HEB Mop Red Mops Under $10 / needs to be pulled from shelves

valley hi, San Antonio, TX, United States

Everytime I buy the red mops from heb they always break and I always get sliced really bad im sure im not the only person this has happened to. Its dangerous and hazardous because not only because its metal I now have to go to the er for possible stitches and probly a tetnus shot. I just don't think these should be sold anymore and if so the handles need to be wooden like before or plastic since its safer also not safe for children to handle. I truly hope that someone takes the time to read this and have something done about this. Thank you very much n have a wonderful day

HEB Mop Red Mops Under $10
HEB Mop Red Mops Under $10
HEB Mop Red Mops Under $10

Jul 8, 2015

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