Huntington Bank / unauthorized debit transactions

Cleveland, OH, United States

I received a call from Huntington Fraud department about potential fraud activity on my account, around 8/28/2017. I confirmed my identify and that the activity was indeed fraud. I informed that I could have the charges reverse or file a claim. I went with the reverse charge because I had a scheduled bill payment coming out soon. I was informed that I should monitor the account if the charge was attempted again. I thought nothing about it. I also received a text notification about the fraudulent charge. I relied Yes and my debit card was frozen. I viewed my account several days later and saw that the charges were not reversed and the fraud charge remained on my account. I submitted a dispute form that I download from the website via fax on 9/11/2017. I heard nothing from Huntington regarding the submission or if I had a case number assigned. On 9/23/2017, I attempted to use my card and it was declined. I called the Customer service number. I reviewed my history. I was at this time given a case number and requested a new debit card. I was also informed that if my account is eligible, the charges could reserved in another 7-10 business days. So almost a month later this issue will not be resolved. This is very frustrating. I am not sure what happened from the initial interaction with Huntington until now but the delay is causing me to several overdraw fees, much anxiety and inconvenience by not having a debit card to use. I have been a Huntington customer for over twenty years and this is the first time I feel that I had to write a letter and my interactions. Not happy with customer service.

Sep 23, 2017

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