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I walked into Jacox Harley Davidson located in Mississauga morning of May 03/17. When I walked in I said good morning to a lady and she returned my greeting. I planned on buying a coat and a local T however not a sole approached me and I was the only customer in the store. From what I saw there were 6 people working that morning in the store front but not one commented to me. I even commented hoping to engage in some help that they must be having a good week cus I saw so many sold signs. The guy barely acknowledged I had spoke. If this is considered a good dealership it sure as hell isnt from the customer service effort that is put forth. It's a damn shame to see that sign hanging on their door ! PS : I do drive a soft tail and have way to much tied up in it and apparel. I also do repairs and service on bikes as a sideline therefore buy lots of parts. Very disappointed !!!

May 7, 2017

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