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Take it from and ex-employee do not buy from this dealership! they are rip-offs!!! I did not work in sales, but I did hear all the horror stories from the sales department of how much they ripped off their customers. they even ripped off their own employees (me!) this dealership is a joke! they promise things that they will never keep. they know the perfect way to lie without really lying, and making it sound like they are going to give you the world, and they wouldn't give you a piece of dirt! this place is a joke!!! do not fall for their scams and lies!!!


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      Jul 04, 2009

    I find it amazing how someone can just post something like this. When we are the number one selling dealer in region and have a 95% customer satisfation rating. Buyers beware of comments like theses. They are encourged by other non selling dealers that can only sell out of weakness. Check out harrisburg Hyundai today and get the best prices and best customer service

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      Aug 17, 2009
    Harrisburg Hyundai - Happy with overall experience
    Harrisburg Hyundai
    4220 chambers hill road
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    Shopping for cars is not the most fun thing we enjoy doing, however my experience at harrisburg hyundai was great. From shopping online to visiting the showroom. all seamless and very professional.

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      Aug 17, 2009

    Wanted to take the time and thank you for your purchase and comments. We look forward serving your future service and sales needs at Harrisburg Hyundai.

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      Sep 08, 2009

    I purchased a 2009 Hyundai Accent at Harisburg Hyundai on August 19th. Originally I walked in due to the $6, + Cash for Clunkers add they were running. Well of course, the add is ye ol' bait and switch...they promote that to get you in on the lot and then pressure you into buying a vehicle. I was conned into purchasing the car by believing they would send me a $1, 500 rebate check; I was to put this check in the bank so that I could draw from it each month over the next 12 months, bringing my payments down to $104.00 per month. Actual payments are $228.00 per month without that $1, 500 rebate. With a family of five including myself, that additional $104.00 is a lot to have to come-up with each month without the $1, 500 rebate I was promised. I have emailed the general manager without a response and Jeremy, the finance person that handled the sale of the vehicle has been ignoring my calls. I will never purchase another vehicle from Harrisburg Hyundai again and will tell everyone I know that they are no good liars that are not worth your time and business.

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      Nov 22, 2009

    Well all of this will now stop do to the fact of harrisburg hyundai will be going out of business soon they have hyundai to the faulkner group which will be taking place over the next month or two . BUT on the other hand all the good people that bought car from the dealership are all going to get screwed out of their 20 year 200k warranty and the tires for life ( promo) unless they take their car to anouther rosado group dealership (that are all over two hours away)so get your tires before they close than go to faulkner or better than that stay away from the big name groups

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      Sep 08, 2010

    This place is a Ripoff, they are SCAMMERS and their one and only interest is thebottom line. Customer satisffacion does not matter.

    The New Hundai Dealership on Paxton Street Harrisburg PA that is under the FAUKLNER management.

    Here is my story:

    I meet one of their sellsmen Mario, he tells me to stop ny since I was talking about been undecide about purchasing/trading in my car.. I do stop by, I really like this Black Eclipse that they have but for some strange reason no one knows the price. I test it, Mario tells me I'll do 14K, I'm going to sleep on that, Do some research and its worth between 12 and 15K pending condition.

    I return and Mario is an awesome person, I mean Great car salesman, he goes and talks to his manager for about half and hour, Comes back telling me the guy wont do less then 14.5 Well he goes back to "negotiate on my behalf" and comes back with 14.3. DONE! Great deal. I return to work and am looking at Eclipse on the web and I find a really, Really nice one identical for 13.2K . I decide to compare vin numbers, it's the one I just got a deal on for 14.3K

    I go back to the dealer and they tell me it is not the same car. I show thjem the Vin and how it was taken by the garage on the side of the dealer and they hacve to go look at the garage to see if it is the same one. Then they have a meeting of the minds and tell me That, OK, It is our car, but WE idi not list it, THE PHOTOGRAPHER DID IT! No kidding, thats what they said, their photographer prices there car for them.

    They did offer to make up for it, I was offered 3 free oil changes, for the Two Thousand dollar difference they were hitting me with and already paid for the car. For the next two weeks I go 2/3 times a week and there is always an excuse why I can't speek with anyone and how they still do not believe that that is their car.

    I am offered a free Xilon treatment inside an out in exchange, I do some reserach and Xilon itself is 20 dollars a Bottle, It Gaurantees your car for 5years against stains and scratches, The Gaurantee comes from Having a certified dealer do the application.

    Seven months later, Calling about once a month I have never recieved any documentation allthough I requested it many times, Now I'm down to once a month.

    They proably aren't sure they were the ones that applied it, who knows, Maybe they have to look at the bottle or ask their Photographer.

    I swear! These people are SCAMMERS, if they take you like they did me DO NOT SAY YOU WEREN'T WARNED.

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