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Honda of America / Jump start kills cars

1 United States

My 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid needed a jump start because I left the dome light on overnight (I know. I should get what I deserve for this inexcusable mistake!) The next day, I tried to jump start the car. The battery recharged just fine, but the car still wouldn't start because the Immobilizer System (security chip in the key that must match the code programmed in the car) claimed my key was unrecognized. I had to have the car TOWWWWWWWWWWWED!!! to the dealer, who offered absolutely no sympathy (You stupid consumer! Don't you know you can't leave your dome light on? You ###!) They then proceeded to keep my car for 3 days and replace some relay module thingy that cost me $700! I filed a complaint with Honda of America, which was a complete waste of time. I was at fault, out of warranty, and out of luck.

I would expect to have to pay for a new battery for my mistake, but not a new $700 relay module. This is a BAD DESGIN, don't you think? Do not make the mistake of jump starting a Civic Hybrid. Better yet, buy a Prius.


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