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1845 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19103, US
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Harley Davidson - john odonnell

went to union for a lawyer, asked for mike dryden, he passed my case over to a john o'donnell. this lawyer is a real loser. i had a serious neck injury, c6-7 fusion .was treated like ### by my employer, never got any medical treatment but therapy, therapy for whiplash, give me a brake. it took 5 months till i got surgery. the whole time i drove towmotor. i had a hole in the back of my neck that looked like a wild animal had attacked me. every thing i confided in my lawyer, he made deals w/post ansd shell, they got rid of barbara griggs(ncm). in aug, i sent him a certified letter and wanted my records because, i felt he was not being honest about my case. i had never recieved any real medical care as long as i was on w/c .every dr, i saw they shut me down. they never did anything to the drs, that gave me methadone, because they let me come back to work and drive towmotor on these drugs. turns out i had a pinched nerve from my op, now i suffer w/ this on a regular basis. it is very painful. this lawyer coarsed me to sign off of w/c because he said if i didn't that the judge deitrick was going to shut my case, i had paper work that john never submitted on my behalf. he didnot represent me like a real lawyer would. even my dr says that my injury is too severe to have been closed.did my lawyer get a pay-off from my employer, or the insurance company. they claim i was dr. hopping .truth is no matter who i saw they would stop my treatment. they, my employer kept me on a towmotor .would not offer me another job, even when an attending dr, said that this job would make my condition worse. one of the therapist gave a deppo, because she had come to my work area, my lawyer did her deppo w/o me present.this lawyer needs to be taken out of business. i am looking for a lawyer that sues lawyers because he did me wrong. and the operation could cost me over 100, 000 and i didn't even get that for a settlement. then on the day that we went to settlement, he tld me what boxes to check, and he also told me don't mention to judge deitrick that your filing a complaint about christopher kagar, .he knew i wqas medicated and he took advantage and never spoke up for me. i had filed a complaint with the dept of state, there still investigating.i had never contacted o'donnell and said i wanted to sign off, he did this own his own, for his own gain, and i am the one that has to suffer from this ignorant lawyers shortcomings. what did he get for closing my case. a moteercycle?more $$$. this is an injustice.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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