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Complaints & Reviews

Time management/No service/

Powder Keg, Mason, Ohio
Dealer sold me a VIP package for my new 2019 Glide (S) Late spring of 2019. I called Powder Keg for service date, I tell them I am VIP, they give me a day to bring it in and wait. I brought it in, in the Am as requested, I tell them I will pick it up Monday. Monday I come in, it wasn't touched. A week later they brought it to me.
Spring plate, for gas tank lid defective. I request new one in August, September it wasn't in nor October.
November I bring it in for 5, 000 mile complete service and winter storage, still no spring plate, but they tell me they will take care of it since its here for all the servicing and storage.
March 10 I call to let them know I will pick it up on the 20th, they said ok, I also stated make sure all the services are completed. March 25 I call in the Am shortly after opening, I tell them I will be there today, they ask how long, I tell them in a couple hours. 1340 PM I roll in, they tell me its washed and ready, I go out and I see that its not clean, I return inside, tell them it was not cleaned as promised since it was paid for in the winter storage. Now I am curious, I ask was it serviced as promised, did you dix the spring plate in tank lid, they look in the system, nothing had been done.
This has been an ongoing issue with this business, We pay for a HD VIP plan and get treated as persons who dont keep track of there products and service.


On 3/20/2020 spoke to rider rep Adam.There was a problem with myself, trying to post a United states postal service money order serial number [protected] to my account [protected] that never posted Adam was extremely helpful in attempting I would like to have the phone conversation examined by a supervisor other than the female Timiya on March 25 2020 10 oclock eastern standard time, this called was handled in the collection phone opt.Would also like the phone call MARCH 20 2020 handled by RIDER rep adam .tThis complaint is against supervisor Timiya.I took her attitude and professionalism to be tainted, quite negative, and really down right nasty as a Harley davidson collections supervisor.Please pull the phone conversations on 03-20-2020 with rider rep adam, who was prefessional and a credit to HARLEY DAVIDSON CREDIT. Ms Timira has wishfully disrespected, a long time harley davidson tenured, senoir customer.

electronic fuel gauge not reading full.

2018 fxbrs breakout purchased brand new from the dealer and I've been more than happy with my bike until...

Supply of parts. Rear Softail Fender.

On the 21st of September 2019, a car hit the rear end of my Harley Davidson, while I was stationary, damaging...

biggs service department

Joseph Iparaguirre Saturday, February 08, 2020 11801 Pierce Street Riverside, CA 92505 American...

prepaid service plan (unable to use plan due to the inability to schedule an appointment for service)

I attempted to schedule my 1000 mile service for my new 2019 Ultra Limited. I live about an hour from...

warranty claim rear fender on a street glide

I'll try to keep it brief.
Rear fender on my billiard blue street glide 114 defective paint work.
Agreed by Harley UK to replace under warranty. That was back in October 2019.
Date of delivery Dec 19.
Then contacted lakeside Harley essex u.k.
They tell me it won't be here. Should be in early January.
Jan. Still not in might be later.
Still not arrived " might by February, I can't tell you where it is !"
Now mid January. No updates. " can you tell me where it is or any dates of arrival"
"No, nothing on the system, must be a third party supplying the part, I've got nothing else"
I then contact the complaints department u.k. to say they were uninterested is an understatement.
No communication from thenm for a week. Spoke to a customer service guy called 'Edward'.
I called him back a week later. Sounded even less interested.
Contacted Harley lakeside and stated how unimpressed I am.
I was told Harley are upgrading their computer system hence the lack of communication.

Well I am now at the point of giving up. I've been a motorcyclist for many years. It's my second Harley. I am now considering selling and going back to Triumph.
Funny. I am a motorcycle cop in the u.k and usually ride Bmw. I've escorted royalty and even your president as an advanced escort officer. Funny. I train and work with over a hundred professional motorcyclists. They all ask about my experience of owning a Harley in the U.K. I was quite positive before. But I must say your customer service in the .u.k is the worst. My friend was going to purchase a break out. After my experience his stopped looking at Harley. I deal with public complaints in my career. If I treated my customers in the same way I would quite rightly be looking for a new job.

Such a shame. Having ridden Harleys in America I've only ever had positive feedback there. I think your management in the u.k needs reviewing


Antony Hamilton

2019 freewheeler

Bought it new in Dubuque Ia. Harley Davidson, at 300 miles the rear suspension came lose they fixed it now all the fluid from the transmission is transferred to the primary. I've been a long time Harley rider, starting to faith in your product. There suppose to come and get it again. There doing a great job fixing it. You as a Company need to go back to building a rock solid product.

2019 cvo street glide

I have purchased 6 Harleys over the years at a local dealership in Victoria BC, it was recently taken over by Barnes and was Steve Dranes before, my last purchase was a 2019 CVO Streetglide it has failed me with only 4000km on it with a broken compensator sprocket, took it to dealership, they did not contact me, I had to go there to find out what was wrong, have not heard from them in almost two weeks, then I inquired about trading it in on another 2019 nothing back from them, terrible way to treat a long term customer, wonder how the company thinks it can survive with dealerships like this

2018 hd ultra classic boom box

On August 31st, 2019 I purchased a used 2018 HD Ultra Classic from Policaro HD in Oakville, Ontario.

All attempts to save addresses on the Boom Box Navigation system proved futile. On attempting to save an address the system, the system indicated "Error Importing Destination".

I returned to the dealership on September 3rd and several other dates to try and have the problem rectified.

Finally on September 25th, 2019 I was advised by the dealership that they had received an email from HD Canada that they were aware of the problem with the Navigational System on the 2018's but had not as yet worked out a fix.

In addition to not saving addresses the system does not differentiate between the various types of rides that you should be able to choose from. They are all the same.

The 2020 HD's are being released, is HD working on a problem with their 2018 product or am I being given the run around by the dealership.

Extremely disappointed with this bike at this time. Should have stayed with my 2011 Ultra Limited equipped with a Tomtom Navigational System.

Any light you can shed on this problem and/or fix would be greatly appreciated.

Clarence Cook

sales service

Made the necessary arrangements with the dealership to sign the paperwork only to get it refused as the...

softail slim 2019

I got my bike on August 8th 2019 but after that I also got a failure on the bike( check engine motor appear...

torque 2018 street bob

At low speed, say in a 90 degree left turn at street corner, if I don't "slip the clutch" a fair amount and...

pre owned bike

I want to purchase a bike harley street rod from foothill harley dheradun and i, ve give token money amount...

Foothills Harley-Davidson

2019 breakout 114

I owned this bike for one month now and have it looked at four times for miss aligned handle bars. They keep...

service and parts replacement

My bike was taken in on 05 June 2019 for repairs or rather replacement of the windshield, engine guard...

rear brake chrome master cylinder cover/replacement fender 2012 1200 sportster seventy-two

Have ordered 2 chrome rear brake master cylinder kits...the caps obviously were not composited(chemical composition)to deal with the heat put off by motor...they crack/fall all to pieces within months

Had to have replacement fender due to car hitting rear fender ...the replacement fender is not like the original/with extra holes an shorter...the paint job us [censored]...the top coat has cracked around all three top openings on fender...have pics an proof of purchase thru Roanoke Valley Harley Davidson, Roanoke Virginia

rear brake chrome master cylinder cover/replacement fender 2012 1200 sportster seventy-two
rear brake chrome master cylinder cover/replacement fender 2012 1200 sportster seventy-two
rear brake chrome master cylinder cover/replacement fender 2012 1200 sportster seventy-two
rear brake chrome master cylinder cover/replacement fender 2012 1200 sportster seventy-two
rear brake chrome master cylinder cover/replacement fender 2012 1200 sportster seventy-two
rear brake chrome master cylinder cover/replacement fender 2012 1200 sportster seventy-two

service repair

Dear: Harley Davis Motorcycle Corporation: I am writing to your company about some problems Mr. Outlaw...

refund of my gap insurance money

purchased a bike there in Feb.2019 paid it off in March and submitted for a refund of the GAP insurance...

2019 harley davidson low rider

I bought a 2019 Harley Davidson low Rider the problem I have is the rear passenger pegs are out of alignment the right side is taller well then the left side which causes the passenger if they stand up on the pegs causes you to lose balance that could be a safety issue that needs to be corrected the dealership wants to charge $2, 200 to put a different exhaust pipe on and level the pigs out I paid cash for my bike on most $16, 000 I thought it would be correct when I bought it I don't understand why we have to have an issue to spend more money to make the bike correct then from the factory