[Resolved] Hondahonda civic car 2016

Dear Honda
Kindly I would like to inform you that I bought Honda civic car 2016 from qatar on Augest 2016 and it's 11000 km now before one week last Thursday the car parking beside my work and when I finish work I will try to work it but the engine didn't work at all I am tired with your company to take the car thursday but they take it by breakdown on suterday and I told them that I don't want this car anymore its new car and stop like that they give me report verbal on Monday by phone that the system blinking and they change the computer box and I take the car on Monday night but I told them if it will happen again I will not take the car and I want to return by another new car other than civic they told me it's your right but yesterday 18/01/2017 at night the car didn't work again and my wife and kids with me and we are tired to take taxi to home and today the breakdown came and take it again to honda service in industrial area street number 10 with MR surish handle it same on last sauterday and I told him I don't want this car anymore I want to change by new one other than civic and the car under warranty and how can I trust to take it again whatever they will fix the problem again
Kindly I want to inform you that Sudan I will go to consumer protection here in car and discuss with them the problem in this new car and I will complain MR surish about his service and I will request from them to change it by other car and just I want to respect your customer and to be trust to me that if like this problem and the car just new 2016 and just 6 month with me now how come two time stop and problem in computer box and you can't change as MR Suresh told me hope you will be helpful and trustful to customer and don't make us tired I have work and family I bought new car to rest my mind not to become tired .

Many thanks

Best regards
Plate number 722531


  • Resolution statement

    Dear Honda Kindly I need from your side to send email to the company Honda in doha to return my car or to change my car by other new car other than civic car as urgent case please that what I want or else I will take action Sunday 22/01/2017 to complain to consumer protection here in doha and am sure it will take big action to them here in doha as before some customer complain almanaie company nissan show room and they close it for two month that's all what I want please.

Jan 19, 2017

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