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Polaris Industries Complaints & Reviews

Polaris Industries / 2018 raz'r turbo

Jul 18, 2019

Polaris IndustriesMy name is Darin Greseth. I owned a 2018 Polaris Turbo Dynamix. Two of my son's friends were in an accident at our farm, rolled it 3 times in a wet hay field and the photos attached are from the wreck. Fortunately, we purchased the 5 point harnesses when we bought it and they were not...

Polaris Industries / the service I received and problems/safety of the service and costs.

May 07, 2019

Polaris IndustriesGood Morning, My name is Anthony Williams, I purchased approximately £380 worth of bushes and bearings from the above dealership, while there I asked for an estimate on how much to fit the parts I purchased and to carry out a full service, I was quoted £150 to £300 maximum, I agreed to...

Polaris Industries / indian scout bobber

Apr 12, 2019

I bought the Indian Bobber around July last year and the first thing that started failing was something very simple, the clock on the speedometer wasn't working. The part got replaced and during the second week the bike started to leak antifreeze. I wasn't happy at all, but the dealership...

Polaris Industries / polaris 570 quad 2017

Apr 09, 2019

I bought this quad from new at the end of 2018 and the problem I have is my right leg is burning as there is not a heat shield. I feel this is a health and safety issue and that the heat shield should be supplied as standard as they are on the 2019 model. I have been quoted by the dealer...

Polaris / 2017 polaris ranger 900

Nov 21, 2018

I couldn't find a complaint dept. I wanted you to know that I purchased a piece of junk from Polaris. I just had to pay over $1, 800 to have the top end reworked. I have only had the Ranger one year and never had it in mud or driven it hard. Several mechanics told me there was no dirt...

Polaris Industries / 2017 polaris rzr 1000 xp

Oct 22, 2018

Hello there, My name is Danny Pariseau and I've been an avid off rode rider for over 30 years. I was always a die hard Honda and Kawasaki rider, with a few Yamahas in between. In 2013, I had a severe off rode accident that almost killed me. I continued to ride after the accident, but never...

Polaris Industries / 2017 polaris ranger 1000 side by side

Oct 07, 2018

took my Ranger in to La Power Sport in Bossier City, La they kept it for 30 days and when i picked it up they told me they had found nothing wrong. the reason for taking it to them was that on start up, not every time, but often it would crank, ramp up to 300 -500 rpm and die. it would do...

Polaris Industries / lack of techinical information regarding spare parts for indian ts111 engine

Oct 06, 2018

Indian TS 111 Piston and Balance Shaft Information Prior to Ordering Hi, I'm investigating replacing my 2017 pistons (part No 3022648) with 2018 pistons (part No 3023065). Could you please confirm that the 2017 pistons and 2018 pistons are precisely the same weight? Could you please...

Polaris Industries / polaris sportsman 500 efi

Sep 28, 2018

From talking to a Polaris mechanic Polaris knows about the cheaply Chinese made wiring harness and admits that it's cheap but still sales on the market for $686.00 I think they should recall the bikes and replace the wiring harnesses with better quality wiring harness and there's also a...

Polaris Industries / 2016 polaris scrambler 850

Sep 27, 2018

Case number 4639389. Zero help from ploaris and scott from ploaris. Scott won't call me back, called and left several messages with no luck. Zero answers. Zero help. 2016 polaris scrambler 104 hours. Always garage kept never submerged in water or mud primary clutch is Rusted and plastic...

Polaris Industries / rubber hold down on windshield of 2018 rzr s

Sep 21, 2018

I've purchased a 2018 rzr s 1000 aproxemently 30 days ago. The rubber hold downs on the Polaris windshield are either defective or made very poorly. I've been riding my rzr s for approximately 500 miles with the windshield down at all times. Never once did I have this windshield up. After...

Polaris Industries / lang equipment in wausau, wi

Aug 04, 2018

Polaris IndustriesThis complaint is about one of your dealers not your equipment. I bought what I thought was a used odes dominator 800 from one of your dealers Nate Lang, later I have learned that it is actually a BransonBoss. I was deciding between that and a 2017 Ranger come 900 4 seater, as much as I...

Polaris Industries / 2018 polaris outlaw 50

Jul 17, 2018

Sticking throttle: haven't even made first payment yet...quad is been In shop for a week now and no one has even contacted me as to what's going on...first time Polaris purchaser looking to buy more atvs and this just has left a terrible taste for Polaris. The atv is In the shop Bentley'...

Polaris Industries / 2013 polaris 500ho

Jul 13, 2018

Every time I bring my bike into the Polaris dealer for repairs they break something else! I brought my bike in for repairs when it would not stay running. I get a call saying that the bike was fixed and that it was bad gas, I was told they drained the tank and cleaned the carb and changed...

Polaris Industries / the shop gordie kinn polaris dealership

Jul 04, 2018

I recently have had the miss fortune of my pole barn being burned to the ground and with it my polaris atv my two polaris snowmobiles two vehicle's and countless other belongings and one side by side off brand and even though the fire inspector believes it was started by my 2015 atv I'm a...

Polaris Industries / razor

Jun 24, 2018

I don't normally complain but my razor has been in the shop almost 2 months not being fixed. they called me after the first month said it was fixed and it wasn't. I brought it back it back 3 days later with the same problems on the probox manifold and the rusting on the frame and roll bar...

Polaris Industries / stickers cracking

Jun 10, 2018

We purchased a 2018 1000 turbo rzr and haven't had it a year and the stickers on the door are cracking and it is garage kept when not riding . We have put a lot of money into it for it to be peeling . We had a 900 that we kept for 5 years and it never did that. I'm really disappointed that...

Polaris Industries / 570 sportsman 570 atv

Jun 04, 2018

Polaris IndustriesGood evening, I bought two green sportsman 570 in Dec 2016 brand new from a dealership.I have noticed that both machines have the clutch box warping so that water can enter the box. This has to be a manufactures defect right? I would like for Polaris to resolve this problem at no charge for...

Polaris Industries / parts and service

Jun 04, 2018

I have a 2014 Polaris crew 900 XP. I bought the lock and ride rear doors for the crew model. My first complaint is why would you not put windows that could be opened in these doors. But my absolute major complaint is that I broke the glass out of one of the doors. Not a problem right...

Polaris Industries / winch issue... warranty

May 29, 2018

A few weeks a go I purchased a new General UTV. After my first ride I decided to use th winch to pull a utility trailer that had slipped down slope and was difficult to retrieve. I let out the rope by the switch a few feet. I then got out of the vehicle to check it and all appeared well. I...

Polaris Industries / local polaris dealer blew me off when I tried to set up a full warranty service and a recall notice I have received for my 2018 rzr 1000 xp

May 24, 2018

I personally stopped by the dearlership being its in my home town. I explained I need to set up appointments for a full warranty service and to take care of the recall on my machine. They pretty much laughed in my face. Took my name and phone number and said someone would call me. It'...

Polaris Industries / 2017 polaris ranger highlifter

Apr 19, 2018

Sold my 2016 Honda Pioneer and bought a 2017 Ranger Highlifter 1000 from Motorcycle Sports in Talladega Alabama. I am not at all pleased with this machine, it is all Plastic, the bracing for the plastic is cheap, the original battery is is dead after a week without starting so yes, I have...

Polaris Industries / polaris switchback adventure

Apr 11, 2018

I have had 3 engine failures in 3300 miles on this machine. First engine Polaris covered under warranty and put new long block in it. Second engine I had dealer rebuild at my expense. Now it has failed again. Polaris is saying it may be bad fuel injectors. The fuel injectors are within...

Polaris Industries / 2016 polaris rzr 1000 turbo

Mar 25, 2018

Hello, My name is teena in August of 2016 I purchased a rzr turbo 1000 in September Polaris issued a recall the bike went into the shop at the end of September and since then the bike hasn't been working the bike has now been in the shop for 18 months with no progress being made I'm paying 400$...

Polaris Industries / rzr 1000 4 door

Mar 24, 2018

Polaris IndustriesHello there, I am sorry to write this, I am usually not one to complain but I was extremely upset yesterday.. My name is Ray, I have been working on my wife for a few months on purchasing a toy for my self.. Usually everything we have goes into the kids and what they want, but this time it...

Polaris Industries / 2016 rzr 1,000 s

Feb 23, 2018

I received the letter from Polaris about to recalls on my machine took it in to the dealership and after one month of waiting supposedly I have a bad ECU and a bad wiring harness I just can't wrap around how that could be possible would this have anything to do with all the recalls if so I...

Polaris Industries / dealership lack of service

Jan 26, 2018

Polaris IndustriesI purchased a 2018 Ranger 500 from Commonwealth Motorsports in Gloucester VA back in Dec 2017. From the onset the owner was far from cordial and could care less about me as a customer. The sale person was far better. After several incorrect issues with financing, warranty, and a trailer...

Polaris / dealer service and warranties

Jan 08, 2018

On november 19 2017 I had my 2016 polaris sportsman sent down for electrical warranty issues. It sat there till december 22, 2016 as it was awaiting parts the electrical parts came the machine was returned to me, however a rear sway bar was broken on the machine they looked into the part for...

Polaris / sportsman 570 efi

Dec 07, 2017

After having Polaris recalls and "suggested" safety heat shield installed my radiator blew pin sized holes in the upper inside facing core. Dealership has been nice however the Polaris customer service complaint line wouldn't three way call them, instead they put their "tech"...

Polaris / sportsman 570 efi

Dec 05, 2017

After complaining about my radiator the customer service line was not only unhelpful but the tech guy they put on was rude and insulting. My 570 just went in and had a heat shield put on, with just over 115 hrs the radiator blew holes in the upper, inside facing core. NOT the vent fins but...

Polaris / 570-6 ranger

Nov 30, 2017

I bought a brand new [protected] Ranger with a 4 year Riders Advantage Extended warranty. A air hose that runs by the exhaust manifold has gotten too hot because of faulty manufacturer design and my engine is damaged due to dust and dirt entering the engine through holes in the air hose...

Polaris / maddies motorsports in dansville

Nov 29, 2017

PolarisBought a Polaris Rush that had a complete engine rebuild from Maddie's... was convinced by salesman Bobby that it would have no issues with sled I would never have a problem with it... blew up within 800 miles... was told about it blowing up so early "it's a two stroke what do...

Polaris / 2015 rzr 1000 4 seat

Nov 26, 2017

Been in the shop more the last year than at my home. 2 fuel pumps. The check engine light comes on every couple times it goes out. Limp mode half the time dealer don't know what the problem is so they want to just throw money at it replacing everything that could possibly be the problem...

Polaris / 2014 sportsman 570 efi

Nov 22, 2017

My radiator just sprung three holes that the tech says is from defective parts. Polaris will not cover the parts, to old? It only has 116 hrs on it and is clearly directive not any fault of my own. Reading complaints about this company and it's coverage of it's equipment makes me wonder...

Polaris / slow start, or no start

Nov 22, 2017

I have a 2015 polaris 570 sportsman that I bought new in 2016. From day one it has acted like it is low on battery when it was started. After only a few months I returned for service at iron mountain motor sports where I purchased it and was informed it needed a new battery which surprise...

Polaris / bad customer service from employees.

Oct 25, 2017

On Oct 14 2017 we went into Peak performance a Polaris dealer in Barrie. There were two other couples with us. We were looking at the sportsman atv's. We were speaking with a male salesman about the atv's. While were were talking another female employee came up to us. We asked what kind of...

Polaris / victory cross country.

Aug 02, 2017

Purchased a 2017 cross country new in end nov 2016. By December it was in the shop with check engine light. Dealer says it's the idler air control valve and to keep riding and it should not come on again after 2k miles. I continue to ride after 2k light is on again. Back to dealer. They re...

Polaris / 2016 polaris razor 1000

Oct 02, 2015

New 2016 razor bought, first time rode off road, power steering went out and over heated. Polaris will not cover this under warranty do to rode in dusty and muddy conditions. If you can not ride an off road utv in the conditions its made for, off road, all terrain then they have a bad...

Polaris / they need to learn what customer satisfaction is


I purchased a Ranger 400 from Motorsports in Hanover Pa. on August 28, 2010 for pleasure, planning to use when I trap in the fall and winter. To date, Sept. 2, 2011 I have put 130 hours on it, the motor started to leak oil, I took it to the dealer that I purchased from, Motorsports in...

Polaris Ind. / fire


Polaris Ind.2009 polaris rzr. was out busting cow patty's in my pasture, pulling a drag. a stick or a rock, something busted my gas tank. all i hear was a puff and it was over with with in about 10 min. there was a recall on there fuel tanks but Polaris says mine was not included. it was only 9...