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First and foremost, I have been a customer of Hyundai Motor Finance for many years. This is my first time dealing with them on a personal level due to the situation that has come upon me. I would like to tell you first that My 24 year old son passed away August 5, 2014. I was not the same person after that, nor will I ever be. Then, I remained on disability for some time due to the depression that came upon me. Then, in November of 2015, while on disability, I was laid off. I received a severance package due to my commitment to this company for 25 years. That is in short what has happened to me..Most important, all these things were discussed with HMFUSA. Along with the fact that I continued to pay for my vehicle through all this on time.

My first phone call to HMF to go over this situation with them, to try and get out of my lease went like this: HMF can't help me in this situation but, you can try many websites out there like, swap a lease, transfer your lease, advertise on craigslist or try to have a family member take over. Never heard of half of these websites, so I dove in and tried them all. In turn, I had many candidates that wished to take over my lease right away. I was ecstatic. First party call Hyundai to start the credit check process and in turn was told that Hyundai does not participate in any of these programs. Needless to say, I was extremely upset.

I called HMF again, (all calls are recorded might I say) they tell me that the only process that I can do is have a friend or family member to take over my lease. They did offer to save me from making a couple of payments to see if I can get my life in order and find a job. Needless to say, I had to explain that my current situation was that I was filing for SSD since October and was in the process of appealing, and that I was physically unable to find a job due to the fact of my disability along with the fact that I had fainted and dislocated and broke my ankle. HMF continued to explain that there was no help to offer.

I became more and more upset due to the fact that I am in a position that I have never been in at the aged of 52, with fainting and other problems with my health that had to take a back burner until I could find insurance for myself, which in turn took me three months to get medicaid.

That said, I believe I finally found a dealer that was willing to help me out and buyout my lease. I was at this dealership, (which again, recorded call) and proceeded to get HMF on the phone. I explained to HMF that I was at the dealership and that they were requesting a dealer buyout quote. In turn I was given that quote, and proceeded to as them to fax over the paperwork necessary to get this done. I was over the moon that someone finally was trying to help me out. But, did not happen that way. Paperwork for this transaction was sent I believe, but it was a customer buyout quote. Which I do not understand first off, why a fax takes up to 72 hours. Neither here nor there, after waiting a week for that to happen, I proceeded to make another call to HMF.

So my next call, HMF said that they would fax the paperwork over again, with another payment I made that had to be posted, and it would take another 24 to 72 hours. No way that they could do this any quicker I was told. Wait the four days and, paperwork was sent to the wrong fax number as I found out with another phone call to HMF.

This was my last call, HMF (again recorded) explained to me that each time, Customer Buyout Paperwork was faxed and that the dealer would have to make the call to get the buyout quote, (which was given to me in my first phone call) so I proceeded to get a conference call with the dealer, myself and HMF. I explained situation, and gave authorization to have my information with the dealership, but with the dealership on the phone, the quote was not allowed to shared with myself, so I had to be removed from the call and the dealership called HMF and proceeded to request what was needed in order to expedite this deal.

To date, I have not received any phone calls from HMF or the dealership.

I have read many articles, in regards to Hyundai Assurance, which could of saved me a year and half of my life. Never told about this insurance.

I would like to know where I stand in the situation HMF and having this deal completed.
I would also like to know, why such a huge company would have so many employees not aware of what they are talking about when receiving calls from longtime customers.

Needless to say, this has completely made me not able to sleep and god knows how you have affected my health on this situation.

Please respond to me on how we are going to handle this situation,

I would appreciate a prompt response

Thank you.

Kim Manning

Sep 17, 2017

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