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Oct 26, 2020

Haulbikes — Very slow, no answers, poor management - never use haulbikes

Bought the bike on 8/24 and was given an estimated delivery date of 9/24 AFTER the sale. If I knew they...

Oct 13, 2020

Haulbikes — Motorcycle delivery

I had a contract for pickup they called weeks after the time frame, not a problem didn't the bike that...

HaulbikesDelivery not on time

I am sorry that I didn't read the comments before using Haulbikes to ship my Indian Chieftain. Pickup was ok and within the requested date. However, the delivery is totally the worst I have every had. My delivery was supposed to be 9/7 and here I sit at the delivery address still waiting on 9/30. Two weeks ago I had it out with the manager who told me it was in Las Vegas only 150 miles from me. It was reported being loaded and would be here 9/28. No communications initiated, I have to call for update. Now they are saying that it will be delivered 10/8. This is unsatisfactory. I called to talk to the manager, again, and he was out of the office and they put me into voice mail. Needless to say I left a hot message.
Don't use this service. Read all the complaints about the same thing first before paying for the shipping!!!

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    • Bo
      Bob K1021 Sep 30, 2020
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      Hello and good afternoon.

      I'd like to first take the time to introduce myself.
      My name is Bob Killmer and I am the new operations manager here at Haulbikes. Since I've taken this new role with the company just a short time ago. I have been putting plans together and creating a new operational structure and processes.
      I find our reviews quite disturbing and I wanted to take this opportunity to apologize to all the customers that we have failed in recent months.

      Unlike many other companies from around the U.S that were forced to cut back such as layoffs, furloughs and in some cases permanent closure.

      We also as a company were left to the unknown early this year as well. We followed suit and did a few layoffs as well. We started those layoffs in February. In a very unseen turn of events we found ourselves busier than ever before.. for a lack of a better term "we were caught with our pants down". With a huge influx of business in a very short period of time, we found ourselves caught behind the eightball. We have taken great strides in assuring our customers and ourselves that we certainly have a plan to recover. We are on the right track and doing what needs to be done to deliver our customers bikes within the time-frame quoted at the time of booking.

      I want to say thank you to all of the customers who trusted us in handling their transportation needs, I'd also like to personally apologize to all those that we failed as well. Under our new management I assure you all that future experiences and expectations will be met with the upmost regard.

      Thank you,
      Bob Killmer
      Operations Manager

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    Haulbikesmotorcycle delivery

    I have NEVER had a worse vehicle delivery and I have had over 20 cars and motorcycles delivered by a few different companies over the last dozen years including motorcycles by Haulbikes. EVERY other delivery—EVERY!—has been friendly, cooperative and professional. A simple request for a destination change not even ten miles from the original destination (due to not wanting to ride an unfamiliar high-performance motorcycle for the first time in heavy rain) was met with refusal and complete unwillingness to discuss alternatives. When the Haulbikes dispatcher was made aware of the situation by my email she quickly instructed the drivers to bring the bike to the destination I requested. Instead, they came within a mile but called and said a sign forbidding trucks prevented them from coming further. Even after informing them that trucks—moving trucks, delivery trucks, EVERY KIND of truck!—travelled the street daily and the sign referred to the PARKING of trucks they refused to come further and forced me to meet them at the side of a busy highway where I was made to APOLOGIZE to the driver for swearing the evening before. They threatened to take the bike back to North Carolina (I am in Vancouver, WA!!) if I didn't apologize so I did. I told him I wasn't sure if the motorcycle even had enough gas to get me to my home, that it was a very high-performance motorcycle I was not familiar with and that the tires were racing tires and not suitable for a soaking wet road. They basically said tough luck, set the bike on the side of the road and left. They were rude, unprofessional and left me in a very dangerous situation. I will NEVER use Haulbikes again and would STRONGLY recommend no one does.

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      Daily Direct / Haulbikes.commotorcycle transport / shipping

      Beware of this company, they give low quotes but then they hijack your motorcycle and lie repeatedly about your pick up and delivery dates. I contracted them on May 17th and they wrote in the contract that they would pick up my bike no later than May 31st and would deliver it to Las Vegas by June 7th. They missed the pickup deadline(they forgot to pick mine up) and only after repeated calls did they pick it up on June 4th. Since then they not only missed the contracted June 7th delivery date but they have given me six later delivery dates and missed them all. It is now one month past the contracted delivery date and my bike is missing, they don't communicate or explain the delays and don't respond to voice messages. I left phone messages that I'm reporting my bike stolen by them to the police and starting a civil action...no response. This is a sketchy if not criminal enterprise. BEWARE! See all their one star Better Business Bureau reviews for the same reasons...wish I had before paying them up front!

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        Haulbikesmotorcycle shipping

        My order for shipping was billed to me and placed on August 20th. I did not receive my motorcycle until September 29th. That is a total of 41 days, more than a week overdue. Because of the extra time sitting on a truck or in your company's storage facility, the bike would not start due to a dead battery. It had very little charge left to it but would not start. If the bike had been delivered in a timely manner it would have started. More than a week would have made all the difference with the battery. Because of this I had to get a tow truck to bring the bike to my house, at a cost of $100. Your company's driver could not have cared less. He had no tools or jumper cables on his truck to help with the situation. He just raised up his tail gate and drove away. To make matters worse the motorcycle's original pick up was in Nebraska, a state that borders Colorado (the bikes destination). Then the bike was taken to Wisconsin where it sat for days. Then the bike was taken to Oklahoma, another state that borders Colorado. After all this moving around it still took 41 days to get my bike to me. I realize that my $3000 2004 Yamaha VMAX is not a $25000-$30000 Harley Davidson trike, but I am sure I was looking forward to receiving my bike on time just as much as the guy who bought the Harley. I have used this company many times in the past and communication was always top notch, however this time there was no communications during the entire shipping process. No email updates were sent to me throughout the process. I had to call on many occasions to find out the status of the bike. I feel that I was given half rate service from this company.

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          Haulbikes — Late delivery and refusal to pay for damage

          I have used other companies for motorcycle transportation. Cost was a factor to select Daily Direct...

          Haulbikes.com Motorcycle Shipping — 3 weeks Late and no delivery yet

          After receiving an estimated delivery time of three weeks, I contracted with haulbikes.com to ship my 1998...

          Haulbikes.com Dba 1888haulbikes. Co, — Scam

          This outfit took a delivery order and told me it would take 5-6 weeks for delivery. 4 weeks later they still...

          Haulbikes.com — Professional Driver not so professional

          I used Haulbikes.com to deliver my BMW motorcycle from AZ to TX. I had read the reviews about some late...

          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Haulbikes.comLate delivery and Lies and ###

          I wish that I'd seen these other 2 complaints before I chose these guys to ship my motorcycle. I live in New Zealand and bought a bike off Craigslist, then ( through Shippingmasters ) ended up with signing a contract with Haulbikes to take the bike from Boaz, AL to Compton, CA. I explained that timing was critical because I had to work in with the shipping schedules from LA to New Zealand. Anyway, I signed the contract (and paid them) on Dec 9th 2011. I am now writing this on Feb 13th 2012 and the bike is still sitting at their hub in Milwaukee awaiting a despatch confirmation to CA. GOD ONLY KNOWS WHEN IT WILL ARRIVE !!!

          What is worse is all the lies and ### I have been fed (by email), limp excuses, unfulfilled promises. BEWARE, use these guys to ship your bike AT YOUR OWN RISK. I would never, ever use them again.

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            Haulbikes.com — Fu**ing crooks

            If you’re smart you won’t hire this company to haul anything. I’m already mad and my bike...

            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            Haulbikes.comLies and missed delivery dates

            WOW - wish I had been aware of all the issues created by the incompetence and outright lies by HaulBikes.com representatives BEFORE signing a contract with them!

            My sad and frustrating experience is an EXACT duplicate of many others here - buy an Ebay bike, TRY to hook up with what APPEARS to be the best transporter - and it all goes downhill from there! In my own case, after *4* missed dates for shipment and delivery, I have YET to receive my bike - and the LATEST stated delivery date will be a full TWO MONTHS from the date my shipping contract with HaulBikes was signed!

            As my Emails to HaulBikes states below, since Ebay provides them and suggests/endorses their business, and undoubtedly share in some way PROFIT from the business their endorsement generates, Ebay themselves should ALSO share to some degree in the frustration and expense these incompetent liars create! Ebay has a strong rating system in place for buyers and sellers - why not a similar open and visible performance rating for the transporters THEY openly endorse and support?

            I guess we all really KNOW why they don't...

            After *3* missed delivery dates for my bike - and a full MONTH after the signed contract and yet ANOTHER stated new delivery date, I Emailed HaulBikes the following message:

            "A bit of history regarding the attached contract which was accepted, signed, and returned to you over a month ago...

            At my request, delivery was delayed until the 19th of September due to other personal commitments that made it impossible for me to be here for earlier receipt of the motorcycle - I appreciate that delay. HOWEVER, once I returned and have been ready for delivery, I have in several telephone conversations, been given another several rough delivery dates - one for the 19th, as previously agreed, then "somewhere in the period of the 19th to the 26th", and now, that the actual date the truck LEAVES your end will not even happen until the 26th of September, with another week or 10 days for arrival and delivery!

            OBVIOUSLY, I'm a bit frustrated, and several issues become apparent - one is that since this is an eBay item being transported, and I have NOT been able to physically inspect it's condition, I have only 45 days to challenge the purchase if the bike is not as represented - and THAT opportunity will expire as of about October 1 - undoubtedly while the bike is still somewhere between your end or mine - assuming it has even yet LEFT your end!

            Another issue, is how and where the bike is being stored and handled in the lengthy time that has elapsed since you picked it up over a month ago - is it secure from theft, weather, and associated damage? This bike is nearly 30 years old - has many irreplaceable parts, and YES, I AM concerned!

            Point of all this is, I need to either be assured that indeed, this shipment WILL leave your end NO LATER than the 26th of September as promised, and that it IS well stored and handled during the long wait and travel - or else, I will request my shipping price be refunded, and I will arrange for another shipper to deliver it.

            Please respond."

            I quickly received an Email from Shelly, stating:

            "Hi Gary,
            We will be getting your bike out to you at the end of the week, and I will give your delivery date at that time. Again I apologize about the delay.
            Shelly Kueny"

            It should be noted that at the beginning of the HaulBikes contract, I had arranged that actual delivery be made on or as near as possible to the 19th of September, 4 weeks later - an agreement that SHOULD have give HaulBikes a WIDE enough window of shipping to be able to hit the target date quite closely - or at LEAST have a solid date established when shipment and deliver WOULD be accomplished - that clearly was NOT the case in my situation!

            My reply:

            "Shelly, I believed you when you told me to expect delivery on the the 19th of September, as we agreed in the original contract - and I still believed you when you next told me delivery would be "sometime between the 19th and the 26th" - neither of those happened, and I was next told the truck would not even LEAVE your end until today, the 26th - and obviously, THAT will not happen either - and NOW, you expect me to believe yet ANOTHER delay, the END of this week?

            WHY should I now believe you after being mislead and lied to *3 times* already?
            How stupid do you think I am?

            How many times do you think I'll swallow and accept yet ANOTHER weeks delay in shipping - and the additional week to 10 days for travel?

            If you called, and told ME that delivery would happen the next day, and *I* put YOUR driver on hold for a week - or month, YOU would have ALL SORTS of penalties, and NOT accept even a single day's delay to unload my delivery - WHY do you think MY time is so worthless and unimportant that you can so freely keep me dangling from one lie to the next - do you REALLY think all I have to do, is SIT here week after week WAITING for you to finally start your truck down the road?

            I understand the logistics of your business - and that you can't provide a precise day and hour of delivery - but GOD, YOU can't seem to even predict the MONTH - and NOW, I'm even doubting you actually know the YEAR it will ship!

            This next Friday, the 30th is absolutely IT - either that bike ships, or I DEMAND full refund of my contract price, and I will immediately arrange for another shipper, Following that, I will file a complaint with the PUC and ICC, and as widely as possible thru Internet boards, make my experience with your company known and warn all possible to avoid you like the plague.

            You've jerked me around for the last time, now, eithet PRODUCE, or refund my money - YOUR CHOICE!
            NOW, after all that, here's the LATEST stated delivery date:

            I just wanted to update you on the status of your shipment, order P27510. Your bike has been assigned to be delivered between October 15-17. The driver will contact the delivery location the day before delivery to make more specific time arrangements. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
            Shelly Kueny"

            Keep in mind, the shipping contract was signed with HaulBikes on AUGUST 18 - nearly a full 2 MONTHS prior to what is now the claimed date for arrival of my bike! ALSO keep in mind that the first *3* of the dates covered, statements as to "delivery" were supposedly just a few days AFTER those statements, even though the bike was STILL a short distance from where the HaulBikes rep was SITTING, and could not POSSIBLY be loaded up and transported the 2000 miles from their end to mine on the date being stated! The HAulBikes rep didn't even know WHERE the bike was as she was promising a new (lying!) delivery date!

            My suggestions at this point - if necessary and possible, AVOID HAULBIKES.COM for ANY transport, you might have to pay a few $$$ more for a REPUTABLE hauler - but the possible LACK of having to deal with lies, incompetence and WAY excessive receipt of your bike will be well worth it!

            And, finally, since Ebay endorses the HaulBikes business - a fact HaulBikes openly and proudly brags about on their web page, those with bad experiences with HaulBikes should hold Ebay's feet to the fire with well stated and documented info as to the issues created by the transporters Ebay themselves put forward as suggested and endorsed haulers!

            PROFIT and learn from our experience - AVOID HAULBIKES.COM LIKE THE PLAGUE!

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              • Ne
                Nevada S Smith Jul 02, 2014
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                would like to know where my bike is and when will it get here. P61952

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              • Ne
                Nevada S Smith Jul 02, 2014
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                Would like to know when my bike will get here. P61952

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              • Le
                Leadingedgecustoms Oct 04, 2013

                Was told verbally 3 weeks. Was sent an e-mail that stated estimated delivery of 2 to 3 weeks. Signed contract that stated "estimates" only, this is where I trusted Chris and messed up. I can't believe after 23 days my bike is stuck in a terminal 1500 miles away and no driver has been assigned to deliver yet. I was even told by Chris that once a driver is assigned it averages 28 days more to come this distance not including truck break downs ect??! WHAT?!? So I'm out $633.00 and a month without my Ebay purchased bike. Now I'm out another $850.00 I'm paying to a different shipper ( with great reviews ) to get my bike here within 6 days with a guarantee. Someone please include me in the class action lawsuit that's inevitable for these rip off artists! Read reviews before you commit to ship! Also, don't pay in full upfront like these scammers require. When I told my lawyer the situation he stated they probably never get sued since it costs more to do so than what I spent to get scammed. Haulbikes.com YOU SUCK!!!

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              Daily Direct / Haulbikes.com — Liars

              HaulBikes.com / Daily Direct / FUC*IN CROOKS If you're smart you won't hire this company to haul...

              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              Daily Direct LLC Haulbikes — Shippment

              I had Haulbikes pick and deliver my motorcycle, and they took over a month to deliver it. They didn't...

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