Huntington Banksafe deposit box

G Sep 25, 2017

Somehow in the move from wonderful FirstMerit to not -so-wonderful Huntington the Liberty Street Painesville Ohio office lost all record of our (wife and myself) safety deposit box. We had this box under FirstMerit and had used it several times. I noticed when I walked in the vault that things had been moved around and the banker acknowledged same. There is no record of our ever having a safety deposit box nor any record of our closing the safety deposit box. The box was listed as "available". However when I gave them my key and they opened the box with their key our papers are inside the correct box for the key. Now waiting for legal to chime in on what to do and have advised a supervisor in the call department of our plight. She said she would contact corporate to find out what to do.

Today's safety deposit check was just that... check it out. I really went in to find out why the checks for my new and personal checking account had not arrived and learned the individual who opened the account never ordered them.

This was on top of a major problem with the merger of FM when it first occurred.

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