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Complaints & Reviews

No needed parts

My grandson has a baja motorsport doodlebug 30 and the gas cable broke within 4 weeks of riding this brand new bike. I have been trying for 2 months to get a cable from them. this bike has been in the shop at thier reps for all this time. summer is over and this child has not been able to ride i've spoken to 3 company reps and gotten 3 different stories. next big complaint goes to sears who sold the seems to me that any company acting in good faith would take care of these complaints. i, m really pissed. we had considered buying a bike for my grandaughter but that ain't happening.we've had great success with razor brand products. we have 2 electric scooters we bought 3 years ago, no problems and they have been ridden constantly. and razor stand behind their products. we also have a little razor dune buggy (go cart) electric that is great.

  • Sc
    Scooter Outlet Aug 31, 2017

    We carry all Baja Motorsports parts in stock... Give us a call at Scooter Outlet (915) 820-2563 We will be more than plaesed to help you out.

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bike has not ran since it was purchased and baja wont fix it

In December we purchased two baja 70cc dirtbikes for christmas gifts started one up on christmas morning then started the other as soon as the second one was started the first one had died and would not restart contacted baja due to the holiday there was a delay once they returned my call they determined that it was the cdi box i had to wait for the cdi box to come in the mail and have it put on the bike didnt fix it contacted baja they sent a coil by mail again same deal wait and still wont run they then sent a carborator same deal at this point baja decided to create a work order the bike had to be taken to fastco in amelia for service by this time it is now March fastco determined the bike had jumped time due to manufacturing default they had the bike for about two weeks we picked the bike up it ran for about 30 minutes and became stuck in first gear contacted baja again waited for work order returned the bike to fastco in amelia on May 15 where the bike still remains because they need a new motor that baja had denied sending.

  • Bi
    bitchass Jan 28, 2014

    thy are a pick of crap i will nervy buy baja agin i got it today and it wont start

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Dangerously and poorly built

I bought a Baja Motorsports Dune 150 go kart. Within a few months of riding in in the lawn reverse stopped working. A few months later my kids were riding it and both rear shocks broke. This caused A frame suspension to collapse and sever the gas valve. It was a miracle it did not catch fire as gas spewed all over the engine. Two new shocks were bought and put on the rear. A few months later the front left shock broke. When I went to get VIN number to order these shocks I found the frame and swingarm cracked in 3 places!!! keep in mind this gokart is rode in the YARD! Almost $300 in shocks, no reverse, broken and cracked frame and now need a $75 battery for a gokart that has approximately 10 miles on it!!!

I called Baja Motorsports before posting this and let them know everything that has happened and that I'm about to post this. There response:

"It's out of warranty and you shouldn't let anyone under 16 ride it".


Motorcycle Parts

I purchased a Baja Motorsports DR70 from Pep Boys on December 22, 2009 for my son's Christmas present. He and I both loved it for the last few months and surprised with it's reliablity. It started first kick most times and never anymore than two!
My son had a little mishap, he upset the bike and smashed the footpeg. This is where I discovered why Baja Motorsports recieves sooooo many complaits! I phoned, I emailed, I faxed and never go an response! All I needed was a foot peg! I then discovered a website and was compelled to info everyone that owns a Baja Motorsports Product that is having trouble to contact them. First off they responded within minutes of sending the email. They had the part and I received it within 2 days! Actually I've used them several times and they haven't let me down yet. It's the personal help that I really appreciated on my last order. I needed a new shock, I drive it the odd time and found out the shock couldn't handle 175LBs the hard way.My contact person there is Ian Corbett and he advised me to upgrade the shock from DR90 because he found were more durable. I had to drill the holes out slightly but other than that fit beautifully. What a difference!!! It's a rare thing these days to receive personal service anywhere, especially online!!! I normally don't take the time to write but after all the trouble with Baja and then to find someone to help I had to write this report! I highly recommend

Dirt Bike

My son save his money that he got from Christmas and the months before that to get this dirt bike. Two week...

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Rip off

Baja sent us to their repair shop first thing repair shop had bikes for 3 months then we go to get them they were not fix proper my 12 yr. old son had to put new pull starts on both the bikes and rust all over bikes where they were kept outside and got rusty carb.. damage and when talked and sent pics of bikes BAJA said they are not going to nonthing about it.. sorry was all they said I willnever buy baja products again and hope you read this and rethink your purchase of a baja products.

  • Valerie Jul 22, 2008

    Since I bought this 4wheeler I've been having problems with it. Fuel line, ball joints, carb, electricial, batery, steering, brakes, bolts breaking off, lugnuts coming off, chain breaking.

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  • Wi
    willis r. eichel Mar 17, 2009

    my 150 has given nothing but trouble. Second carb. will not let it idle and can't find idle mixture screw that the book says to adjust. Just the idle speed screw. Thinking the best thing to do is saw it to small pieces and let the garbage man take it.

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  • Ss
    sski116 May 11, 2011

    I've owned a Baja 400 ATV for 4yrs and had nothing but trouble with it. It took six months to find a repair shop and when I finally did the warrenty was up. As to this day I have not found a single repair shop that can fix my machine. The clutch shifter wass the first part to break. I have a hard time keeping the machine in forward gear. The only solution is to replace the gear bax assembly. Parts are not sold seperatly? This was my first ATV and I should have known better then to buy 'CHEAP'. If someone has any ideas on how to repair this problem and who can I would be very greatful for the information.
    Frustrated !!

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  • Hl
    Hlmccan May 17, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Customer service has no clue what thy are doing, and the company no longer has parts for a 2005 baja dune 150. NEVER buy any thing from this company..

    BAJA MOTOERSPORTS is not the place to buy your toys.

    We called Blanche at Baja to order our parts an were told we would have our parts in about two weeks. Called a week later and was told by Jason that thy could not get the parts any longer..

    So I guess the best thing for me to do is make a boat anker out of my go-cart.

    Thanks Baja Motor sports...

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Homelite Generator

I purchased a 6000 watt Homelite generator from our local home depo 6-18-08. This generator has less than 60 hrs running time. The generator is not producing enough output to power a 5000btu window a/c. The generator runs really well, but produces little to no electricity. I have returned the generator to the local Home Depo twice now and it still is not repaired. The repair shop cannot find anything wrong with it. When I call the customer service center they want me to take it to another service center. The closest service center is 60 miles away, my time, my gas, my frustration. I want some satisfaction. PS- We have been avid campers for 25 years and have owned 5 generators during that time. I really believe I would know if it works or not.

bad service

Bought two 49cc 4 wheelers for my 7 and 10 year old sons. The 10 year old's runs good - no problems at all. The automotive parts store where they were purchased said the "guys in the back" loved that little 4 wheeler. When they first came in they checked it out and rode it all over the place. The 7 year olds 4 wheeler has had problems from the minute we brought it home. We don't live on a big farm, we have two acres of lawn for them to ride on. The third time he rode it the bar to which the safety switch is attached fell completely off the 4 wheeler and was being pulled along behind the bike until he stopped. This safety switch is designed to shut the engine off if the rider falls off. It is connected to a strap they wear on their wrist and should they fall off it jerks the switch out thus shutting off the motor. You can imagine our surprise when the bar, switch box and all fell off the bike and the 4 wheeler continued to run before the little rider stopped and shut off the engine to check out what he was dragging behind him. So we picked it up and set it aside and let him go on riding. He rode it again the next day and all was well. The fifth time he rode it, we started out having trouble. The 4 wheeler acted like it didn't have any power. Every time he gave it gas while riding it would die. And after about 10 minutes of that he was tired of trying to ride the thing. So as we put it up to let his grandpa look at it when he got home the wheels locked up so that it wouldn't move. We had a limited 90 day warranty on the thing and were still well under that so we loaded it up and took it back to the store where it was purchased only to be told they don't work on them and to call the company. That proved to be a giant waste of time and energy. We were directed to take the 4 wheeler to a certified Baja mechanic for "diagnosis". There aren't very many of those around so it was quite a distance to drive. When we got there we were told that he had been given the okay for 1 hour to look at the bike and see what was wrong. When he called the company back he told them that it was the cleanest bike he had seen in a long time. Except for the battery acid dripping down onto the engine and the wheels being locked up and the bar holding the safety switch was off. We left the bike with the mechanic who called us in three days with a bill of $140.88. That was for a new battery, bolts to reattach the safety switch/bar, cleaning off the battery acid, bolts for securing the exhaust we didn't know was even loose and repainting what the battery acid destroyed. The mechanic never was able to determine why the wheels locked up but they haven't been a problem since we brought it home (2 days ago). What did the warranty cover? The hour to diagnose the problem and rehooking up the wires of the safety switch - which still doesn't kill the engine if you disconnect the switch from the switch box as if falling off the bike. The mechanic told us that Baja attributes every problem to "abuse" - which of course would not be covered under warranty. As to why all these bolts were loose and things were falling off? It was "our responsibility to make sure all bolts and parts were secure prior to riding the 4 wheeler each time". The battery? "we must have put it on a battery charger that was too strong" - He hadn't ridden it but about 3 1/2 hours the entire time he had the thing - and the battery never needed charging the entire time! Remember the 10 year old? His 4 wheeler is still going strong. Not one problem. We are now just over the 90 day "warranty" and at this minute both 4 wheelers are running fine. It is a shame that after spending a little over $700.00 for something like that - that the store where it was purchased and assembled nor the company that made it would stand behind their product. We purchased extended warranties but for what! The original warranty isn't worth the paper it was written on. Whatever you do - do not purchase a Baja Motorsports product unless you know how to work on them yourself. What a waste! I am a single mother with 2 boys and the purchase of those two 4 wheelers was only made after a lot of scrimping and saving. The mechanic's bill was paid by the grandpa or it would have had to sit at the mechanics shop until I could get the money to pay for the repairs. I sure wish I had looked up the reviews on this company before I bought anything.

  • Sd
    sdfgsdfgdfgsd Dec 05, 2013


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will not run

On 10-14-08 I purchased this Baja sc50 scooter. From the day i purchased it until now this is the WORST thing that I have ever bought. I knew i was in trouble when after I purchased it from Pep Boys that the only thing Pep Boys does is collect your money. They service nothing. Presently i am out of pocket $200.00 that I have paid an authorized Baja dealer. Less than 200 miles and it will not start, he had to pur a new battery in this. When i went to pick it up he had to get it jumped started. Tje front wheel caliber and brakes are shot. Now the throttle cable is broke and trying to get parts is another nigh mere.
my suggestion to anyone looking to buy one DON'T. You will regret dealing with this.
As i have stated before, THIS IS THE WORST thing that I have ever purchased.
Baja corporately could care less, look on there web site and check out there comment about 1200 dealers, however they will not print who they are or where they are for there privacy. Now that makes a lot of sense.

Poor warranty service

Bought a new Ba150 ATV from Pep Boys. Worked one day then quit starting, Submitted warranty claim and waited a week to hear from Baja Motrsports service people. Finally told to take to service center. Service center determined bad carburator. Waited for months for part to arrive (back-ordered, wrong part sent and then nothing - no call, no response, NADA). After numerous emails, phone calls (on hold for hour-plus) I contacted Pep Boys and they got Baja to get off their ### - finally got the right part part but my warranty had expired through all their B.S. inactivity. I sent numerous emails asking someone to explain why I had to experience this, reset my warranty and never even got a sorry. Since then I have had continuing mechanical problems (carb again, fuel valve electrical, etc.) and essentially got stuck with a useless $1500.00 ATV (has actually only run, I would guess, 2 hours since purchased). Through all this I came away with the opinion that BAJA MOTORSORTS sells bad products and then blows off the customer; They don't answer calls, mails and their management doesn't give a ***T about what's going on - Incredible

Baja 150 reaction.

Hi darin, The part is not listed as “in stock” yet. The 2 po’s below for br150s parts were scheduled to...

6 comments Highland Mills Entertainment

Baja 150 reaction broke 3 months no parts the run around baja gives you

Hi darin, I reviewed your warranty claim and found that the service center (Performance cycle) i...

1 comment Highland Mills Entertainment


Hi Darin,

The ETA for the BR150S-505 is 2/24 (30 + 20 parts coming in). We’ll ship the part as soon as the 2 PO’s below are inventoried (thousands of parts each).

Kind regards,



Estimated Time of Arrival:




From: [protected] [mailto:[protected]]
Sent: Tuesday, February 24, 2009 5:33 PM
To: Traian
Cc: Henry
Subject: Re: Darin Carter

hey traian . S001033015 case number .when do u think the part should be in .i've been waiting a long time now .



Yes, it is a long time. I apologize for the extreme delays.

You warranty is frozen and you are not penalized for any time the unit is down due to warranty repair.


Kat Robinson

Baja Motorsports

Customer Service

Toll Free: 888.863.2252 ext: 7013

Fax: 866.316.4602

Blaster Go-kart

I purchased a Baja Blaster go-kart at Pep-Boys. They were running a special. I purchased it for christmas for...

Don't buy!

My friend and I purchased three Baja 90's youth four wheelers in which my child has may be 10 hours of riding time on it.

They all started to loose power when they were riding and eventually shut down, now we purchased these on the 17th of Dec 08, we took them to the shop that Baja had selected for the repairs and they all had blown head gaskets, the manifold was loose and it was leaking oil. When I called a representative from Baja they wouldn't let me speak to a supervisor. She stated that management will call if they feel it is needed.

  • Kr
    krackotte Jun 06, 2009

    chances are YOU believed the retailer that THEY changed your oil and preped your vehicle properly...while you're still or ran on shipping oil..Go figure!..I'm sure it never occured to you to pre-emptively call the manufacturer in this case ..BAJA to research and perhaps get advices of warr info, coverage, nearest center, or prep steps...
    why would you think it's in their best interest to hear from you once you've bought your viable company would operate with that in mind..therefore if everyone were actually logical i'm sure you'd be as happy as i am with my boys baja products...
    fo rthe price i bought them and parts and warr i've gotten ..i think I'm satisfied. 90% of all of us feel entitled even when there's no effort to research anything ahead of time...

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crappy product cappy customer service

all i can tell you is never buy a product made by baja. i purchased a baja mini bike on 11/28 for my son for christmas i puchased it from pep boys they started it wen i picked it up. on christmas day my son went to ride it. it crunk but would not go. so the next morning i called pep boys they told me that i would have to contact baja. well lets just say that by the time i got on the phone with baja after a 36minute hold the level of customer service that i recieved i no longer even wanted thier product. so i called pepboys back and asked the proper procedure on reciveing a refund. the manager thier told me that the contract that they have with baja they would have to have a "rga #" in order to give me my money back. so once again i called baja they were very rude again would not give me a rga # telling me that i would have to take the mini bike to thier nearest repair shop nor would she let me speak to a supervisor i told her the $300.00 that i paid for thier piece of crap equipment would allow me to hold. she told me i could not tie up her line and she then hung up on me. well my husband called back reached a supervisor and explained to him that we no longer even wanted thier product due to the fact that thier customer sevice reps were so rude and nasty. and the mf told my husband that the only way we would get our money back was to take the mini bike and put it on the side of the road and sell it ot take it back to pep boys and see what they could do. i have never in my life been treated so nasty by a people representing a company as big as baja. needless so say the manager at pepboys was so nice and my anger was in no way at pepboys it was with baja because every time we called they had a very nonchalant attitude like they didn't care about what the problem was but there was nothing you could do about it. so a few words of advice never purchase anything with the baja logo on it because it probably won't work. one of the reps at baja told me herself that they have been overwhelmed with calls about thier products not working that day and it was only 11am my time.

  • Ja
    jaycee30 Mar 30, 2009

    I haven't even got in touch with a cs rep yet and I have been on the phone for an hour now. and it is starting to anger me. My scooter has a very hard time starting and, in fact, it wont start with electric start at all. I have to manually start it constantly. It had 262 mile on it and i followed all the directions. This kind of company should not exist. But i guess we gotta learn the legal system in some way.

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baja motorsports want start

I purchased an Baja motrosports on 12/20/08 from Pep Boys. My son wakes up on Christmas morning and...

1 comment Newton Grove Other

Scooter SC50

Baja scooters seems like a pretty good scooters for very nice price, until they break down. Basically those are single use scooters. First couple of months were great, the scooter was pretty zippy and fast ( especially when you put more air in the tires, use premium gas, and synthetic oil) - mine went over 40 mph couple of times, although i had a wind helping me go forward. I used to ride it everyday to work - around 10 miles one way, and i used it during the weekends because it much faster to get around town than using a car. I was really enjoying it, then out of the blue the scooter wouldn't start.

I quickly learned that PEP Boys DO NOT provide the warranty or any other service for this scooter. If something brakes you will have to contact Baja Motorsport directly. They will try do do anything to avoid taking it back. For starters be prepared to spend 2 days waiting on hold, listening some BS message how great Baja service and support is from Patagonia to Northern Canada. I'm not trying to exaggerate. Once i was on hold continuously for three hours. I think they have only one guy answering all the calls because every time i managed to finally get connected, it was always the same person. They are not happy to hear about warranty repairs. They will keep stalling, ordering, backordering parts, calling you back, i mean NOT calling you back until you will give up. I was told by the service guy that if i need parts i should go to - this is where they get their parts too. Nice. I advise you to do the same, skip a middleman, plus they responded for my inquiry through an email pretty fast.

I went on fixing the scooter myself. Once you unscrew any kind of screw, there is a great chance you wont be able to screw it back again. Half of them snapped, on the other half the thread got worn out - they fell out themselves. All rubber seals are so thin and fragile, i advise you not to lift them. My fix was pretty simple, just faulty electrical connector, never-less i had to take apart almost every plastic part of the body and some other components. Be prepared that any simple repair even changing the spark plug requires taking almost half of the scooter apart. It's an engineering nightmare. All the wires are just "hanging" in there, some of them are just taped with electrical tape instead of using proper connectors. Screws are so soft you can bend them in your hands. Oh well, you get what you pay for. For $800 you can't expect much now days.

My advise is: don't buy this scooter. I know, the price is tempting, but keep it mind that year later it will be worth like $200, if you'll be lucky enough that it's still running. I would say, save some money or get a loan and get honda, yamaha or vespa. The resale value on those scooters is great and they are build to last. On top of that they have much better service, and its much easier to get parts.

PS. Baja Motorsport discontinued Baja SC50, many parts become unavailable even through third party resellers.

  • Ba
    Batman4oz Apr 30, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My sister has this cute little scooter...she bought it to 'save money!' She thought that without a car, insurance, gas, etc she could just run around town, take her daughter to school, run to the market, on this scooter. has been in the shop, to replace a tire valve that broke off while trying to put air in it ($35)...needed a trunk with support for my niece ($70)...and now it has other problems that will require going back to the shop for repairs--noise in front end, brake line leak, and the seat storage lock has vibrated out, so that will be another expense!

    Oh, and I had to spend $70 on a Ramp, in order to get it anyplace when it is dead!!

    Baja Motorsports is a joke...I (only?) live about 45 miles from them, but have had no reply from them about their service capabilities, and they do NOT answer their phone!!

    I fear making Any attempt to repair this machine myself, after reading all the horror stories about this scooter!

    Scooter-Buyer Beware!


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  • 42
    420ben420 Feb 06, 2010

    Do Not Buy From !! They sell very low quality, often defective, parts as "performance parts". They also do not accept returns on these so called "performance parts". Please don't waste your money! Shop elsewhere!!

    It is true, they ship out the items extremely fast. Their OEM parts are of Chinese OEM quality. However, these are the only positive things I can say about them.

    I ordered a so called "Malossi Performance Variator". I recieved it in three days after the order. The website listed Vento Triton under supported models for this particular variator. The part I received does not fit my Vento Triton!! It is a very cheaply made no-name brand, not Malossi. Now they don't want let my get a refund/exchange!!

    CONCLUSION: Avoid unless you are ordering OEM cheap Chinese parts.

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  • Sc
    Scooter Outlet Aug 31, 2017

    We carry all Baja Motorsports parts in stock... Give us a call at Scooter Outlet (915) 820-2563 We will be more than pleased to help you out.

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faulty parts

My elderly father purchased what would probably be his last ATV in June 2008. After driving it only around our property and putting on 37 km the oil cooling pump had a leak in it and started spraying oil all over the place.
He purchased it at Canadian Tire store 70 km away. He had to trailor it up there by himself. They said they couldn't help because the warrenty expired some 30 days prior. He was told to bring it to a warrenty place down the road. So he did. They said they couldn't help he..."TOO BUSY". He called the company and they said it wasn't under warrenty.
JUST TO REMIND EVERYONE that it only had 37 km on it !!!
This is a manufacturer defective part...not the falt of a 76 yr old man...
and yet " there is nothing Baja Motorsports can do"

  • He
    Heath, TX May 18, 2009

    I totally agree with you! My husband and I purchased a brand new Baja 150 for our son's 12th birthday. It was on sale on Black Friday in November and our son's birthday was not until Feb. So we kept it wrapped up and stored in the garage until his birthday. When that day finally came, the ATV wouldn't start!! Finally after much work of checking all the wiring out for loose connections, etc. we got it to start. However, when we shut it off and tried to start it again, it would not start. After much heated debate over the phone with a customer service representative, my experience has been the same as yours! They are not going to do anything about it!! That is just crap! It is a brand new ATV!! It has now been in the repair shop for over 2 1/2 months!! The repairman finally got through to them on the phone to order the parts needed (starter relay) and now he tells us that the ATV is leaking gas severely at the shut off valve!! Oh my gosh!! This thing is a lemon from the day that we bought it!! My son is very disappointed and we will never buy another Baja product again!! This was our second ATV that we have purchased from them!!

    Heath, TX

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