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my issue with a 3 month old LG refrigerator that I bought ordered new this year, my freezer went out needing a new evaporator ( I was able to use the refrigerator portion of it but I had to wait for a service person to come out, then wait for a the part to be delivered, wait for the service person to come back out to find out that when the evaporator was installed it caused a mother board to go out and the entire refrigerator was out. I was told perhaps another part could be order which would take another few weeks, then a few weeks for installation etc. I needed a refrigerator because I lost food that I bought for the holiday, my sister who's diabetic needed storage for her insulin and Thanksgiving is coming in a few days as well. I did speak to a supervisor at LG a very nice lady who suggest the I get a new refrigerator from the place I order it Home Depot, they approved a new one but it's on back order till after Christmas Home Depot, it was suggested that I get a comparable model that's in stock but they can only give me a refund then I can go and order another one, no refrigerator because I thought I bought the best never will I buy another LG product.

Nov 21, 2018

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