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Harley Davidson - over charging prep. and freight

I purchased a 2012 FLHTCU in NOV of 2011. Whiskey River Harley Davidson tried to stick me with a $1500 fee for qualifying for a promotion. The salesman failed to mentioned this. I found it on the contract 2 days later. Also, a backrest was to be thrown in, but I was charged for it as well as the labor to install the 'free' accessory. After confronting WRHD, they wrote another contract. This time, I was charged a Dealer Preparation fee of $695.00 and a Freight fee of $795.00. After some research online, contacting multiple HD dealerships and a phone call to HD, I was told their Freight is $380 per touring bike... Period. Wow! I was overcharged $415.00 for Freight and also a Dealer Prep. fee. Guess what else my research found? HD doesn't charge a Dealer Prep fee! Imagine that. I don't mind paying the $380.00 freight, but $795.00? That's not friendly business practices. I had a phone conversation with the GM and a salesman, who after 10 minutes of talking, said I was nitpicking. I quote the salesman, "Most people are happy to just to get a Harley".

I will continue to speak out about this bad experience, and warn people to look out for over charge fees. I called 3 other dealerships and 2 of the 3 said they would NOT charge a Prep or Freight fee and sell the same bike at below MSRP. ($21400.00) The 3rd dealership said the Dealer Prep fee was $195.00 plus Freight of $380.00, the same price HD charges ALL dealers.

Anyone looking to purchase a new bike, please read the contract, and ask questions! WRHD charged more than double the Freight and the Dealer Prep fee. Most HD dealers will waive that fee. If not, the fee will not be over $300.00. Shame on WRHD. HD owners look out for each other and news of bad experiences within the HD community travel fast.
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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Texarkana, US
Jul 28, 2021 4:11 pm EDT
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If you are wanting to ride a HD bike I strongly recommend you go anywhere else but the store in Texarkana. Although, everyone I came in contact with, was extremely nice and accommodating, they are the epitome of sheep in lion's clothing. Not knowing William Harley nor Walter Davidson when they founded and established their HD brand in 1903, I cannot imagine they would approve of the sleaze ball, unethical tactics current employees now possess. When a salesperson takes a customer's trade-in it should be comparable in price to the bike he is purchasing. And since a manager must approve the trade and sign off on the paperwork, they knowingly and purposefully deceived my husband when they took his Fleetwood Scorpion pop-up toy hauler camper and a Polaris 4wheeler for a used HD Night Train. Every potential customer walking in the Texarkana HD store is thoroughly getting lubed up to be devoured and spit out just so they can make a buck. Less than a year later, my husband just happened to notice that they were selling his exact same bike for around $5000.00, $9000.00 less than what he gave with the trade ins. And just like anyone not wanting to be taken advantage of, he went straight to the store to speak with the manager to let them know what had happened. And they were so wonderful and nice, apologizing profusely letting him know that that salesman was no longer there because of things like this. And they wanted to 'make it right' but instead of going back to the original paperwork and trading the Night Train for a bike that was more comparable to the trade ins value, they put him in a different bike but also charged him another $5000.00 for the used upgrade. And needless to say, this upgrade, FLHTCUI Electra Glide Ultra, has so much metal in the engine, it no longer starts and when the manager of maintenance told the manager of sales that there was no way my husband's 3000 miles would have put the amount of metal it takes to make an engine no longer work they wanted to 'make it right' again by upselling him another bike and charging him more money. It's being delivered to the house because it won't start. I don't know if these unethical sleaze ball selling techniques are utilized at any other HD store, but they certainly are at the Texarkana store! I have no doubt that William Harley and Walter Davidson would be turning over in their graves knowing that customers are being taken advantage of all for a buck.

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