Hertz Italianafalse fine 'verbale fine on line'

Similar to another gentleman I have just read about on this website, I too received an invoice from Hertz Italiana Spa Roma following a holidy in Itlay (Invoice T103107) advising of a 'fine' that I supposedly incurred in Firenze (Florence) on 26th Sept 2014 at 16:17. It is described as 'Verbale Fine On Line'.
However, we had no encounter with any law or traffic enforcement person in Florence, and no ticket or warning document was left on our car at any stage. In fact, our vehicle was parked, unused, within the hotels grounds the whole time we were in Florence, except, obviously, for our day of arrival and departure. Besides which, we departed Florence on the morning of the 26th to drive to Assisi, driving direclty out of the city without stopping, and without any incident, so it is difficult to see how we could be fined for some offence at 16:17 in the afternoon !
The invoice states that Hertz are billing me for the cost of 'supplying the drivers name and address information to the relevant authority in Italy' . Well, I have not heard anything from 'the relevant authority' in Italy, and I've been back several months now. So this sure looks a lot like an organised scam going on here. The invoice from Hertz does not even provide an email address to enable me to contact them - just a phone number and fax. Charming ! So I have to ring them at my cost ! They really have this little ruse worked out quite well I suggest. My Visa account has been debited, but the chnace of any refund are nil.
Forget Hertz - use another reputable firm.

Jan 20, 2015

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