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stilling my taxes

In february went to the office in sunset and la brea after being greeted the guy started preparing my taxes after he was done told my that I had to pay so I said dont filled them. went back yesterday they were filled and the refound was put into an emeral card I tried to explain my problem to the district manager and she told me that the only thing I coul do was to go to the police and make a report but her recomendation was not to do it because I was ussing an ITN n umber and they would know about my imigrational status she trited me like * and try to intimidate me.

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    Palelot1910 May 12, 2010
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    You should always get an independent professional accountant.

    H&R Block is like a franchise.

    McDonalds vs Fine Dinning.

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hidden fees

I will never use H&R Block Tax Preparation software again! It does not explain anything, is difficult to use, and charges for every little thing. Have a question? $20. Per. Question. Need to file a state income tax? Another $20. Need to file more than one State tax? Forget it. It doesn't explain it to you and then when you want to e-file, you can't. We struggled with this piece of crap for several weeks. By the time we paid for every fee they charged, I could have taken my stuff to Jackson Hewitt and gotten it done for me for the same amount. I'll never use this software again. Ever.

false advertising

H&R Block advertised "50% off what you paid last year" for new clients. What does that mean? To me it means they'll charge half what you paid last year. To them it means a credit this year of half what you paid last year. Last year I paid $450. This year I am charged $680. "50% off." Not so. Deceptive if not completely false advertising. Beware.

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    Tjac May 18, 2011
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    H&R Block milead me with my amended taxes (which i never got to file) They told me I would not need to pay a seperate fee for the amended and if they did it would be $50.00 or less. They the charged me $150.00 ( that i was unable to pay, due to just comming off unemployment) they wouldn't give me my W-2 back and has kept them. Now I dont know what i can do??

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Resolved incorrect tax refund

Yes, h&r block works for the irs

Due to a personal situation I was not able to have the irs do my taxes last year for the year 2008 so I went to hrblock and paid $164.00 to hrblock to have my 2008 taxes done this year. 2009 was ok and done but they irs was not able to do it. Anyway I was supposed to received $1420.00 according to hrblock but instead I got a check from the irs for $237.00 I went back to the hrblock office to see if they can help me understand why I received such small amount, but I got from them such a fancy explanation, that I truly walk out of their office with the inside of my head in blank, so, then I called the irs and guess what, they told me to check it out with hrblock they said that's how it was send from hrblock and that they go by the records and what's on the system... Oh heck, I guess next time i'l go straight to the irs and have them do my taxes it will be cheaper... !!!...

mistakes committed by h&r block

I went to h&r block to have my taxes prepared, and was seated with a so-called tax professional. I presented...

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unprofessional & bait and switch

2008 & 2009 tax service Last year - I relocated and used h&r block for the first time. The agent I wa...

emerald card

I have had the emerald card from HR block for about a year and have had only a few issues with it. But...

Resolved emerald card

My husband and I have been customers of H&R Block for 5 years now. We file jointly, so obviously they have both of our personal information on file. Or you would think!!! Everytime I call in to speak with a customer service rep on mistakes on my card, (WHICH ALWAYS HAPPENS) they tell me that they cannot speak to me because I am not listed on the card. My husband has requested MANY times that I be added to the account, and reminds them that he should not have to add me since we file jointly. The customer service reps just tell my husband that they have NO RECORD of him filing jointly. WHAT????Really??? This is a bunch of bull. How do I get these people to get their eggs in one basket. My payroll check goes on this card every month and I cannot even call in to get any information. I am about done with these people!!!

Resolved unsatisfactory service and a confused rep

I went to a H&R Block this year because I did not know how to file a 1040, and I had a few questions.. I was excited on at least getting some money back to help pay off toward my debts I had but I did not know you would get charged for filing my taxes! i'm a person thats trying to recoupe and get out of debt but when you charge for the services I should have asked first hand before going in.. so I was the one with egg on my face (And out of 257$ from my refund check!), but the service that my rep gave me did not seem to know about doing my taxes and was rude at the end when I had to pay for my services and she pretty much was trying to rush me out of the door and finish up filing my taxes because she had her DAUGHTER at work and her DAUGHTER was getting hungry and wanted to go eat and kept interrupting the mother the entire time she worked on my taxes, which is upsetting and makes me worry if she did my taxes correctly, If I get a mail from the IRS its going to be her fault i'm hoping.. Next year i'm just going to file my taxes by myself and I will never go with H&R Again..

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    Taxprep4U Mar 21, 2010

    Eggonhisface: Are you kidding me? You thought the people working at H&R Block were doing all that for free? I don't understand that kind of thinking. Do you work for free? Don't go to Jackson Hewitt or Liberty Tax Service or a CPA or an accountant. All of those people work for pay. None of them work for free. Amazing!

    You indicate you are going to prepare your own taxes next year. Good for you. Study up on the tax laws, there are roughly 67, 000 pages. Although you can probably get by with studying just Publication 17 which is available for free from the IRS and it is only 306 pages long! Good Luck!

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  • Vu
    vuppal2000 Mar 23, 2011

    Or you have another choice. Go to IRS office or non profit places to file it for free. But I agree with Taxprep4u. All these compnies are in market to put food on the table. I don't know what makes you think its all free.

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Resolved tax refund/guarantee

i went to HR Block with a simple tax refund, this is my 35th year about. The tax preparation took 10 minute...

Resolved charge for free e-filing

I just completed my 2010 taxes on line with H&R Blocks free file program. The program was fairly easy to use with easy to follow help instructions. However, once the forms are completed and ready to be sent the payment page asks for a $9.95 payment for the state tax portion of the filing. I filed New York State Taxes and their is a section of the program at the beginning clearly stating that the state taxes are filed free in participating states, and NY is listed as a participating state.

There were no contact phone numbers availble on the program and it took some digging to find one. Once I found a number, [protected] option #2, I explained the issue. I was told that the free filing was only for the federal taxes and that the state taxes are normally 19.95, but through the free file program they are 9.95.

I explained to the customer service rep that it clearly states in the H&R Block program that the state filing is also free for participating states and that New York is listed on their program as a participating state. I was told that it must be a glich in the program because the state filing costs 9.95.

I then told the customer representaive that my fiancee had filed her taxes with the program and that she had encountered the same problem and she had been given a code to bypass the payment. The rep then told me she would put me on hold to get me a "key code" to bypass payment. Obviously one has to know to mention the key code in order to get one. This is clearly a money making feature because if the filers don't mention the "key code" the representatives never bring it up. It's clearly not a glich in the program otherwise...why would there be a "key code" option on the payment options page of the program?

Resolved these guy are total jokes

I went into H&R Block and the first blockhead said he didn't know how to file the 1040X amended return for the first time home buyer's credit. He recommended coming back to see another agent. Not only did the rep fill out the form incorrectly she also said nothing else needed to be mailed to the IRS. Turns out we needed to submit some paperwork from the closing.

Not sending the paper work delayed us finding out that the rep error-ed on half of the lines. So after being read the riot act they agreed to resubmit the form with corrections, even had a manager make the corrections, and refund our filling fees.

So the IRS sent the form back again because the royally messed up again. I called the 1-800-HR-Block and they opened a case and said that it would be no more than 6 days before the district manager called.

On the 10th day of waiting I called back to see what the deal was. Apparently they had closed the case because I didn't answer the phone. Of course they took my number down incorrectly.

Can't file tax returns or even take down a 10 digit number correctly. We have still not heard from them but we have found out from the IRS how to fix it. We will have to wait another 12 weeks.

In total we will have had to wait 10 months for an amended return.

Resolved software glitches

I have both worked for H&R Block and used their software for over 10 years. I had always recommend both their...

Resolved hidden fees

Prior to making my appointment, I was given a general quote for my state and federal filing fees. Being that...

Resolved simple pay

I filed an e-file return through H&R Block. H&R offered what they termed as "simple pay" to cover the cost of...

no e-file

I Recently filed my taxes at H & R Block like I do every year. Well I had two W-2's this year. I had two because my company was bought out by another company, that company is in Canada. When she was doing my taxes, she said that I couldn't E-File because one of my W-2's was International. I accepted, not knowing otherwise. I went to work that same day to let everyone know that this would happen. Everyone else at my work did their taxes and processed through E-File. There is a certain number you type in for International addresses. GREAT! Now I get to sit and wait for 8 weeks to mail in my return and wait for them to process it. It has now been 4 weeks and every time I go to check my status online, they say "Sorry, your request could not be processed." I thought about calling to complain to my Tax preparer but what's the use? All they would say is sorry there is nothing I can do now. Awesome, I just wasted $280 filing when now I have to wait because the "TAX PROFESSIONALS" don't know how to file and international W-2. That's what grinds my gears, next year, H & R Block lost this customer.

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    suck_onthis Feb 25, 2010

    Well you just got a bad preparer it doesn't mean that none of them know what they are talking about. You should call and tell them what happened with that particular preparer. Ask to speak with the office manager tell them you are not coming back next year unless something is done they may send you a coupon

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  • Km
    KMorgan Block EA Mar 06, 2010

    By the way, it's H&R Block that does not allow the electronic filing of an international return, it's the IRS. And since you filed the return by mail H&R Block can't "track" it for you until the IRS posts it on their site.

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Resolved the amount that they charged us was absolutely criminal

Usually my father-in-law goes to a friend of his to take care of both his and our taxes. This year she was unavailable so we decided to go to H&R block . Our taxes were extremely simple this year to the point where we could have easily done them ourselves however neither my husband nor I were confident enough to take on the challenge. We sat down with the tax man...honestly a college freshman doing taxes for H&R block to make extra cash. We were in there about 20 minutes when he told us that our fee for getting our taxes done was $300.00! We were completely outraged being that my father-in-law's friend did more work last year for us than he did and only charged us $60.00! What they were proposing we pay was roughly about 10% of our total tax return. My husband just found a job and I am unemployed and looking after our 2 kids both under the age of 7 so we don't have that much money. We thought it was absolutely criminal the amount that they charged us and we called the company to complain. The first woman we talked to had us on hold for about ten minutes so we hung up and waited about a half hour and called again. The next woman that I talked to was extremely rude and condensending towards me. I will never use this service again and will tell others not to go with these crooks in the future. I plan to learn how to do my own taxes next year.

  • Te
    Ten Year Tax Pro Feb 18, 2010
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    Verified customer


    As a 10 yr tax pro working for the company, allow me to be even more condescending towards you. Did you REALLY think the price charged by some friend working in a spare bedroom or in a basement is the way to judge professional services and what prices they might charge? If your taxes were that simple, then you'd have tackled them yourselves and been done with it. What you're really telling us is that they weren't simple, that they needed an expert hand to see them through to completion, and that you're mad because you didn't get something for nothing. Fair summation?

    I do think our overall prices are too high. But, even if we reduced them by 33% across the board, customers would still be griping because there is some friend somewhere pimping out Turbo Tax (or some software program) and doing returns for a dime a dozen and we're held to that standard. Never mind the countless hours of study we invest and the expectation of customers to be perfect 100% of the time, which is impossible in live tax preparation scenarios. Maybe that fresh-faced kid did your taxes in 20 minutes because his investment of time in working for us made him that skillful.

    I'm sorry you are not happy with your experience, but it seems more likely you wanted a reason to complain rather than be happy. I cannot imagine you being satisfied even if we had *only* charged $150. Please do learn how to do your own taxes next year.

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  • Ta
    Taxprep4U Mar 21, 2010

    Ten Year Tax Pro's response is somewhat harsh but ultimately true.

    Merkel should make the investment in herself and learn to do her own return as should every

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  • Mo
    MoonCat13 Jun 01, 2010

    What was "criminal" is that you expected a professional company to charge you relatively the same price as a friend did. Anyone can see how ridiculous that is. You're obviously just a complainer who wants something for nothing.

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  • Te
    Ten Year Tax Pro Jun 07, 2010
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    Verified customer

    HRB has admittedly raised prices too much in the past 10 years. It's almost as if they decided the brand ID left by Henry and Richard (Henry is still living, Richard is deceased) translated as providing Cadillac service at Chevrolet prices.

    That wasn't the case. They've been raising prices for so long that they're starting to reap what they've sown these past many years. BUT given this modern age we live in, I stand by my *harsh* comments (per taxprep4u) in that many customers...of every business...simply seem to want to complain anymore. In the office where I work we had a perfect situation happen which illustrates the gun under which we work.

    A client had made an appt during PEAK and was upset when we were late in getting to her. She complained loudly and profusely (though without gutter language) about us not respecting her time. She rec'd a $50 coupon from the mgr so as to (basically) get her to quiet down. Then as the interview began, she pointedly reminded us she needed to be elsewhere as she had other appointments. Refusing to utilize our "Drop Off" service, we proceeded to do her taxes. Because they were on the less-complicated side, they were done in about 20 minutes. She then began to loudly complain that we'd rushed through her taxes and *probably* had made a ton of errors. As the mgr again tried to mollify her, guess what the client asked for...yes...another $50 coupon. She was refused by the mgr and then proceeded to storm out of the office (now) peppering her commentary with the occasional r-rated cursewords.

    She (apparently) left our office and then called home office, reporting to them that our entire office was rude to her and unprofessional in general, and demanded her taxes for free. Guess what???!!!??? Home office agreed and issued us a coupon code to enter, giving her everything, except for possible banking products, free of charge. Yes, they sold us down the river over worries about one customer's opinion. As the customer sat in the office and we completed the paperwork on her taxes, she proceeded to make sure everyone around her knew "we'd screwed up" and that "the company had given HER her taxes for free because of it". Our policies prohibit us from being able to say a thing so we had to sit there and take it.

    I guess this is the mark of an advanced society??

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  • Pr
    Prince_Hal Mar 01, 2011
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    Verified customer

    That is why I do not like appointments during PEAK! I had a client this year who was late for her PEAK appontment. Iwas then busy doing another client (a walk-in). Since I was busy she did agree to do our drop off service. Since I was busy the rest of the day and the next (in PEAK) I did not have her taxes completed at the end of the next day. I had finished all the material she had left, but was still short some information (bank interest and some other items). She demanded her papers back, was politley given them, and stormed out. She was not loud or abusive. Drop-offs during PEAK do not get priority service. We probably did not explain this well to her. I'll bet she comes back next year, and to me.

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Resolved not honoring appointment

Being a long time customer I know that getting an appointment is the best way to go to be able to get your taxes done in a timely manner. I was given an appointment for 7:00 pm last night Feb 16, 2010. I arrived at 6:45 because I left home early because of traffic.
The person who I was schedule to do the taxes with took someone in just minutes before I got there. It was 7:45 and the receptionist kept telling me it was only a few more minutes. The tax preparer never came out to apologize for me having to wait. After more than an hour of wating, I had enough and left. I am never going back to H&R Block. It is obvious that my time is not important to them.

  • Te
    Ten Year Tax Pro Feb 18, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Have you never been do a doctor's office and been made to wait? A dentist's office? The DMV? I see, only H & R Block is worthy of your scorn. We are just as suceptible to having late clients throw our schedules off as any other service is, in case you were not aware of that. If we had told that other client to hit the door because of another appointment, then I imagine they'd be here complaining that we were rude to them and disrespected their time.

    Sometimes you cannot win.

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  • Ta
    Taxprep4U Mar 24, 2010

    When it comes to appointments, this year has been no win for the Tax Pros. Appointments were
    made last year at the behest of management who increasingly have zero experience preparing taxes. Don't get me started on that topic. Then clients like you Hector, make a "real" appointment and the Tax Pros can't tell if you made your appointment this year or last year, so instead of waiting around to see if you will show up they take the next walk-in client. Yes, it sucks for you but I work on straight commission and can not afford to just come in and hope and pray everyone with an appointment will show up as scheduled. Your time is important to me, but not as important as my time. At this point in the season, I am aware of only one person that kept the appointment I scheduled for them last year. That is one out of more than 200. In my opinion scheduling appointments one year in advance has been a colossal failure. Will H&R Block lose clients over this issue, yes they will. Will management recognize this and correct the situation, well let's just say I will not be holding my breath.

    With that said, everyone in my office is doing their level best to NOT schedule appointments for next year. I have been 97.5% successful in this endeavor. If I see your name on the schedule next year I will have a much higher degree of confidence that you will in fact be coming in and maybe this year's favorite question, "Is that a real appointment?" will be a thing of the past.

    One more thing. The Office Leader/Manager should have apologized to you for your wait. Your Tax Pro probably never knew you were there.

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Resolved beware of hidden cost

We just had our taxes done at H&R Block. Was totally surprised at the total cost of having them done. $418.00 for an Itemized tax return.

I normally do my taxes on Turbo Tax, runs me about 90.00 to file and works really well. This year for some reason I was getting an error on the program and couldn't get it to work. So we decided to get them done at H&R, they advertise for 39.95 Federal and 29.95 for state on the EZ form. So that is what we planned to do.

Took our taxes in, they ended up itemizing them, said it would benefit us to do so we would get more of a return.

Well that was true in a way, we got more back, but then they took half of it to pay for the preparation of our taxes.

When did tax prep become so expensive? I remember when I had them done when I had a business and it only cost me around 100.00, but 418.00 for something I could have done in Turbo Tax for 90.00 cost us 418.00 for them to do them. So of course when you are stuck with that kind of bill, they take it from your refund, so it goes to there bank first then to yours. So I figure it will take a long while to get what's left of our refund of $601.00. WOW!! They have quite a little scam going don't they? They get half your refund just for doing yourtaxes.

Resolved worst service ever

This is the worst service ever from appointment down to the supervisor Ms. Ferguson. I called to make my appointment over the phone and one of the representatives took all my information; name, social security number and phone number telling me our appointment was schedule and to come in at the appointment time. So I get to the office and there was no appointment in system, the staff acted as if they didn't know what they were doing. So I advised the young lady at the front desk I have taxes which requires a exceptional representative and instead of giving me what I ask for she put me with someone who didn't know what they where doing. I than asked for supervisor and the representative stated she not in the office yet, after waiting for the supervisor Ms. Ferguson for over an hour never being available. The representative finally find someone there who has more experience after processing the paper work which all was messed up and now have to owe and be amended. The supervisor than come in the office late I explained the situation to her she states she going to take care of the problem. First she never calls me but has someone else call to tell me I cant get a refund for the poor service. Than I contentiously call the store leaving messages she never calls me back. After a weeks worth of trying to get in touch with her, she sides with her staff stating that I never told this information to them, when I know I definitely did, I wouldn't just make this up, I came there for a professional service and got garbage. I had to remind her that she we wasn't there in the store to to address any of the issue anyway. I would no advised anyone to go there ever in life or you will definably be screwed in the process. DON'T DO IT TO YOURSEL[censored] TRUST ME!!! I'M IN PROCESS NOW WITH REPORTING THEM TO THE HOME OFFICE!!!BEWARE!!!

  • Ja
    jackie85 Feb 09, 2010

    You shouldn't go to those places. Go to a local cpa!

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  • Ta
    Taxprep4U Mar 24, 2010

    Why did you sign off on a return with a balance due, when you knew you should be getting a refund?

    H&R Block hires new people every year, so do CPA firms.
    I can't do every return that walks into my office, I have to let junior people do some of them.
    That is after all how they will become senior.

    If I go to the meat market and order prime rib and the clerk hands me hamburger, you better believe I will not just smile and pay for it.

    Yet when you came into the tax office and from the very beginning knew there was a problem, you just rushed ahead and apparently signed off on a return with a balance due knowing that you should have received a refund!!!

    I'll tell you what I tell everyone. If you are unsatisfied with the results, gather your documents and walk out. Period! Do not allow a junior accountant, CPA, lawyer, or Tax Pro at H&R Block to complete a return that you know is incorrect. If you can't find it within yourself to get up and walk out, then my next best advice is always demand an Enrolled Agent. Some are better than others but most are fairly competent.

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