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Over the past few months I have been ill. Spoke with customer service on multiple occasions in regards to an overdraft on my account. A payment was allowed to go through to sprint that put my account overdrawn. I was told by three different representatives on three separate occasions I would receive no more overdraft charges.
I explained to customer service that as soon as I could I would bring my account current. At that time I owed about $184 I made a payment off about $50. Next throng I knew my account received five more fees Ian's brought it up to $284 and some change. I paid my account off Monday and received $75 back on overdrafts. My branch teller had looked at my account when I was submitting payment and informed me that out of the $284 I had owed $274 was overdraft charges.
I know that I had shut my overdraft protection off multiple times when I first became ill and that transactions were still allowed to go through. I paid the fees because I need my account open but I do not believe I should have been charged $274 in overdrafts when all I owed in that balance of $284 was $10 for a returned check fee. A check that Huntington said was invalid. U am most upset
That your customer service stated multiple time that I would not incur any more fees and I received over $150 after the first conversation with your representatives I believe you should charge overdrafts but not
To the extent that I just paid to keep my account in good standing

Aug 24, 2017
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  • Do
      Sep 05, 2018
    Huntington Bank - fees on top of fees
    United States

    I used another ATM and was charged $6.00 in fees. $3.00 for using the ATM and $3.00 for the receipt. What a joke. No wonder people HATE Huntington. I have other bank accounts and they dont charge me to use other ATM's.

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  • Ja
      Sep 10, 2018
    Huntington Bank - banking
    Akron, OhioAkron
    United States

    Since you closed several branches I wait much longer to bank .. I will be moving my money elsewhere

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  • Ru
      Sep 10, 2018
    Huntington Bank - debit transaction being stopped
    United States

    I called on 09/27/2017 to stop a payment on my debit card and they put the payment thru anyway on 10/02/2017.The bank says to call and they will stop a payment for free. What good is it if you don't stop it when you say you will. I will fight the company for my money back because I can't trust my bank.

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  • Cl
      Nov 15, 2018
    Huntington Bank - credit cards
    United States

    Who has received a credit card not requested when opening a bank account?

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