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I booked a standard size car from Hertz via It indicated a Ford Fusion or similar. When I got to the counter, they said I was getting a two-door car. I asked if the Ford Fusion was 4-door, and they said yes. After showing them that I was told it would be a Ford Fusion or similar, their response was "in the Charlotte Airport, a standard vehicle is a two door car and not a Ford Fusion". I responded with "give me any four-door car" and they said for an additional price. I explained again what I had been led to believe, and showed them the paperwork. They insisted that I would get a 2-door car for the "standard" vehicle. I asked them to work with me on the upgrade, and they said It would be an extra $55 for three days. I said how about $10 a day difference, knowing that the next level was usually not that much difference in price. I was told that the next level was $40 extra a day!! I didn't pay that much for the initial rental, much less an additional amount. I took the $55 extra as the manager was not available.
I called Hertz and they told me to speak with the manager upon return, or wait until the rental was done and contact billing. I spoke with a manager upon return, and he said he could not credit me any money. I have not been successful contacting billing.
I will contest the charge on my CC soon if I don't get any resolve.

Dec 30, 2014
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  • Mk
      Dec 31, 2014

    You can protest all you want BUT if they told you the difference in the price and you took the car then you are out of luck.

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  • Ma
      Jan 14, 2015

    Got the same thing at Hertz at LAX. We were told a "Standard" car is a 2 door Altima--even though our confirmation said a Chrysler 200 or similar and showed a picture of a 4 door car. We pushed the point and refused the $40/day upgrade to a 4 door. We finally said we'd take the 2 door. When she gave us the paperwork, she said she gave us the 4 door Altima, but we should remember that a "Standard" is a 2 door. As we walked across the lot, we didn't see a single 2 door Altima. I asked the attendant when we left if they even had any two door Altimas. He said he thought they had one. (This is LAX!) Total scam!

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  • Ki
      Jun 08, 2015

    Same thing in San Leandro, California in April. I prepaid for a "Ford Focus or equivalent" compact and was given a Chevy Spark. The Spark about 2/3 the size of a Focus, maybe closer to a Fiesta in the Ford world. It is for sure a sub-compact. This was under-powered and did not feel safe on the local freeways. Since I had pre-paid, and people were waiting for me, I did not try to argue (thought it would be useless anyway). A brief internet search shows this is just how Hertz rolls these days. Next time I will use another rental company.

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