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Baja Motorsports Customer Service


Baja Motorsports Inc.

1428 Pearman Dairy Rd
South Carolina
United States - 29625

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1800 663 9700(Canada Non-Warranty Parts) 2 0
+1 888 863 2252(Customer Service) 1 0
+1 877 485 3345(Parts) 2 0
1866 316 4602(Toll Free) 0 0
+1 864 964 3349(Customer Service) 0 0
Mon9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Tue9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Wed9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Thu9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Fri9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Baja Motorsports Complaints & Reviews

Baja Motorsports / No needed parts


My grandson has a baja motorsport doodlebug 30 and the gas cable broke within 4 weeks of riding this brand new bike. I have been trying for 2 months to get a cable from them. this bike has been in the shop at thier reps for all this time. summer is over and this child has not been able to...

baja 70cc dirtbike / bike has not ran since it was purchased and baja wont fix it

In December we purchased two baja 70cc dirtbikes for christmas gifts started one up on christmas morning then started the other as soon as the second one was started the first one had died and would not restart contacted baja due to the holiday there was a delay once they returned my call...

Baja Motorsports / Dangerously and poorly built


I bought a Baja Motorsports Dune 150 go kart. Within a few months of riding in in the lawn reverse stopped working. A few months later my kids were riding it and both rear shocks broke. This caused A frame suspension to collapse and sever the gas valve. It was a miracle it did not catch...

Baja Motorsports / Motorcycle Parts

I purchased a Baja Motorsports DR70 from Pep Boys on December 22, 2009 for my son's Christmas present. He and I both loved it for the last few months and surprised with it's reliablity. It started first kick most times and never anymore than two! My son had a little mishap, he...

BAJA dirt bike sold / Dirt Bike

My son save his money that he got from Christmas and the months before that to get this dirt bike. Two weeks after he has it the gear shift strips and something goes wrong with the transmission. I called Tractor Supply and they gave me another company called Elsa to come and get it. They...

Baja Motorsports / Rip off


Baja sent us to their repair shop first thing repair shop had bikes for 3 months then we go to get them they were not fix proper my 12 yr. old son had to put new pull starts on both the bikes and rust all over bikes where they were kept outside and got rusty carb.. damage and when talked...

Baja Motorsports / Homelite Generator


I purchased a 6000 watt Homelite generator from our local home depo 6-18-08. This generator has less than 60 hrs running time. The generator is not producing enough output to power a 5000btu window a/c. The generator runs really well, but produces little to no electricity. I have returned...

Baja 50 4 wheeler / bad service

Bought two 49cc 4 wheelers for my 7 and 10 year old sons. The 10 year old's runs good - no problems at all. The automotive parts store where they were purchased said the "guys in the back" loved that little 4 wheeler. When they first came in they checked it out and rode it all over...

Baja SC50-2 scooter / will not run


On 10-14-08 I purchased this Baja sc50 scooter. From the day i purchased it until now this is the WORST thing that I have ever bought. I knew i was in trouble when after I purchased it from Pep Boys that the only thing Pep Boys does is collect your money. They service nothing. Presently i...

BA150 / Poor warranty service

Bought a new Ba150 ATV from Pep Boys. Worked one day then quit starting, Submitted warranty claim and waited a week to hear from Baja Motrsports service people. Finally told to take to service center. Service center determined bad carburator. Waited for months for part to arrive...

Baja Motorsports. Net / Baja 150 reaction.

Hi darin, The part is not listed as “in stock” yet. The 2 po’s below for br150s parts were scheduled to arrive on january 26. We’ll receive (Or have received) 50 x br150s - 505’s and there are just a few backorders for the part; so, you’ll definitely get it. Once in a while the...

Baja Motorsports. Net / Baja 150 reaction broke 3 months no parts the run around baja gives you

Hi darin, I reviewed your warranty claim and found that the service center (Performance cycle) is waiting on 1 part to complete your repair. Br150s - 505: planet gear set This part is out of stock, but due in shortly from our overseas factory. We have 3 shipments due in tomorrow...

Baja Motorsports. Net / BAJA 150 REACTION

Hi Darin, The ETA for the BR150S-505 is 2/24 (30 + 20 parts coming in). We’ll ship the part as soon as the 2 PO’s below are inventoried (thousands of parts each). Kind regards, Traian -------------------------------------- Estimated Time of Arrival: ...

Baja Motorsports. Net / parts

Yes, it is a long time. I apologize for the extreme delays. You warranty is frozen and you are not penalized for any time the unit is down due to warranty repair. Best, Kat Robinson Baja Motorsports Customer Service Toll Free: 888.863.2252 ext: 7013 Fax: 866.316.4602

Baja Motorsports Blaster Gokart / Blaster Go-kart

I purchased a Baja Blaster go-kart at Pep-Boys. They were running a special. I purchased it for christmas for my kids in 2007. They drove it about 4 weeks in my back yard and both steering knuckles cracked. I called Baja and they were out of stock and the warranty was out already. They are...

Baja Motorsports / Don't buy!


My friend and I purchased three Baja 90's youth four wheelers in which my child has may be 10 hours of riding time on it. They all started to loose power when they were riding and eventually shut down, now we purchased these on the 17th of Dec 08, we took them to the shop that Baja...

baja mini dirt bike / crappy product cappy customer service

all i can tell you is never buy a product made by baja. i purchased a baja mini bike on 11/28 for my son for christmas i puchased it from pep boys they started it wen i picked it up. on christmas day my son went to ride it. it crunk but would not go. so the next morning i called pep boy...

Baja Motorsports / Pep Boys / baja motorsports want start

I purchased an Baja motrosports on 12/20/08 from Pep Boys. My son wakes up on Christmas morning and can't ride because it want start up at all. How disappointted my 11year old was on Christmas morning.

Baja Motorsport / Scooter SC50


Baja scooters seems like a pretty good scooters for very nice price, until they break down. Basically those are single use scooters. First couple of months were great, the scooter was pretty zippy and fast ( especially when you put more air in the tires, use premium gas, and synthetic oil...

Baja Motorsports - Atv Fuel Cooler Part / faulty parts

My elderly father purchased what would probably be his last ATV in June 2008. After driving it only around our property and putting on 37 km the oil cooling pump had a leak in it and started spraying oil all over the place. He purchased it at Canadian Tire store 70 km away. He had to...