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I recently (within the last 2weeks) purchased a car for R64000 cash from Hyundai Bryanston and am horrified at the treatment we received during this purchase.

The 1st sales guy who we had made the offer to on the 11th Dec went on leave and by the time we did the EFT payment the finance lady then went on leave, leaving us in the supposed capable salesman Mike Taylor who treated us with absolute disregard from the moment we arrived at his office 18th Dec which we called upfront to confirm so its not as though I visit was a surprise. What was a surprise to us (my parents and myself) was that upon our arrival Mike started gathering loose sheets of paper containing our information, telephoning Rudie the original salesman on the vehicle who was now on leave and while seated infront of him having discussions about 'how the price we paid is far too discounted and there's no justification for it'. After waiting a full hour for Mike to complete his paperwork, Mike then proceeds to complete other clients filing for a further 15 minutes before stepping away from his desk and walk around the car with me where I point out the items discussed with Rudie that was promised to have been sorted before collection of the vehicle.

Items pointed out to Mike included:
1. 2 x dents (one on the bonnet and one on the door)
2. A number of paint chips on the bonnet, drivers door and rear left passenger door
3. The rear bumper which appeared too low as though not clipped in securely
4. Aircon to be regassed
5. Smash and grab tint to be installed
Mike agreed and confirmed that all the above would be sorted out to our satisfaction upon collection of the vehicle. We then asked Mike when would be convenient to collect the car and so not as to rush the process and to ensure the highest quality standards would be adhered to we asked that Mike advise us a date and time which he confirmed as Thursday 20th Dec at 12pm.

On the 20th Dec we arrived at Hyundai Bryanston at 1pm, an hour later than originally agreed with the belief that an additional hour would have been sufficient time. Upon arrival Mike is engaged in a telephone conversation which lasts an additional 10min for his to finalise his call and then send the client he just spoke to an email while we sit infront of him and wait. After sending his email Mike says the car is being washed downstairs and walks away from his desk. Thinking that Mike has gone to check on the progress of the 'car wash' we remain seated at desk next to Mikes. 30 minutes go by and still no word from Mike on the progress. Mike has now started attending to another customer and has seemingly left us to wander around the showroom floor, after an hour and 20min pass the car is brought to the showroom floor in a filthy state, the excuse from the floor manager Phillip is that the marks are from installing the smash and grab which was finished just minutes before bringing to the showroom floor. I then start looking around the car, notice that the 2x dents have been fixed however the rear bumper has not been adjusted even though this was promised and confirmed. The paint chips have been dotted with lumpy paint stains and is so thick it will probably peel off in a few days.

I then get into the car and at this time so infuriated at this experience I just want the keys so I can drive off only to realise they've given me an empty tank, probably enough petrol to drive to the dealer gate. At this point another Salesman gets involved Chad, who I must add has been really helpful in his attempt to make up for the shocking experience. Chad proceeds to put R100 petrol in the car while we are sent to another ladies office (Lee) to sign FAIS and FICA documents which according to her should have been done when the payment was received and during this signing process she discovers that there is no invoice for the purchase and another 20 minutes is spent with the paper printing and signing.

After this we, my father and I walk to look for the dealer principal who conveniently wasn't around and get stuck discussing this absolutely poor service experience with Phillip who as mentioned above we've assumed is the floor manager, who proceeds to say he's so sorry and that's it! Really, we've spent almost 3 hours in this showroom with Phillip sitting in a glass office watching us get sent from office to office and after all the mess ups, he's sorry? I'm appalled at the service we received and when we finally left we thought this whole ordeal would be over, only to discover that they've lost the spare key and the car license disk had expired and that change of ownership would take a further 2 weeks?

The thing that infuriates me more is we have to just accept that this is the way it is? Why? Why should this be acceptable standards? Surely if one salesman is on leave another one assumes the responsibility regardless of commission earned? Surely Hyundai prides itself in quality standards and exceeding customer expectations with regards to service, or is this a poor assumption on my part? Why do I have to accept that the bumper is still hanging and could break off at any time and that the paint chips look like blotchy tipex dots.

I would like to hear back from someone who does actually believe in the companies standards and believes in them and goes to work each day promising to deliver on them.

Thanks & best regards
Candice Swart

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