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My grandmother went into H and R block to do her taxes for 2011 and the man there didn't let us know the payment options knowing she is on a fixed income, then I called and ask how we can go about having it taken out and then give he the rest of the money, well we go to the office and it was to late, they didn't let me know on the phone the deadline. she needs the paper work that is associated with the taxes. she is going to get kicked out of her place if she doesn't get the paper work. and its not right that she cant get them unless she pays. THEY are not doing there job at H and R block. can there be a way she can get the paperwork and taxes done?

Apr 12, 2013
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  • Ti
      Feb 24, 2009
    H and R Block - state refund
    United States

    i did my taxes january 3 i never recieved my state refund and all h&r block gives me is a number saying we have recieved your application and its bieng processed and i dont think that is right h&r block is scaming everybody never use them i paid 400 and never got it

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  • Ba
      Mar 02, 2009

    The IRS didnt even open and start accepting returns until the 16th of Jan. Also what state are you in, because California and Kansas (as of right now) aren't giving state refunds because they dont have money. New York State has barely released refunds of returns filed in January.

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  • Ma
      Mar 17, 2009

    I did my taxes in january 21 in bronx new york i never recieved my state refund i called and called all h&r block do is give me the state phone number i ask to speak to a supevisor all they tell me there is no supevisor here to talk to you i called today a h&r block agent answer i explain about my state refund she told me i should be happy that i got my federal i think this is so unprossesional.

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  • Ro
      Mar 19, 2009

    Is their any one we can call or report this to???? H & R Block is claiming that i received my state returns and never did... so they pretty much screwed me out of my money

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  • Mu
      Apr 15, 2009
    H and R Block - Filing taxes
    New Hampshire
    United States

    We just reviewed our packet of taxes from last yr that HR block gave us. We received a completely different person's 1040 with all his personal info all over it...his ss#, his address, his income...

    This is why I would never ever do business with them again. They are the Walmart of the tax world!

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  • Ar
      Apr 27, 2009

    I have the same complaint, never receive my state taxes but when you call the voice message says its being processed...i even paid the extra 30 dollars to be placed direct deposit...i keep calling with no results...whats really going on???

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  • Ju
      Jan 29, 2010
    H and R Block - Paid for rapid refund last year
    h and r block
    United States

    Last year we did our taxes with h and r block, we paid for the rapid refund, we ended up getting our money 3 weeks later, but still was charged for the rapid refund, also if anyone knows whether or not if you get the emarald advance around Christmas time, do still have to do your taxes with handr block? I mean are you contracted to do your taxes with them?

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  • De
      Feb 24, 2010

    i received a e-mail from h&r blocking saying my state check should be there it was for $151 i'm suppose to receive 1456 and they tell me they do'nt know what happened to call the state this is crazy by the way i'm from ny i just think they don't have the monies i would have rather waited then get 151 dam dollars

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  • Ci
      Jan 08, 2011

    no you are not required to do your taxes with them. but you owe them money and should pay them back with the refund you get and if you dont do your taxes with them you most likely wont get approved for loan from then next year. i really need money every christmas and did the holoday ral emerald card for 2 years. but am going on my 3rd year not doing it. i use turbo tax and get every dime of my refund in 2 weeks. in the long run its better. no matter how much you need the money pretend those loans dont exist.

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  • On
      Jan 26, 2011

    I have done the xmas loan, and paid it back for 4 yrs, but this yr I will be STIFFING them! I know they will come after me next yr, but how dare them, they all of the sudden decide they aren't making enough profit and are NOT offering the RAL! They charge $500 and u STILL have to wait 2 weeks for the refund, UH, WHAT!?! I can use the $900 I borrowed to go to the dentist, I dont care if its wrong to do this, it's wrong for them to charge 500 for a two week wait for a refund! I never minded paying the xtra if I was getting it back in an hour, but how they hell do they charge the 500 if it still takes 2 weeks?I think they have gone too far this time, saying they can't offer the RAL b/c of 'lack of profits' give me a damn break!

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  • Ma
      Feb 18, 2015
    H and R Block - not friendly/too much money
    United States

    They wanted $276.50 to prepare 2014 taxes. I heard yesterday on their TV commercial that they charge at least half of what competitors charge. I only spent $60 last year to prepare my taxes by a professional. Donna Cain, who works at H and R Block, is rude.

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