Honda - Shine / white smoke from silensor

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Dear sir.
I have purchased a HONDA BIKE-SHINE from SURANA MOTORS, BHOPAL ON dated 22/02/2011, Registration No. MP-04 MZ-1284, chasis no.ME4JC36DBB8089190 AND Engine no. JC36E2272325.During running the bike after 6 months, i was felt that WHITE SMOKE was coming from SILENSOR. I have complaint about this problem to SURANA MOTORS, i was given for servicing time to time, Details as given servicing with Date as follows-- 1st serv. 23/03/11(284 km.), 2nd-27/05/11(876 km.), 3rd-11/08/11(1399 km.), 4th-29/11/11(1928 km.), 5th-24/12/11(2761 km.) during 5th servicing complete BLOCK PISTON KIT SET was changed & charged Rs.2000/-(receipt no.sp55127, dated24/12/2011)on 26/02/12(3363 km.) serviced bike again but today itself problem is not sort out & white smoke is coming from SILENSOR, so i am not satisfied, I think this is manufacturing fault.. I would be grateful if you would see and rectify this problem as soon as possible.
I look forward to your reply.

yours sincerely

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