Huntington Bank / fee for cashing a check that is drawn off of your account.

Columbus Ohio Hamilton Road, United States

I am not happy that you advertise about not charging fees to your customers etc. but I cashed a check last week at one location that was over $200 with not one problem. This week I cashed a check over $200 at a different location and was told that it would be a $10.00 fee due to it being over $200 . The check I was cashing was/is drawn off a Huntington account, I do not have an account with Huntington but since the check is drawn from your account I don't see the reasoning for charging a $10.00 fee just because I don't have an account with you. I had all of the proper identification to cash the check so I can tell you now that this reason alone is one that I would not use your facility for my banking needs. I think it is ridiculous that a check that is drawn off your bank would warrant a fee to the customer cashing the check. It's bull crap.

Sep 14, 2017

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