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Complaints & Reviews

excessive vibrations

when I bought this 2009 Dyna Fatbob the order winner was the new upgraded engine mounting that caused no vibration
I took it back twice and was told it was normal, I suppose if you thing normal is when your comtrols and handlebar bolts vibrate loose? When I called your cunstomer service they said there was nothing they could, i should take it to another dealer. Amazing. I feel like a criminal!!! Smooth idiot talk is not something your customers (who gives you money upfront before you give them a bike) will tolerate.
Is their someone in HD that actually listens to complaints?
I work for a major brewery and customer complaints get dealt with seriously. They however dont start with us ridiculing the complainent and indicating they dont know anything.
Id love to see if someone has the ///// to give me a call to help me

  • Va
    vato loco Sep 14, 2009

    mine vibrates too, but not to the point bolts are coming off...you should still tighten bolts once a month or so for safety reasons...they do come loose with hard acceleration.

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lies and warranty

I purchased a 2005 Road King Classic.(new) and at the same time I purchased the $1300.00 unlimited mileage...


charged for work they don't do. the work they did was the worst. put in new front wheel barings wrong...

wet seat

last month i bought a new 2009 flht electraglide from my local dealer. i went to laconia and we suffered rain...


I recently (June 6, 2009) purchased a FXRG full face helmet at a H/D dealership in Bay City, MI. The was a malfunction with the visor release, it broke a the visor can"t be put back on the helmet. Keep in mind the helmet has never been worn except for a test fit a neither H/D or the dealership is willing to replace the helmet, instead I have too wait 2-3 weeks for H/D to decide what they want to do. Talking to CSRs at H/D they throw out a smoke screen a don"t allow you to talk to a supervisor to attempt to resolve the problem. It's easier to get service at a G.M. dealership than it is to solve a problem at H/D. One final note the FXRG is the top of the line from H/D, costing over $450.00, for that price, you think it would work, or H/D would help the customer resolve the problem.

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blue exhaust pipes

2005 Soft tail standard with EFI, stage 1 kit and screaming eagle pipes, less than 6000 miles, slight engine miss, pipes got red on a 10 minute ride. Parked bike, called HD and asked if bike could be picked up. It was still covered by the extended warranty. Bike was picked up and put on the computer. HD service said all sensors checked out normal, with no manifold gaskets leaking, however I needed to install a performance module in order to reset the injectors. When I purchased the motorcycle, I was not told that this needed to be done and the only requirement was a tech download. explain to me why this is not covered under the extended warranty or why there was no re-call on the EFI bikes if this module needs to be installed and wasn't.

not willing to work with owners

Is there anyone else in the US that is having to deal with Harley Davidson after they repo a bike?
I had my bike repo'ed (after trying to work with them to satisfy the loan and keep it current)
I had lost my job and couldnt make the whole payment. they wouldnt work with me at all
Harley auctioned the bike- WITHOUT A RESERVE
and obtained less than what was owed on the loan (is this even legal)
now i am getting nasty mail and phone calls (polly would be the person calling me)
Doesnt Harley have any clue that the economy is not the greatest and that they have to
work with familes that are willing to work with them. Does anyone out there have any
experience dealing with them on this matter?

  • Em
    emma Feb 12, 2009

    Harley Davidson have he right to sell the bike at auction without a reserve price if you fall behind with your payments. They don't have to work with you if they do not want to. They can ( and will) also come after you for the remainder of the loan. I am sure that they did not recieve the amount that you owe for the bike at auction. You bought something you couldn't afford. If you have to make payments you can't afford it. Your bike was a want and not a need. You should learn from this experience. if you can't buy it outright you cannot afford it. Harley Davidson did nothing wrong and certainly nothing illegal.

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  • Wa
    warriors Feb 20, 2009

    Emma, your attitude makes it sound like you work for harley. first off if your logic was correct most of the people driving wouldn't own a car. and most people would live in a box under a bridge because almost everyone has a house payment or rent. credit is what makes this country go round, this is why the government is trying so hard to get lending going again, If you read his post you would have seen he lost his job, and thus this is the reason he could not make the payments,

    I see harley has thier hand out to the government, they want the government to step in and help them, but they don't want to help thier customers. Kind of a double standard if you ask me..

    To answer the original post... yes they are within thier rights, do I think they are morraly wrong for being the way they are YEP, but not much the little guy can do. hang tough buddy, and hopefully things will work out for you...

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  • To
    touring @ 50 Jun 19, 2009

    Hey folks ...I am afraid Emma does not have a clue...nor does she have compassion for her fellow man. To bad Emma ...bad carma is hard to swallow when a plate full sits in front of YOU.(hope his troubles do not befall you). Emma not every one lived above their meens, although credit was handed out freely by the banks...kinda like a evil comhither. Many of us live our lives on a common ground w/our nieghbors...we work all week and play on the weekends ...pay the bills some where in between.I have watched the bottom drop out of the economy here in Las Vegas, NV. and I am not sure it is done yet. I know lots of people who had $$ in stocks that was working toward their retirement...then watched in horor as it went down the tubes with the market fall.In one day 90 men from one trade were layed off at the fountain blue because the banks will not honor a loan contract w/the developers. Thats is just one job closing in one town ...it is that way every where. What does this have to do w/ Mr Rhode Island ...well maybe just maybe this guy is one of us commom folk that went to work one day and the door was locked. Frankly gal you have some nerve. God bless you and keep you and your family safe from the hard ships that have hit so many of our brothers and sisiters that stand in the same line ...the unemployement line...don't look now or youll see a senior or two having a hard time standing there waiting his turn...have a care madame and think of others feelings and the troubles that may plague them before you spew out your cold, hartless, callaous and inconsiderate comments.Sincerely hayden, a harley owner...that likes his neighbors.

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  • 11
    1100honda Feb 13, 2010

    harley sucks as far as being fare to its customers. i purchased a used bike from a dealer the price was18, 500 i put 2000.00 down and took there warrenty that by the way i got ripped off on never used it and never got my 1500.00 back. any way i was rear ended by a drunk driver in my car he had no insurance. i was hurt bad my back and shoulder were dislocated anyway i was off work for 1 year i made full payments for 6 mos and then made half payments for 6 mos every day during the half payments harley called me and told me that i was the biggest piece of ### alive all the while im trying to pay. so finally after countless repo men the sheriff and every one you could think of came to my house trying to get the bike. i decided to take the bike to a junk yard and crush it and i did i sent the remains and the video tape to harley and told them to kiss my ### and after that when i got back to work i purchased an 1100 honda shadow ### HARLEY AND ALL WHO WORK THERE. oh by the way i made 68 payments at 380.00 per month so lets see thats 25, 840 dollars that they got . any hondas for ever!!!

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factory parts

I have been waiting on factory parts for 14 weeks and H-D cant seem to make any fender struts for an 04...

bad service

I would like to formally complain about your customer service representative at [protected] named �Cindy� who wouldn�t give me her last name. On 11/12/08 in the late morning I called up because I had a complaint about Oakdale, NY Harley Davidson. She was very rude, argumentative, and the worst representative I have ever dealt with in over 40 years on this earth and 23 years in the United States Military.

I own a 2006 Harley Davidson Street Bob Dyna. I was told the troubles I was experiencing with the �False Neutral Light� coming on and the engine or gears down shifting dangerously losing power was a recalled issue by Harley Davidson. I was driving it recently and the �False Neutral Light� came on and the engine went into neutral and refused to drive and I looked down and the 5 bolts that go into the rear tire sprocket were completely sheared off and the belt off as well. IF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED AT HIGH SPEEDS HARLEY DAVIDSON WOULD DEFINITELY BE SUED AND BROUGHT UP ON CHARGES! I had to get my cycle towed via Progressive Insurance.

I called up Oakdale NY Harley and spoke to Justin who stated he could not give me a tentative approval to have my cycle covered by warranty! He denied my request. I explained I was in there last year 11/12/07 and had called numerous times and everyone claimed my cycle wasn�t a recalled Vin number WHICH IS LUDICROUS!!! They claimed to test driven it and it didn't occur!! NO ###!!! This is an intermittent problem and they should have replaced the parts which are on the Harley recall list to play it safe!!! Justin should have been courteous to arrange for this but claimed he could not! Obviously they aren't safe or bright individuals!!! I am sure someone DROPPED the ball and failed to enter my Vin number and many others into the computer. They had claimed mine missed by a few months which is BS!!! At the time I had spoken to Jim and Steve in the past and Justin verified this in his computer system. I had around 9, 000 plus miles on it then and now a year later only have 11, 000 plus. THERE SHOULD BE NO REASON THE SAME PROBLEM I HAD THEN GOT WORSE NOW AND RESULTED IN 5 BOLTS COMING OFF AND ME NEARLY DYING! I refuse to bring it there seeing they will probably rip me off and charge me a massive amount of money unless I have prior authorization or someone come and see it where it sits? Unless I can receive some reassurance unlike I have received in the past with Harley and its poor representatives I am not towing it or bringing it there anymore!! On my 2005 Sportster they failed to tell me about a air filter replacement of which I had to hear from a third party and insisted they change and after much arguments they finally changed it!!! Very poor service at Oakdale NY Harley!!!

When I called and spoke to a very rude and unprofessional �Cindy� she denied this was the case and became very defensive and rudely arrogant claiming I don�t know what I am talking about. This was why I advised her she didn�t know what she was talking about, then she decided to say I was being rude to her after she �clearly� initiated the rude and poor customer service towards me a good paying customer and military veteran who has been protecting her sorry self for 23 years!

I then requested to speak to her Supervisor and she refused again wrongfully and violated my rights and privileges as a citizen and good paying Harley customer and owner of over 4 Harley�s as well as 23 year Combat Military Veteran! I have always promoted Harley Davidson and all I get is LIES, MISLEADING INFORMATION, and NONSENSE from all of its derelict representatives! She denied me nearly dying and crashing on my Harley was true etc�.What a disgrace she is to put it lightly!!!

Nevertheless, my cycle is not running with damaged internal parts perhaps, rear sprocket, hub etc.. I am requesting an INTELLIGENT Harley representative contact me without any delays and explain to me what professional corrective action will be taken to fix and repair this matter without any delays. If you fail to properly handle my complaint, I will be forced to contact every complaint agency on earth and take Harley Davidson Inc. to small claims court to compensate me for all repairs I have to make!

Please forward this complaint to your Corporate officers and respond to me via my cell phone immediately xxx xxx xxxx on what action Harley will take to repair all these screw ups and rude personnel!?

  • Ta
    TAMMY Jan 14, 2009

    I also have a 2006 streetbob with 15000 miles..I was riding sunday and I heard a noise and the belt went free. I pulled over and was suprised to see my belt and the bolts on my sprocket were shered off . I have had only harley do all service . my sprocket was never removed. The dealership is trying to get auth. to fix.. I do have to say I spoke to a rep at the same number and she was pleasant understanding and informative..It wasnt the same one.

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  • Ol
    oledog Jun 25, 2009

    On May 5 2009 I traded my 2001 Road King in on a new show room 2009 Street Glide.
    Since I had just turned 56 and was celebrating my 43ed year of riding motorcycles. I decided to do it up right and get what I wanted. And figuring that this was going to be my last Harley before I retire I went hog wild and had the stage 4 kit put in by the dealer so that it would be under dealer warranty.
    What a mistake that was. Since May 5 the bike has been in the shop every week except the first week.
    That is to say that from May 5 to today June 25 I have had the bike at my home and rode it for a week.
    The bike I was told has a glitch with the security system that won’t allow it to start near walls, and or metal buildings, or electrical systems.
    I was never told by the sales person that this was a common problem with some of the newer bikes.
    The Irony is that the owners manual also stats this.
    I can not believe that Willy and the boys at Harley allowed some dumb engineer design such a piece of crap. Have they forgotten that the world is surrounded by cars, trucks, metal buildings and that over 90 % of the cars, trucks and even buildings have electrical gadgets on them.
    To design this and allow to go out to the public is so wrong.
    So now my bike is back in the shop again which means that this month I was able to keep it at home and ride it for a week..
    The Legacy tech now tells me that Harley told him that the problem is in a electrical harness that is back ordered.
    I have owned several Harleys in the last 12 years and this is the first time I have had so much trouble with a bike and or a Harley Shop.
    Had the sales person told me about having to push the bike around to find a sweet spot to start it up
    I would have kept my Road King.
    Last week I took the day off from work to see what was going on and they actually found some communication error codes.
    The Tech messed around with an electrical connector. And I was able to ride the bike home so that it would not start again.
    I am starting to think Lemon Law.
    What has happened to American Engineering and customer service ?
    Ole Dog

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  • Fo
    foxy Jul 01, 2009

    I have been having the same problem with my nuetral light and no one even metioned the recall (which I hadn't heard about) then On Saterday going 55 MPH I heard POP POP and the back wheel locked up, I just barely saved my self from going down and the friend riding behind me just about got decapitated with flying metal (Thank GOD she was wearing a helmet!).

    I called HD today and received the same rude treatment and wasn't ALLOWED to speak to anone in management even though I requested to 3 times!

    My bike has 3900 miles on it! I've taken it in regularly for service (I've also asked about the nuetral light and was told it was a loose fuse????) The wheel has never been off and all the parts are stock.

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bad customer service

I purchased a new, 2008, Harley Davidson Heritage Softail in 2-2008. I loved the bike and it ran great for about 4 mos. After that, I began to experience difficulties starting when it was hot. The bike is in the shop at Thunderbird Harley Davidson, in Albuq. NM, for the 3rd time with the same issue. It's been there 2 weeks now and they still do not know what is wrong.

I called Harleys customer service number on Sept. 26 and was told someone would get back with me. Didn't happen. In talking with the woman, I told her I would like my bike fixed or replaced. She informed me someone would be in touch and Harley doesn't have a "buy back program" and no one contacted me.

Sept.29 I sent a registered letter with my complaint and heard nothing.

I was told by the dealer, on Sept. 22, that a part had been ordered, but they didn't believe it would solve the problem. The part came in Oct.2 and I was informed it was the wrong one, so they would have to reorder.

I contacted Harley Davidson customer service again, today, Oct 3, and was told they would look into it and call me right back. That was 4 1/2 hours ago, it's 5:35pm my time, and still nothing.

I have an extended warranty on the bike that pays up to $75 a day for a rental but rentals are $170 a day. No one has even offered to work anything out with me on that. I don't even have 5, 000 miles on this bike yet. It's just sorry, you'll just have to wait.

I paid close to $20, 000 for this motorcycle and NOBODY cares. Buyer beware. Guess they haven't heard of Lemon Laws.

bad quality

I purchased a new Harley Davidson street bob in late July. When I pulled out of the dealership the front...

service or lack thereof

I went to the Harley Davidson store in Jackson Hole, Wy on vacation on Oct 8, 2008 about 5:30pm and was going to purchase my brother a birthday present, but the 2 young women that were "suppose" to be "working" that day were too busy talking to each other about some guy that had been in the store to wait on me. Neither one of them spoke to me or my friend when we walked in and I had to wait to ask them a question until they were finished talking.
I picked up several things to ask for a price and all they would say was maybe $9.95 or something etc. Nothing was marked with a price, so I asked if they could pull up my brother's wish list and they both looked at me as if I were from another planet. At this point we left and bought NOTHING. All my brother wanted was a shirt, but I wanted go get him and my sister in laws Christmas present from there also, but since I was a bother to the young women that day, I left.
I just hope that my brother gets better service if he has problems with his motorcycle.
Thank you for your time and sorry it has taken me so long to email you, but I do not use my computer at home very muck.
Connie Alvis 115 Windham Road Oak Ridge, Tn 37830

  • Sk
    skypilot816 Dec 13, 2009

    www. Tri-CountyHarleyDavidson .com you can find your brothers wish list there and order it on line 20% off and only $10.00 shipping, but might not get by xmass you will get the service you deserve.

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While traveling on my Harley Davidson my battery quit working, I went to the closest Harley Davidson dealer...

very uncomfortable ride

I too purchased a 2008 Heritage and found the side stand way too forward and I'm 6'2'' and still cannot reach the side stand, the least Harley could do is offer an extension for the side stand, I called and they told me they do not offer one at this time, and could not or would not tell me when they would have one available...as far as the heat goes, I thought my right leg was on fire, the heat is so intense, it makes for a very uncomfortable ride.

Especially if you’re on a long ride 200 miles plus, you would think Harley would do better when designing these new bikes, don't they check things out before they put them on the market?

What are the engineers doing, I think I will look at the other American made Motorcycle (Victory) next time around.

  • Hr
    hrm Sep 19, 2008

    You should go trade your Harley in on a Victory. Whinny Little ### Such as yourself do not deserve to ride a Harley.

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Each month HD Financial calls me the day after my payment is due. The payment was due Sunday, I said what...

too hot

I have an 2007 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic. When I ride my right thigh feels like it is above a...

bad defect

I have a 2007 Harley Davidson Heritage Softtail Classic. You are sitting over the oil tank it gets extremely hot in fact quite painful. It is like someone is putting a Bic lighter to your thigh. Asked at the Dealership if there is a deflector and there is not. I love the bike, but it should be fun not painful.

When you are going fast you can get enough wind flow, but sometimes you are driving in traffic or in town and can not go fast enough to get a good wind flow. Harley Davidson needs to fix this flaw as this is the only problem I am having with this bike and I really want to keep the bike, but I do not want to have blisters on my thigh every time I ride.

  • Co
    cowboy Mar 23, 2009

    have 2006 Road King Classic, which gets extremely hot, been back to dealer 5 times and spoke dirctley with harley and no satisfaction, plus the caps on muffler keep rusting and they will not do anything. Bought extende d warrenty and then was told this problem is not covered.
    Wants they sell you the bike they are hard to deal with

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lost sale due to attitude problem

Salesman named Cody was very unprofessional; was more interested in making a sale than pleasing the customer. When we decided to wait on the purchase of a 2007 Road King, he refused to talk with us any more.

We were on the start of our week of vacation & decided to postpone the purchase until we came back. This upset Cody so much that he refused to discuss any further questions that we had.

Once we returned home from vacation, we did purchase a 2007 Road King - just not from Big Moose or Cody!

As there are Harley dealers everywhere, we feel that we will never have to enter the Portland Big Moose Harley store again.

  • Qu
    "POOF" May 09, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is a sad deal. And lots of people feel the same way. Their service should be better.

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  • Sp
    sparkplug51 Jul 27, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was thinking of purchasing a new 2010 Ultra from these folks but based upon this and some other posts of seen elsewhere, I'm beginning to rethink it. Maybe I'll just keep riding my metric.

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too hot

I have a 2008 HD Ultra Glide. I received first degree burns on my thighs while sitting in traffic. Has any...

poor customer service

The service Department at Latch is very inconsiderate to customers needs. The theme of Latch is to get you...

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