
    lakshmipathy.v Aug 17, 2008





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  • Vi
    vinit sawant Nov 30, 2008

    Yestarday I have Transfor 4000Rs. that he don't Got Them .
    I have Transfor From icici branch of CBD Belapur Navi Mumbai to icici branch of gadhinglaj .Dist-Kolhapur.
    He's A/C.No. is 095301500146. An Name is Shivaji Bhimrao Naik
    So Plz Report Me
    Little Request

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  • Da
    DAYA TRIPATHI Jul 13, 2010


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noc dispatch

Dear Customer Care,ICICI BANK I am very disappointed the way your call center operates and answer...

extremely poor customer service

This is reference to the complaint number SR45226908 which I had registered in lieu with the loss and later fraudent use of my ICICI ATM/Debit Card on 19-11-2007.
I was informed by the customer care executive on phone banking that the closing date of the complaint is 03/01/2008.
Though I had explicitly asked if any FIR copy was needed, I was told that it was not needed. But even then, I went ahead and filed an FIR copy and submitted a copy at the Vashi Branch of ICICI along with a written complaint letter. I have the acknowledgement receipt as well of it.

Later I got a call from ICICI bank saying that a person would be coming to collect my passport-size photograph and one more copy of the FIR, which I duly handed over. The name of the person who collected it was Dheeraj Geraja who sits in the kandivali office and has the office contact number 022-[protected]. I had later called up on this number to know about the status of the investigation and I was told that the fraudent use of the card has been established and I would have my money refunded.

I called up the phone banking line on 03-01-2008, to know about the date on which I would have my money refunded as this was the date of resolution of the complaint. To my horror, the person on phone banking informed me that since they did not receive any FIR copy or written complaint, they have gone ahead and closed the complaint.

I fail to understand the working of a private bank like ICICI, where there is absolutely no co-ordination between the various departments.

I would also like to raise the question that even after filing of complaint, I never got a call from ICICI informing of its status. At least before closing of the complaint, I should have received a call but even that did not happen.

I have been haplessly calling up the phone banking line, visiting the ICICI banks and the investigation team ( of which Mr.Dheeraj Geraja is a part), but to no avail.

Please help.

  • Ki
    kishor joshi May 06, 2008

    customer care centre. This is Mr. Kishor Joshi holding an account named Ravi Associates in your bank. My account no is R.A. 624005700159. I have applied for cheque book with a requisition slip in my branch at Bhandarkar Road Pune approximately one or one and half m onth ago. I have still not received the cheque book . I have often rather daily go to the banch and enquireabout the cheque book. I don't receive any satisfactory answer. What kind of bank is this./ I am not able to withdraw money nor able to issue cheque to my clients. It is very disguisting on your part of not serving me properly. I think this is the worst way of your banking. We have been merged along with sangli bank into this bank and w e are notat all satisfied with your services. This bank is only for the name sake. We are very much upset with such kind of services on your part. If i don't get any satisfactory reply alng with proper services i am afraid i will have to go Grahak manch with a complaint. Please do the need ful and help me out of this.

    Thanking you

    Yours faithfully

    Mr. Kishior Joshi.

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  • Su
    sunil unnadkat Jul 14, 2008

    Customer relations

    Dear Sirs,

    Today I went to your bank in Wembley, Ealing Road and found that the bank teller Ms. Nisha Vidhani was very arrogant and rude.

    I have three accounts with your Bank two in USD with a balance of $476, 796.00 (account No. 888*********) and another $70, 000.00 a structure in singapore (Account No. 888********) and a sterling pound account with a balance of a few hundred pounds.

    Over the years I have been convinced to put a lot of faith in your banking institute compared to a lot of high street British and American Banks. Somehow all this seems to be a salesman pitch when you cannot deliver on your promises and the over all customer services are very poor.

    Maybe, living in America I have got accustomed to higher customer services and my expectations were also high when I entered your branch today.

    I waited for Ms. Vidhani to serve me; she was the only teller available at the peak hour. After I approached her, she with a sound of authority told me to get a token and I should have read the sign as I had entered the bank.
    After getting the token, I sat down patiently and waited while I noticed another lady customer upset. Ms. Vidhani was also rude to her; this ladies token number had already passed and was not served.

    Prior to going to Ms. Vidhani, I had inquired with a gentleman at the customer service desk if I would be able to draw out cash as I did not have my cheque book. He had confirmed there would be no problem.

    After Approaching Ms. Vidhani and explaining I did not have my cheque book she demanded to know why and that I could not draw cash out. After shouting at her and letting her know that I had got confirmation from the gentleman in the customer service, she agreed to make this a one time exception and she would place a remark on my account not to let me draw out cash ever again.

    I feel somewhere along the line the bank must understand that by having an account with your bank, it is we who are doing you a favour and it should be a privilege to have customers come in and bank with you. The way that I was treated, I felt like the bank is doing me a favour.

    There are many banks that are luring us with all kinds of deals to get us to open accounts with them. Give me a reason why I should stay loyal to you?

    ICICI Bank has ventured in many western countries, still you seem to have failed to give the western standard of services and training to your staff to be courteous pleasant. Tellers like Ms. Vidhani (who did not even have a name tag) give your bank a bad reputation.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Sunil Unnadkat

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  • As
    ASHWANI BHATIA Oct 03, 2008

    I want to know how does ICICI Bank account holder has link with Fake U.K. Lottery scammers. Scammers instruct the target victim to deposit money into ICICI Bank and providing the details of the account owner, PAN number and name of the account holder. I have also experienced the above . As this is happening frequently and Bank high officials are aware of the above. Is that Target victims can withdraw money from Bank after sending them request for refunding the money . The people who had deposited money in the account can file a complaint in the Court for taking strict action. By doing this image of the Bank could be spoiled.Any body can see lots of complaints are posted by the various card holder against the services of the Bank and day by day complaints are increased due to poor service and they are withdrawing the services by cancelling their accounts .
    This should be right course of action, otherwise Bank will be Bankrupt and loose its assets in the market and the credit crunch will also hit the Indian Financial market.

    Ashwani Bhatia

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  • Ko
    Kousik Sengupta May 06, 2009

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I Kousik Sengupta Customer of your Bank, A/C No 628001512259, User ID- 509016336.
    I have already registered three requests No.(SR101403044, SR102801815 & SR102365256) to get my Netbanking password through Internet banking form,
    but against this request I got the same result.
    1. (Internet banking password has been sent on 30-03-09/... to our Kolkata RMR for further despatch.You will receive it in 7 working days) dated

    30-03-09/... at 5.21pm. Now status showned closed."
    2. "Dear Mr. Sengupta,
    According to our records the Passwords have been dispatched on April 02, 2009 through MARUTI AIR COURIER vide airway bill 336299678/... the same was

    returned to us with reason " No Such consignee at the given address" and it has been destroyed for security reasons."
    B D Mahesh Kumar
    Customer Service Officer
    ICICI Bank Limited
    For your kind information, I already received my Cheque Book and bank statement before few days at my mentioned address in your record book (Vidyasagar

    Sarani, Rajchandrapur, Bally, Po Anandanagar, Howrah).

    Now I have resend an another complain in your complain database.
    I also attached the complain sheet of this complain for your kind information.
    I think you will be look forward with me and send my Internet Banking Password for above mentioned A/C No as early as possible.
    If it is not possible by you then give me the appropriate procedure.

    Message received on 06/05/09
    [Your Request has been created successfully.
    Your service request number is : SR105447157. Please note the same for future reference.
    Your request would be processed by 13-May-2009

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  • Af
    Afaq Sep 22, 2010

    I live in New York. I also think, ICICI Bank is the worst ever bank I have dealt with. Most of the customer care people are idiots.
    I can't wait to take my money out and run.

    The regulatory body in India is corrupt and private banks are taking advantage of it.

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icici bank has resorted to frauds

ICICI BANK has resorted to frauds

I am a customer of ICICI Bank. I hold a Gold credit card with ICICI. Last month due to some unplanned travels I made purchases worth Rs. 65000/- on my card. I would have paid the bills before the due date. Atleast 10 days before the payment due date, I started receiving calls from ICICI Bank Call Center from Chennai, they told me that if I convert this amount into an EMI for 3 months, they will charge Rs. 4000/- extra as processing fees and taxes and they will not charge any interest other then that. I refused to convert it into an EMI at first. But, they kept calling me and after 3rd time of calling, they gave me an offer that if I convert the amount outstanding on my card into an EMI, they will give me gift vouchers of Ezeego1.com worth Rs. 15000/-. The offer was quite attractive as I am a frequent traveler. I then allowed them to convert the outstanding amount to an EMI for 3 months and they told me that I would receive the gift vouchers within 7 days. I waited for 10 days and then I called the ICICI Call Center to enquire about the gift vouchers. They told me that there is no such scheme available and they will not give gift vouchers of a single penny. I then asked them to cancel the EMIs and the card. At first they were hesitant to cancel the EMIs and the card, but after few minutes of fireworks they agreed to cancel the EMI without levying any charges. The Chennai Call Center numbers from which, I was receiving calls are 044-[protected], 044-[protected], 044-[protected], 044-[protected].

If you are an ICICI customer and you have also made similar purchases like me, beware of the 4 numbers I have mentioned above, do not talk to these persons. It seems ICICI Bank is poised to strip off its customers of their hard earned money and add it to its own top line and bottom line. Mr. Kamath are you listening?

Gaurav Oberoi

  • Va
    vaibhav Mar 27, 2008

    yes they are

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  • Su
    subal kumar sethy Aug 21, 2008

    Dear sir

    I had applied credit card date of 27-05-08 application no -WO80100219691. But i am not recevied yet. kinly inform detail

    Subal sethy

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opening of icici dmat account

I applied for opening of D MAT account with ICICI, a query was lodged on internet and after 3-4 days one agent named Mr. Harjeet contacted me and given the details of the papers & documents to be submitted with the application form, then on 17.11.07 i had given him the cheque No. 909366, dated 17.11.07 for Rs. 750/-, in favour of ICICI Securities Ltd. drawn on Bank of Maharashtra, Faridabad. Hee collected all the papers from me, and till 17.12.07 there was no proceeding on my application, then some how i could get his contact no. & contacted him, then he said that he wants one more copy of my resi. proof , for which he gave me one e-mail address to send him a scanned copy of latest telephone bill at kunal.[protected]@icicidirect.com. I mailed him a copy on 20.12.07. But of no use again i contacted him, that what happened why so delay? He said he had not received the mail, and again i mailed the same bill on 27.12.07 at the same mail id i.e. kunal.[protected]@icicidirect.com on 27.12.07. Now wish to submit that I am very disappointed with ICICI Bank Services, i hope all the people who are associated with your bank suffer? I can not expect this kind of mis handling of your precious customers/clientele. And hope you can not afford to lose your clientele this way. Whatever loss i had to bear in this last complete one and a half month, who is going to pay for it? Please reply soon. Desparately waiting, Deepa Kapoor, Mobile [protected], Ph. Resi. [protected]

  • Ni
    nitin goyal Jan 21, 2008

    Do not go with the ICICI demat. Its pathetic. The site never opens.
    You still have a chance choose other provider.

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  • Ra
    Rajesh Kumar shrivastava Mar 15, 2008

    I had applied to open my dmat account on dated 17jan.2008 from agra.but yet i have not received any information while i have sumitted everything asked by you two or three times.

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  • Vi
    Vijayachandar.J Apr 29, 2008

    Yes, I had almost of same experience like Deepa kapoor had. This happend in Pune. Now there is no use of running behind ICICI Direct. Can any one please suggest me the best service provider for DMAT ?

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  • Sa
    S A DHAKSHINAMURTHY Sep 17, 2008

    Please do not deal with ICICI Securities. They block the trading account on one guise or the other. My account is locked for the 8 months and they have not activated despited repeated reminders. No one is answering. I presume that they might have sold the shares illegally.

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  • Ch
    chakradhara nayak Oct 30, 2009

    I want to open an account of dmat kindly guide me. My e mail address as follows : [email protected]

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incomplete service provided

I was on look out to book a new apartment at Chembur in sept 2006 ans i availed the services of ICICI home search one Mr.Anand Meherji. Through him i located shrushti Sangam Builders at Tilak Nagar and negotiated a rate and gave a good advance with proper receipts. It was stated that this Builder is ICICI approved and a good builder etc.Although he promised papers (required for loan) within 3 months, he could provide the papers only this Oct/07. The Agreement was signed at our end in Nov'07 but the Builder is yet to sign the Agreement due to which i am unable to avail the Loan. The Builder does not seem bother to sign the deed although more than a month has passed.When i try to take up the issue with ICICI Home search i find the person Anand Meherji is not there. It is strange that such builders are approved by such a reputed Banking institution.

I am at a heavy loss after availing the services of ICICI home search who has left me in the lurch after providing incomplete service although they seem to have taken the full brokerage from the Builder.

credit card charged


Today to my dismay I received a SMS on my phone saying that my credit card was charged with 10,800/- INR, from a website called eseva.com. On calling the bank, they successfully blocked the card, after which the call center guys tell me to call up after 2 days to lodge a complaint on misuse of the card. The funny part is that the ICICI card was never used by me and had no previous transaction history, the only way that a person could have found the information required to make a transaction would have been through ICICI themselves. The ICICI bank employees themselves are running some sort of a scam that cheats people. Beware and dont get ICICI cards, if you owe one, cancel it.

I had a similar trouble earlier when the bank issued me 4 cards, when I had signed an application form for only one. According to their history they had two forms signed by me which was impossible. ICICI can be sued for forgery, fraud.


  • Sh
    SHABBIR ALIM Aug 26, 2008

    This is to inform your good self that I Shabbir A. Alim is a holder of the above said credit card no. I am the ICICI bank customer since 2004 and I am a regular user of the card and I have been paying my outstanding on time to time basis.

    Now I had by mistaken paid extra amount on the above said card by Rs.25, 000/- and as I have taken a loan from ICICI I had request to adjust the excess payment of my card to the loan installment account of the said month. When I had called your customer service and requested for the said adjustment she denied that such adjustment is not possible but she can issue me a draft for the excess payment made by me, In meantime I was talking to her phone my line got disconnected and I re-dial the customer service and I was been attended by other executive where she agreed to my request and did the needful as per my request to adjust the excess amount to my loan account. (SR-68187427 dt.2/6/08).

    But as I had spoken to the earlier customer executive she had forwarded the cheque of Rs.25000/-. On the receipt of the same I had again called customer care executive and informed the detail and I was been informed that there was a mistake from the executive of ICICI Bank and they already given instruction for the Stop –Payment for the cheque issued to me for Rs.25, 000/- and I may cancel the cheque as the transaction requested by me was over.

    But I was surprised to receive the statement of 16-07-2008 stating as Rs.25000/- previous balance and over above the same I am been charged late fee and interest for the amount not been used by me at all. I had called to your customer care executive (Mr.Mohit Kapoor on 30/07/2008 at 6.15pm) who made me to hold the telephone line almost more than 45minutes for just noting my complaint. Then I received a call from the customer care manager Mr.Jai Ganeshan stating that he has done the needful and now the record has been corrected. But sorry to say that I am been receiving the call from your payment collection department for the outstanding dues which I am not liable to pay a single penny.

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be careful when dealing with icici home loans

Hello All,

I almost escaped from being duped by an ICICI Bank Home Loan Agent. This was sometime during November 2006. I had approached the bank for a home loan for a property that i had chosen in Bangalore. I had to apply for a loan for myself and my wife. I was connected with this guy called Raghu (i don't remember his phone number.) Initially he was kind enough to waive processing fees for one of the home loans and he agreed to charge processing fee only for one loan which was around Rs. 5612/-.

I sent him all the docs for review and consideration and he had promised me that the loan would be approved in a matter of 7 - 10 working days. Since i had all my documents in good order and nothing was missing the processing should have been quick and easy. However to my dismay, the agent was dragging the matter for almost 15 days (i was in a hurry to settle the loan matter and i was chasing him on a regular basis to get the status.)

Then one fine day i got a call from ICICI Lombard and the person calling strongly insisted that i should buy insurance as well. Otherwise they wont approve the home loan for me. This was like after 15 days of me submitting all the papers. The insurance cost alone was around Rs.100,000 and they were willing to Finance this amount as well from the loan. I insisted that i wont need Insurance and all i needed was the home loan and why am i being informed now at the nth hour that for home loan, insurance is a pre-requisite.

My Action: I immediately withdrew my loan application from ICICI and instead went to HDFC. They approved my loan in a matter of 3 days and i got disbursement immediately there after.

My Conclusions:


1. Not so strict in loan processing and can ignore some documentation. But later they might have some surprises for you.
2. They dont mention such insurance related pre-requisites in advance and seeing the urgency of the customer, they try to delay till the nth hour, where by the customer is left with no choice but to abide by them.

HDFC Bank:

1. Simple and straight forward. Transparent in their dealings.
2. Strict in documentation. If you don't have all the paper work, HDFC might not work out.
3. Fast processing and disbursements.


complain for non-delivery of registration certificate by dealer as short-payment from icici bank ltd.

The manager
Icici bank ltd.
Two-wheeler loan section

Subject: complain for non-delivery of registration certificate by dealer as short-payment from icici bank ltd.

Dear sir/madam,

I mukesh ranjan, have purchased a bike model “ hero honda splendor nxg” on hire purchase agreement through icici bank ltd. having loan no.- ltdel00011142797, from hero honda authorized dealer name “upper india trading company (delhi) pvt. ltd.”, 49-c, rama road, new delhi-110 015, dated 25th july 2007. however as on date 07th december 2007 when I went for taking my r. c. (registration certificate having no. dl 1s r 1026) for the aforesaid bike the aforesaid dealer executive asked for rs.510/- (rupees five hundred ten only) as not paid by the icici bank ltd., then only we will provide you the same. as I have paying all emi through ecs from my icici bank account no.- [protected] timely and driving vehicle without registration certificate is illegal in the of law. for your further reference I am attaching the invoice copy.

Therefore kindly requesting you to do needful in this regard.

Your early action in this regard is highly appreciated.

Thanking you,

With regards,

(mukesh ranjan)

Registration no.: - dl 1s r 1026
Address :- m-79, 1st floor, m-block market, g. k.-2, new delhi-110048.
Icici bank a/c no.- [protected]., branch - connaught place, new delhi-110 01.

  • Su
    sunita Aug 18, 2008

    maina aapke bank se two wheeler loan liya tha jiska ac no hai LTLUD00008384806 bike is bajaj pulsar mujha abhi tak iski rc nahi mili hai aur dealer ka kehna hai ki jis dma se aapka loan sec hua hai unhona hame payment short ki hai aur jis dealer se hamna bike li thi usna aapna mobile no 9988947852 change kar liya hai aur bank mai milta nahi hai bank wale kahta hai usna yaha se job chod di hai sir dealer ka name hai DINESH JIS BRANCH ME WOH BATHTA HAI WAHA KA ADDRESS HAI FEROZE GANDHI MKT FEROZE PUR ROAD LUDHIANA plz solve this metter sir an reply soon

    sunita (9915685666)
    54 bachitar nagar near
    jamalpur chowk ludhiana

    -1 Votes
  • Sa
    Sanjeev Saraswat Nov 19, 2008

    Dear Sir,
    My bike registration no is DL 8S AF 4303, Bajaj discover, i have paid all 36 installment, i request return my blank cheque lying with ICICI & issue NOC certificate
    Please courier at
    Sanjeev Saraswat
    Envirotech Gensets Pvt. Ltd.
    B-1A/19, Commercial Complex
    Sect-51, Noida
    Ph - 9810319823

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bill releted problem

I am reciving cerdit card bill from ICICI Bank continuasly as I don't have any credit card. Initialy I...

worst service ever experienced!

ICICI claims that it gives best customer service. But I came across one of the worst experience in my life. I went to Rajaji nagar Bangalore ICICI branch, in order to open an NRE account on 14th Aug'07 and submitted all the required testimonials. But even after 15 days my account not activated. When inquired they asked my overseas bank statement as overseas address proof. I was astonished of such feedback, as I would expect this to be made aware to me by the representative at the branch when I submitted the form. I again mailed original bank statement on 8th Sept'07. After continuous follow up, I was wonder struck on 22 Oct'07 when I was made aware that my account could not be activate because of the same reason as mentioned above. I took my complaint uo to level 4 (max level) but couldn't see any improvement. What I experienced in nearly 4 months with ICICI bank is that the officers are thoroughly unprofessional, very lethargic and customer service is a long forgotten story. In my company, a newly recruited office boy has more professionalism than any other so called officers of ICICI. They never work on time. Some times I wonder how it is surviving in a service based industry. I should really congratulate them for this achievement. Till today the status remains the same.

  • De
    Desmond Dec 11, 2007

    I am experiencing the same with ICICI. Bunch of ### siting there.

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non receipt of ordered material

I had ordered for some books and music cds on the basis of the advertisement through my office email id: [protected]@aryacma.co.in on 22-10-07. The payment of Rs.1407/-was paid through my ICICI bank credit card. I have not received even a simple acknowledgement so fa, leave aside the package. Will you be in a position to help me please? How is that this bogus company operating under your name and logo please ?

Thanks for your kind help.


K. Pattabhi

recovery amount

Dear Sir,
I transferred 2500 Rs on 3 Nov'06 to [protected] in place of my freind a/c [protected].
For recovery this amount I met to KG Marg branch yesterday they said "We cannot do any thing in this case talk to customer care person”. I called customer care person he said "We cannot do anything in this case talk to your nearest branch.
When I was in nearest branch (KG Marg counters no 1) than I called customer care person and requested to talk branch person and there was very comic seen they were quarrelling and saying this is your query this is your query.
This is a question if some accountholder makes a mistake than ICICI bank cannot do anything to rectify his mistake and this also debatable your employees know their duties and responsibilities
I am writing mail by this hope you will not say that we cannot do anything in this case
after this drama played by your department .
Please take necessary steps to back my money

Sushil Kumar

harassing phone calls!

I took personal loan from ICICI bank 18 month back for personal need of my family for 24 month . Since 18 months I continuing deposit my loan as per repayment schedule. In between sometime 2-3 installment has been due as my salary credit in my bank late, for that my relatives/friend deposit in cash. This month again my one installment for the month of nov.07 due. Right now I am working in dubai, and my family living in village. Nobody there who can deposit the due installment in cash. Since last 4-5 days one person who is recovery agent of ICICI bank making phone at my home to my wife for due installment. My wife given him my number and explain all the things but he again & again making phone to my wife and threatening to him. He even never call me and when I took the number from where he making the phone on that number no ring going and no body pick up the phone. For this type of activity no body can believe in banking industry. They making gundaraj to this reputed industry. There is no such a way for recover the loan, even after continue deposit the installment.

  • Al
    alok Dec 13, 2007

    Wants to talk with head of department in Lucknow Reasion.

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  • Ol
    Oliver Ramball Feb 07, 2009

    I think if so many people are complaining about the harrassing calls made by these agencies, why is there nobody taking heed of this. Is it because there is a lot more to look into in the system in our country and these are petty things to deal with? I think there are rules and regulations for everybody, and unless defined the collection agencies are taking things for granted, even though they know the guidelines. Somebody should look into this matter closely.

    I've been getting a lot of calls from these two numbers (022-40698300 and 022-66734901). I believe these numbers are from a collection center operating somewhere in District Thane, Mumbai. These people just don't give a chance to pick up the phone before disconnecting, and when I finally speak to them, I get the answer as, "Sir, you must have not picked up the phone, so obviously it's going to be a missed call." I think I should have at least the time to take the phone out of my pocket or from my table before it goes into a missed call log. Please, if somebody can help me, please do so. By the way, I'm visiting the loca ICICI branch here in Nagpur for my loan which is over, but still these calls are about 4-5 times per day. I've tried calling back, but it seems these numbers are alloted as only for outgoing calls.

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  • Vi
    vishal mehta Mar 09, 2009

    I am Mr. Navinchandra V. Mehta and my Residence Phone No. is 079-27489201.

    I have been getting a call 3-4 times a day in the name of Mr. Ratilal Patel from (022-40698300 and 022-66734901). and I dont know anything about Mr. Ratilal Patel.

    By making an inquiry of abovementioned two numbers, I come to know that the above two numbers belong to ICICI Bank Ltd.

    In response of each and every call, we have told them that this no. is of Mr. Navinchandra V. Mehta and not of Mr. Ratilal Patel but again we receive the same call in the name of Mr. Ratilal Patel. and we have been getting lots of missed calls from these numbers since last 3-4 days. and when we are also unable to call back them and these numbers are found to be specifically made for outgoing calls.

    We feel much disturbed while receeving calls from 022-40698300 and 022-66734901 and to some extent we also plan to file F.I.R. to the police station for harrasment against these two numbers.

    can anybody advice us and guide us regarding this?

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  • Hu
    Hukam Singh Jul 08, 2009

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    As per my conversation with you I need to bring to your attention my experience as an ICICI Bank customer.

    My name is Hukam Singh, Jaipur, representative from ICICI Bank Limited Jaipur called me for Personal Loan and I filled up an application for Rs. 50, 000/- as Personal Loan from ICICI Bank before 2 year, Bank representative collect all documents required for Personal Loan, and told me that a Bankers cheque / DD of Rs. 50, 000/- as personal loan will be given to you with in 7 days.

    After 15 days representatives of Bank told me on telephone that you came to branch and collect your cheque, you also bring 8 blank check because bank keep 8 cheques as a security and will returned you after completion of your loan.

    I reach at Raja Park Branch and give him 8 blank cheque, after two three hours the bank representative said Credit manager went to main branch by a urgent work so you collect your cheque tomorrow. Next day he told me that your cheque of loan will given in next week because approval is pending.

    After one week bank representative Mr. Pankaj told me that your approval has cancelled and I will return your documents and cheques after two three days because I am out of station.

    But bank representative Mr. Pankaj have not returned my documents and cheque, after 1 year, in the month of August 2008, he called me sir, my friend is credit manager and your apply this time for loan, This time definitely we will give you loan, you give copy of your driving license and pan card and one photo.

    On 10th August he came my office and said sir I will collect documents tomorrow from residence, you sign on this application form, I have signed on application form for PL of Rs. 50, 000/- and given him copy of driving license, pan card and one photo and next day has not came at my residence and within 7 days without any information Bank credited my SB account by Rs. 4, 88, 764/-. I was very surprised and told to bank representative Mr. Pankaj that bank direct credit my SB account by Rs. 4, 88, 764 in place of 50, 000/- by mistake.

    I asked him for this heavy amount, the bank representative told me that bank released this fund in your account on behalf of your credit and good relations, but I don’t know, without any sanction letter, terms and conditions, without any income proof, bank credited my account by a heavy amount. I told to representative of Bank that I want to return this amount to Bank because I am not capable to pay interest of this heavy amount.

    Next day I went to Bank and meet to loan manager and explained this problem, and loan manager have also told that we can’t help you because loan sanctioned and disbursed from Mumbai, so you contact after six months (means in the month of February 2009)

    I meet to the branch manager, ICICI Bank, Mansarovar, Jaipur, he also told me that our Personal Loan Officer told you about this, loan office also repeat same language, bank have released the amount in your account, now before six months can not settled, you have to pay atleast six installment of Rs. 16030/- per month, after that we can close your account.

    In the month of February 2009 I went in the branch and I said for close my loan account but manager said you have to pay 4, 72, 000/- + 5% closing fee ( that means around 5 lacs) Bank already withdrawal 96, 180/- from my saving bank account with in six months.

    I have write many letters from August 2008 to March 2009 to Bank Officers (chairman, PL Manager, Branch Manager, CEO, Collection Manager, Credit Manager at Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Jaipur etc.) to close my personal loan, I also went in lok adalat in Jaipur in the month of February 2009 to close this PL account but have not received any response.

    I explained to the Manager of ICICI Bank that I am working in an NGO, my salary is 6500 per month, residing in a rental house, how will I pay 16030 per month, please cancel my loan immediately, but bank had not listen my request.

    Till dated I have not received any sanctioned letter, any terms and conditions, I don’t know what is the procedure for return the loan.

    I planned that why not this amount invest in business and earn more money so that we can pay this amount with interest to bank and I have invest 4 lacs in market and lost this money. This time I am in depression of losses.

    Bank representatives alternate day came at my office and residence for recover the money, many time I requested to bank that my income is 6, 500 per month I will pay this money from my income but they are doing bad behave with me and my family.

    Executive of ICICI Bank doing behave with me:

    1.Use ugly language with my wife and gave her mental torture.
    2.Used foul and raw languages
    3.Gave threats and was very abusive.
    4.Taunted and tried to humiliate.
    5.He was adamant and said that he will come in the night time to disturb till the time we do not pay him.

    Mentioned a few words that they used, have a glance at the following utterances of that person –

    1. "Jab tumhari paise wapas karne ki aukaat nahi hai to fir loan kyun lete ho"
    2. "Ya to payment kar de, warna bahut tarike hain bank ke paas paise lene ke"
    3. "Ek to tu payment nahi kar raha hai, aur upar se pooch rahi hai ki bank ne kil aadhar par lon diya hai".
    4. ”Ham paisa dena jante hai to lena bhi jante hai”.
    5 ”Tumto Kya Tumhara Bap Bhi paisa dega”

    These are not the only statements that the bank executive used, but were also accompanied by an offensive and abusive behaviour and language, which is legally and ethically against the Human Rights and Indian Penal Code.

    I am filing a case in this Consumer Grievances Redressal Forum Jaipur and had appealed this court to make ICICI Bank and their recovery officer and agents involved compensating me for peace and happiness. I am also filing a case in Banking Ombudsman site www.bankingombudsman.rbi.org

    I am attaching a said rules released from RBI so that consumers can get awareness where to go if they are facing same traumatic tensions or experiences due to financial institutes. An appeal is also be made to President of India and PIL should also be filed in Supreme Court about the Financial Institutes or Banks like ICICI bank and collection agency who misuses power of Section 138, 420, 406 on innocent clients. As because loans are taken by peoples to improve self quality of life and not to spoil own career. Circumstances at all time do never remain the same.

    However during the course of loans, paying EMI - Business, health, and services can cease or pause, Natural disasters, casualties, diseases, accident, incidents, profit and losses are beyond human controls and bank should understand it. Wise bankers should not consider every client as cheat or slave. During such situation if the client fells, Bank should cooperate and not traumatize and humiliate their customers.

    In all fairness, ICICI Bank should have at least checked our credit worthiness before going on this harassment and hounding 'rampage' till we had no option but to carry out our own investigation and point out the problem your Bank.

    We hope that you take note of this experience and prevent the same from occurring again.

    I am fully in depression, I don’t know what I have to do. I have lost my job presently I am jobless.

    A copy of his letter is being sent to following people/email ID's –
    [email protected] - for necessary coverage
    [email protected] - for necessary coverage
    [email protected] - for necessary coverage
    [email protected]
    Thanking you,

    Yours faithfully,

    Hukam Singh
    [email protected]

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delay in disbursement of personal loan

I applied for persaonal Loan on internet on 1st November 2007.
I was told that the executive would meet me on 3rd November to collect the documents. He did not turn up till 8th November 2007 inspite of repeated follow-ups.

Now its 23rd November 2007 & no amount is credited to my account.

I have a salary account in ICICI. If this is the quality of service offered to existing customer, then I am sorry to state that the Personal Loan Department is in a pathetic state. What's the use of being an ICICI Bank cutomer then?

You proudly say in the advertisement, Hum Hain Naa.........
Well, you are not there. You are not even close to being there.

My advice to you is that you should close this Personal Loan Division because you are in no control of it. If you want to continue properly, you should get rid of this lousy staff of yours.

close account and credit card and now send threatning calls through advocate

Icici close our saving account while deducting money as credit card fees which we never apply, or minimum balance penalty, as they open the account with zero balance account. We never take any action whenever they deduct money. Our main fault is that we never object when they deduct money so they harass us after 2-3 years. Where are the employees of icici when they close our account without telling us. They never send us any statement from which we come to know that some amount is due with us. After such a long period they did not even send us the letter they give us a threating call through their advocate they they will issue a non bailable warrant. Is this a justice that someone did not know that he did any crime and all of a sudden he has to think about that what he can do or what he have to do to face such a problem.


-card issued in 2005. Bill now in 2007
- sudden harsh language.
-threat to sue after two days
-free card offer. No spending on card. Bill now 3000- no details provided.
-tel from tel nos [protected]
[protected]-legal deptt-the lady was talking very harsh. It does not behove a bank like icici to behave like a rustic person. I happen to be a hypertensive person and the doctor tells me to avoid tension. After the call my bp shot up and for two days I had to take extra medicine.
Why I have to go to bank in 2 days time only is incomprehensible. Please give me the email address of ceo to send a communication to him/her

  • Sh
    shenishettykrishna Jan 06, 2008

    this is to inform u that regarding my credit card bill.
    till now i haved payed nearly 20,000 rupees allmost 80percent has
    gone for interest. so icannot pay further ,i want to settle total amount due.kindly arrange it approaching honestly please arrange for settlement

    0 Votes
  • Ra
    Ravikumar.H Jan 08, 2008

    Dear sir,

    I lost my credit card from 15 days back and i lodge complaint aganest to that so for i am not yet recieved new.

    Kindly do the needful.



    0 Votes
  • An
    Anil Kumar Jan 11, 2008

    Dear Sir/ Madam

    I am using the ICICI bank credit card from last almost 2 years. Today I was making a payment of my train ticket through the my credit card but It got failed in getting processed at that time as the transaction with ref. No. 0035829095 was not authorised by my bankers.

    Kindly let me know why you have done like this so that I should cover the distances. As per my knowledge there should not be any issue.


    ANil Kumar

    -1 Votes
  • Av
    Avadhesh mathur Jul 29, 2008

    I have been using ICICI Credit Card since 2005 & am inclined to pay the dues regularly but subject to receiving a monthly statement, which is mandatory. However despite the new technology by which the Bank can forward its statement, it has not heeded resulting in unnecessary harassment of credit card holders (SBI whose card also I am using for past 1.5 year & without any complaint, uses my E-mail, sends SMS on my mobile sufficiently in time with regard to my payment dues & regular statement reaching my doorsteps almost 15 days ahead of schedule payment). In contrast ICICI has a very poor delivery system to intimate its clients of payment dues.
    I have been requesting the Bank since 2005 not to levy interest & other penalities in view of non obtention of statements at my residence at Ramprastha- Ghaziabad (from 9/05 to 3/06). I had given in writing to the executive who was sent by Bank to collect dues with xerox of statement that I shall not be making payment towards interest & other charges to the Bank & to reverse the entries but to no affect. Although I have been making payments sincerely on my actual usages, the Bank kept on charging exubirant charges at compounding rate resulting in enormous dues. Even the Bank cannot provide proof of delivery of statements for the aforesaid period & yet is charging interest & the call centers have now started giving daily calls (by differnt persons), in avery harsh & crude manner without listening to my pleas.
    Since I have been a regukar payer of y dues, the interest levied during initial stage & compounded since then is not warranted & I therefore appeal to the ICICI bank to reverse the outstandings forthwith & restore my card for usage(which is now blocked but interest is still multipying), failing which I shall be left with no option but to reach out to Banking Ombudsman, Redressal committee & other means to justify my case, which may be the cause of anxiety for several other users.
    I therefore implore upon you to take up my case with the Bank & arrive at an amicable decision in reversing the entire interest & charges levied till date (with which my balance should come to credit)
    My Mobile No is 09327628739

    A. Mathur

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  • Rv
    R.Venkateshwar Rao Aug 29, 2008


    Credit Card holder no=4076514010448000
    From Past 2 months am not getting the statement from the icici bank credit card. How should i know to pay the amount.

    Pls do neeful as soon as possible, and send the statement regularly to my resi address.

    R. Venkateshwar rao
    Cell: 9985921920

    0 Votes
  • Ru
    RUPEN A SHAH Sep 02, 2008




    0 Votes
  • Su
    Sudhir P Patil Nov 12, 2008

    pl send me my bills detail on my mail & also intimate on my mobile whenever i swap the card the net payment due
    Please call me on my mobile 9325634063

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  • Al
    Alok Haldia Mar 18, 2009

    In 2005 I received ICICI lombard Policies one after one on my credit card no.4477473693552007. After registering complaint about this, I went thru a series of telephonic discussions with various representatives from ICICI credit Card and finally they told me that my account is clear and I don't have to pay for the policies sent without my consent.
    But now, in2009, when I applied for a loan in Axis Bank, I came to know that they have WRITTEN OFF the amount and reported me in CIBIL AS DEFAULTER. Now I can't get any loan from any bank until ICICI give me a CLEAN chit.
    I don't know how to get the clearence from ICICI and whom to talk. Could anybody help me ?

    0 Votes
  • Sa
    sandeep chopra Sep 01, 2009

    my credit card no. 4477 4780 9589 3008.
    please discountinue my credit card immediatly

    sandeep chopra
    email: [email protected]

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unethical operations/worst operations

I joined with new company and opened SB A/c at ICICI bank 20 days back and my employer transfered salary to my SB account.

My employer is transacting with ICICI bank for several years (with great difficulty ) and when they transfered the amount it did not come to my account and ICICI bank immediately debited my employer account.

God knows where the amount till now and today the amount has not credited to my account. Whenever i call custome care they just say "The amount will get transfered I need to wait"

So how long I will wait.

I have seen my friends bad experiences with ICICI bank and I say they have one of the worst customer service. This is bad service on part of ICICI bank and they are calling leading bank globally, Yes they are leading globally in showcasing bad service.

One more thing they made my father to wait 4 hours in their branch to close his SB account, he was not knowing for what he has to wait. Nobody bothered to respond for aged person.


  • Su
    sunil v Sep 11, 2008


    I am a very frustrated ICICI customer.
    They have huge staff - quantity - no quality.
    They donot understand or try to help customers.
    They make so many blunders, if it was US based bank it would have been sued many times.
    Fortunately in India - banks are scott-free always.

    In India, no bank cares for its customer in reality.
    So this is life and accept it.

    Mera desh mahaan !

    0 Votes

no response to customer problem!

This Bank is the worst bank to deal with for Home loans. Most easy to get a loan but most difficult to exit. The customer just gets stuck with them and their irresponsible employees. If one errs in paying their EMIs then finally one starts getting Collection calls from agencies who want to know nothing except the fact that the collectible amount is due towards the bank. Their website to lodge complaints doesn't work and the quality of employees planted at call centers is pathetic. There is no approach to customer service.



  • Ba
    basavaraj Nov 20, 2007

    Please aviod ICICI bank. They are practicing unfair business practice very aggressively. These guys showed me how I can save by migrating my home loan from SBI to ICICI. I was paying 10% to SBI in 2005, ICICI was giving loan at 7% the lowest at that time. I migrated from SBI to ICICI. Today, still SBI is maintaining at 10.25%, but ICICI rate has increased to 12%. ICICI is charging highest interest in the country for it existing customer. Think, what happens when the interest rate gone up by 5% from 7 to 12. NEVER NEVER go for this bank for loans.

    0 Votes
  • Ta
    Tata Nov 30, 2007

    Hello my Tata phone has been lost.

    0 Votes
  • Vi
    Viper Oct 04, 2008

    Agree yar

    Its the worst. Not only in a specific section, the whole bank is worst, we should never have a relationship with this bank. They should not be allowed to run a stuid bank like this with this stupid people.

    0 Votes

fraud notification of icici bank credit card

Dear Sir / Madam, I am writing this email to inform you that on my ICICI credit card [protected]...

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