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Huntington Bank / mortgage loan for the buyer of my home - terrible experience

1 Cuyahoga Falls, OH, United States
Contact information:

I am beyond frustrated with the service i've received while trying ot sell my home to a buyer who is using huntington to get his mortgage loan. To give you a little background, we had a buyer place an offer on my house on september 2, 2016. I accepted the offer that had 3 people on the loan.

On 9/9/16 the home inspection occured.

On 9/12/16 the buyers realtor informed us that they were changing lenders and removing the buyers parents from the loan with no prior concent from me or my agent. We asked to see a pre-approval but the lender at huntington bank, james booth, told us that they had already sheduled the appraisal so it was past the point of him being able to provide us a pre-approval as that would have had to be done before that point. Which, if they would have told us about it when they should have then we would have ensured we got the pre-approval.

On 9/15/16 - we got the repare requests and started to make them.

On 10/4/16 - I called the title company to get an update after my realtor tried repeatedly to get a hold of the lender, james booth, with no response. The title company told me that they had everything they needed and we're waiting on information from the underwriter and lender. The buyers realtor was also calling the lender with also no response.

On 10/10/16 - the lender informed us that the loan was not approved because the underwriting dept would not accept the buyers overtime as income since he had not been at his job for over two years. Which as a vp in the mortage lending business, james booth, should know that they wouldn't accept it! I even know that and so does my realtor and furthermore that should have come up if the lender did his job on the pre-approval. So in the message to my realtor, the lender said they were resubmitting to underwriting with buyers father as a co-signer and that we would not be able to close on the original date of 10/19/16. When my realtor tried to call him back to ask what the delay would be he didn't hear from him for 4 days.

On 10/13/16 - I called and left a message on the lenders cell phone (James booth) after him not picking up either his work or cell multiple tries.

10/14/16 - neither me, my realtor, or the buyers realtor had been able to get a hold of him since 10/10/16. I called a canfield huntington bank and found out that he worked at the tippecanoe rd location and found an 800 number to call. The lady that I spoke to said he was in a meeting, but she knew the buyers parents and would try to light a fire under him. Within 15 minutes the lender had called my realor back. His response when my realtor asked what the new closing date was the lendors response was "the four letter 'when' is just something I can't anticipate. I can't tell you how often I ponder when things will go through. I would love to tell you when, but I simply do not know". The response is unacceptable to me. He could have said, "i've called our underwriting department and put a rush on it or I will give you an update on monday" or anything, but that reponse is ridiculous and unprofessional.

10/20/16 – I was notified from my home insurance that because we were past the agreed upon closing date that they would be issuing a cancelation of my home insurance policy, effective dec 2nd. I called my realtor and the lender to tell them that not having a closing date was unacceptable and we needed a firm date. The lender returned my call and told me he didn’t have an answer for me, still.

10/21/16 – my realtor and the buyers realtor both tried to make contact to get a closing date with no response from the lender, james booth.

10/24/16 – the lender, james booth, informed both realtors the new closing date would be nov 4th. The realtors submitted a closing date extension for both me and buyer to sign.

11/1/16 –my realtor let me know that there had still been no response from the lender, james booth for updates to the loan process. The buyers realtor had left messages and sent emails starting oct 27th with still no response. Later that night he called the buyers agent to tell them that they were waiting on tax transcripts from the irs and when it came back they would be clear to close. When pressed for a new closing date he said it would depend on the irs and that they wouldn’t be closing friday, nov 4th like the new contract stated.
I called the lender and left a voicemail saying that the delays were ridiculous and that I would be recommending to my friends and family to never use huntington bank due to his inability to do his job and for his terrible business practices in not returning phone calls or emails in a reasonable amount of time.

11/3/16 – the lender informed us that the tax transcripts were back and they submitted them to get the clear to close. My realtor called the lender to get a new closing date with no response.

11/8/16 – the lender finally emailed both realtors to let them know “i should have something soon. The loan went from their underwriter to a prefunding audit. ” both realtors called to get a new closing date.

11/14/16 – my realtor called to get a new closing date to only find out that the lender james booth was out of the office for a 4 day weekend and would return 11/15/16. My realtor asked to speak to his manager and the manager told him that the loan was selected for an internal audit and that the loan wouldn’t be closing until after thanksgiving. My realtor told him that was unacceptable. We were supposed to close october 19th and were not a full month past. The manager said he would see what he could do. I emailed the title company and she informed me that she had received the clear to close but that the earliest the lender can close this transaction is monday november 21st. My realtor again called the manager to try to determine what the delay is and why we cannot close by the end of this week. He has still not received a response.

Lendors information:
Huntington national bank
James boots – vp mortgage lending
[protected] : work
[protected] : cell
Assistant linda rutlitch

Huntinton bank where his office is located:
6715 tippecanoe rd, canfield, oh 44406

Nov 14, 2016

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