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H&R Block / HRB Digital review: h & r block is a nightmare!

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Paid for Peace of Mind Guarantee in 2003, H & R made error on my tax return, they actually admit it but deny my claim due to time constraints. Letter from IRS explaining problem did not reach me in timely manner due to multiple moves... IRS does not forward mail. Have filed an appeal... what a nightmare... H & R Block owes me over $1,300.00.


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Jan 21, 2019 3:43 pm EST

Complaint #1...I had an appointment with my agent in 2017 to file my 2018 returns. When I went to the appointment they told me the agent no longer worked there and I'd have to make an appointment.
Complaint #2...I'll give them another chance. Made an appointment with a specific agent for 4pm. At 4:20 I'm still waiting. Before leaving I told them this was my giving them a second chance and 20 minutes late for my 4pm appointment was totally unacceptable.

Highly discourage people needing their tax return done at the H & R Block at the Monroe Shopping Center in Monroe, Michigan. They are totally do you trust them with your return?

Aug 03, 2016 11:15 am EDT
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H& R Block is a NIGHTMARE! Their customer support is a joke and they do not live up to their guarantee. I took my Taxes to Peoples Plaza on May 5th, they were not completed until June 18th, when I called inquiring they could only tell me the agent was not in; apparently no one else bothered to look into it. When I was finally able to pick them up, I paid of course for the service 281.25. was told refund should arrive in 6 - 10 days. It's now August 3rd, and I just found out yesterday that H&R Block never filed my taxes with the IRS. That is not until yesterday, when following my inquiry they decided to find them and process them. I am terribly inconvenienced here. I have been waiting for those funds to travel for a medical specialist in NY, next week. Now I have not funds, will have to wait another two months to get another appt. with the specialist; someone in the office giving me bogus names and phone number of site supervisor, and head to call 4 times a beg to speak with an corporate supervisor who then said he could only escalate (their definition of escalate: 7 - 10 business days) an order to have the situation investigated. This has got to be a cruel joke! DO NOT GO TO H&R BLOCK. AND WHENEVER YOU DO DO NOT TAKE THEIR TAX COURSE ... its a rip off too!

May 13, 2016 7:20 am EDT

Husband went to Anderson, Sc office to efile federal on 2/2/16. We told him we had partial health ins for 2015. 2/22/16 We recieve letter from IRS stating we need to file form 1095 A, that same day we went back to reefile. 5/9/16 We recieve letter from IRS stating verify identity, we cant do it over the phone, we have to go back for a third time. Husband has lost wlrk days because of this.We ve never had problems with them before. We are angry and will never use H&R Block again! 😠

Apr 27, 2016 5:17 pm EDT

turbo tax saves you alot of money and much faster they will help you out on the phone barely 130 bucks you get your money in your bank or card in no blockers can get you extra money they charge higher fees cause of this they have lawyers and accountants that can return more cash...with donald trump as president we will see higher weekly paycheck be less taxes on you

Jul 06, 2015 7:13 pm EDT
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watta hell, they forgot to file for GST/HST return i Got 0$ for low income

Aug 02, 2014 2:17 pm EDT

It is not at all reasonable nor justifiable that your preparer pay your taxes for you ... error or not, the income taxes due remain by lawful tax regulations still the full responsibility of the taxpayer. On the other hand, an ethical tax preparer, if tax preparer fault can be honestly determined in the matter, that person should always indeed pay the interest and penalties on their own true licensed tax preparer errors.

Put another way: If you worked in a factory handling auto parts, and you reached for but slip up and drop a part and it breaks, should you be honestly obligated to pay for it out of your own pocket if you dropped it by accident? What if it was a $1, 000 retail part ... should your employer dock you for $1, 000 out of your pay when you are not honestly nor truly at fault, simply because accidents happen?

I have personally had taxpayers claim that they gave me a Form W-2 or 1099 that did not show up on the original tax return. But my constant policy (for 34 years now) is to always immediately return all but the copy B of the W-2 and all the copies of 1099 immediately to the taxpayer, giving them those other copies for their long-term records ... but then they claim they now cannot find any of their records. That final fact alone proves that ethically speaking the true error was theirs, not mine, because they now indeed and in fact cannot prove that I did in fact do anything wrong ... and so far I have defended myself and won two such cases in small claims courts over the past three decades because I was dead certain that I was in the right ... and the judge agreed.

Aug 02, 2014 1:57 pm EDT

Tax preparers are human beings trying to work through a myriad of very complex federal tax code regulations on a computer with not-always-so-trustworthy tax software (that's why there are "updates" sometimes by the hour, but more often daily). If you are wise, you will find a year-around local independent tax preparation service and work with the same person each tax season. Dealing with that same person year after year makes them far more accountable in the services they provide to you, but you really should also need to know and see in real time the person who is really doing the work and if they are duly-qualified to do so.

Imagine this: Your barber and beautician must be state licensed, even the person who drives your child's school bus must be licensed, your insurance agent, your dentist, your doctors, your vet, your dentist, your attorney and a considerable number of other professionals in various fields of professional endeavor must be licensed either locally, and/or by the state, and/or by the federal government to deal with you and your loved ones, your health, your household finances, etc.

Then there is the new and unknown-to-you person who is ill-trained, ill-paid, struggling and trying to complete your tax return under pressure to generate refunds and earn commissions. Unfortunately, you will find most all franchised tax preparation firms are usually actually owned by licensed professionals (I.E: Attorneys, CPAs, and Enrolled Agents) but the staff you meet and who handle your tax matters are often both poorly trained and poorly supervised. A large franchised business will have "seasonal" offices and "seasonal" help at the reception counter and at their desks and in cubicles, but you should always remember that these folks generally took a "crash course" in prior years' taxes, and then were selected and hired, and then retrained by some degree to deal with the current years' tax issues as best they can.

The common complaint against most tax preparation firms is that they are "tax refund mills" that ask you too few questions while promising "expert results" from their tax preparation efforts in your behalf in the shortest time span possible. You get charged for a depreciation lapse schedule, but you don't get a copy of it; you pay for one kind or another of "insurance" to cover "mistakes" on your tax return, but you rarely get a chance to actually go over the paperwork and have a way to make certain it is correct in every point, and when errors are found, you have to fight with the firm to even claim your "insurance coverage". You have questions to ask for your own peace of mind, but there are five or six people sitting there waiting to get their own tax chores out of the way, but that preparer before you doesn't know enough about federal taxes to explain to you why you should not use the federal income tax withholding system as a "forced" savings plan, nobody tells you that your aged mother might qualify as an added dependent on our return, or that you could save thousands of dollars in taxes by being incorporated instead of being a sole proprietor, etc., Etc.

If you procrastinate and find that you must use a franchised firm one year very near the filing deadline date, then the following tax season make a real effort to file earlier with the help of either a state-licensed tax attorney or CPA, or a federally-authorized and licensed Enrolled Agent that will spend at least an hour with you. True tax professionals tend to first complete the current year tax return and then perform "due diligence" with you in your presence to see what you are doing right on the one hand, but wrong on the other. Many truly-licensed tax professionals will look at your prior years' tax return on a "no change = no charge" basis, and that "second look" by a true professional will all-too-often help you to personally determine to amend that last-years'-poor-quality-return now, right now, before the IRS sends you collection notices or show up on your doorstep or at your workplace.

Will a true tax professional cost you more in fees than the person did at the "income tax refund mill"? That is likely ... but that licensed person can provide you with some "protection" you don't get with most franchised firms: (1) the preparer that performed and signed your return is the self-same person that attends to IRS notices and/or IRS examinations with and for you; and (2) they can also be the self-same person that "goes to bat for you" with IRS collections efforts situations, and (3) up to and including even to IRS Appeals. You want a tax professional that stands behind and is willing at all times to defend the tax work they dealt with for you ... not a stranger, not a "ninety-day wonder" that will be your landscaper or housekeeper or your plumbers' helper next year, and not a person that prepares your taxes for a fee but never takes responsibility for his or her errors if or when errors occur, and cannot suffer loss of their license when they violate state or federal ethics laws simply because they are unlicensed.

Mar 05, 2013 11:14 am EST

I have used H&R block years. We did the Emerald card advance in 2011. I had a job as did my husband, we both brought in out last pay stub and they entered the information into the system. We got our advance and went about our business. As soon as our W-2's arrived, we filed. Well, about a week ago we received a letter from the IRS stating my W-2 was not put on the report. We provided all our W-2's. On our Emerald advance paper work the annual salary amount is correct. That year our taxes "were lost" in the system. I saw the same tax preparer tell another lady this exact line this year too. I would be willing to bet that she gets a letter next year. I provided all the info and they messed up. I have started a peace of mind claim, but it seems as though all I have to look forward to is being denied or getting just the $28 in interest. This is complete bull. If you forget to add w-2's to taxes you should be responsible. Seems like this is a common issue. If I am not reimbursed I will contact every new agency I can.


We went to H&R Block (Jacksonville, FL Merrill Rd at Dames Point) to see if it would be better for them to do our taxes or to continue doing them on our own. I did ours online but didn't proceed because I wanted to see if they came up with the same result...which they did. Plus they wanted 200 + 29.99 to file them when I can do it online. She acted like she didn't know what she was doing and continued to mispell/and put in wrong information even though the information was right infront of her. We informed them that we did not want to continue and the lady became very rude. She tried to keep all of our information (W2's, daycare, and school information) and when we said we wanted to keep them she said "you can't go anywhere else, you have to do them here" NEVER AGAIN!

Apr 04, 2012 8:59 pm EDT
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We have been going to H&R block for our taxes since 02 and we never had any issues. Because our returns are a bit complicated we always bought the peace of mind contract. This year when we tried to do our taxes with them they informed us that they made a big mistake and that they will be ultimately responsible. So far my tax lady has been really responsive and giving me every possible scenerio within the law to figure out the least impact on my taxes. I feel that they are handling this issue in a really professional matter. I wouldn't go anywhere else. I also took the course this year but decided not to work for them due to the low pay but the knowledge I gained was worth my time and money.

Dec 08, 2011 8:13 pm EST
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I completely agree! When calling the 800# on the back of the emerald card, the customer service representatives were absolutely horrible. They don’t know what they are doing. I was on the phone for over and 2 hr spoke to 7 different reps and none of them where of any help. They constantly keep having me repeat myself. They need better listening skills. I was so irate on how ###ed a person can be. I even spoke to a supervisor who supposably was going to assist me, told me he was going to transfer me to the help desk which will help me resolve my problem and when he transfers me I wouldn’t have to repeat any of my information and when I was transferred I had to validate everything again, not only that, the rep that I got was very rude and argumentative with me. I finally had to disconnect with that representative. I called back AGAIN and no one could tell me where to submit a freakin complaint. Are you serious, obviously I’m not the only dissatisfied customer. THEY ARE THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICES EVER! I WILL NO LONGER BANK WITH H&R BLOCK.

Mar 27, 2011 9:53 pm EDT

I Do want to say one thing. As a tax professional working for H & R Block, We do stand behind our work and we are the most knowledgeable in the industry. The IRS has imposed new tax preparer regulations this year that require all tax professionals take a mandatory 18 hours of federally issued tax courses. Here at Block, we pride ourselves in the fact that not just this year, but in past years for as long as I can remember we have required AT LEAST 24 hours of tax education. Most tax professionals take above and beyond this ammount. We do stand behind our piece of mind and our Standard guarantee. We have safe checks in our paperwork that insure us that when a mistake is made by you that we have your signatures to verify that. At the end of every tax preparation we ask that you review your return before we file it, we verify the cost of the return, and make you initial on our Piece of Mind Guarantee exactly how many W-2's you brought with you. I am not saying that we do not make mistakes as we are all human and to error is human. But we do stand behind our work and hope that you continue to stand behind block and its policys. We offer these products to protect you as a client and to protect ourselves as a company. I mean think about it, if we foot the bill everytime a client decideds to go ahead and file without all their nessisary paperwork, we would no longer be in business. For those of you who have legitamate complaints i hope that these get taken care of and for those that were denied their claim, I hope that you do not take it to personally and try again next year. And to those wronged by HSBC, I would like to let you know that they are not directly affiliated with Block itself but instead is a partner company that we work with and It would be appreciated if complaints associated with their company not reflect how you feel about Block and its associates. Good Luck with your complaints!

Mar 22, 2011 8:06 pm EDT

Sounds to me like Stealth Pilot is a H&R employee or owner so no one is going to get an unbiased answer from him. And why would you want your CPA to have the same customer base as a big box? No thanks. The more is not the merrier here. But you hit the nail on the head, H&R IS a retail tax prep, unlike a CPA who offers many more valuable services not only tax prep. To me, it's worth the expense of a CPA who knows me & my prior years tax situations not a place where I'm only a number.

Mar 14, 2011 3:33 am EDT

It took a total of 35 minutes to do our tax return this year and it was only 2 pages. Last year, we had a complicated return due to out of state issues and house ownership details. Our return took about 1 hour to do then and was about 5 pages. Last year we had to pay over $400 dollars. This year we paid over $200 dollars. How does this compute? Sorry, I'm no tax expert but, this seems to me over and above reasonable. In 2008 we paid a CPA/Tax Preparer to do our complicated return (house, extensive deductions, etc) and we were living in a premium community with a very high cost of living. He only charged us $250 dollars and our return was 6 pages long and took 1 1/2 hours to complete. When H&R Block did our return this year our preparer never asked about additional deductions such as uniform, medical, etc. To be blunt...WHAT THE $%ELL...OVER! When I expressed distress over the cost, our preparer responded by saying that they are highly educated and sent to schools and many trainings to learn to be professional preparers which is very expensive. How is that my responsibility? Are we paying for the combined education of each member of their office?
My point here is simple, in addition to dropping the ball as indicated in the above comments and not standing behind their offered product, they are also over-charging their clients when preparing returns. I don't know how anyone else feels about this but I feel violated and helpless to do anything about it other than post this comment for consideration by whomever may read it. Is there anyone else who has had the same experience? Oh, and to top it off with a final insult...we have to pay again this year!

Mar 09, 2011 3:46 am EST

This year I decided to try H&R Block service for preparation of my 2010 tax return. In the prior years I used private accountant service which charged me $275 for preparation of tax return . Due to the harsh economic situation this year I decided to save accounting fee and this is why I went to H&R Block. To my dismay for the same complexity of return H&R Block charged me $500.00 (plus $35.00 for purchasing their guaranty plan). At the entrance of the office of H&R Block there was the poster on the wall which shows fee schedule. It showed that for the most complex return they charging $149 +. When I asked up front about how much my return will cost me they refuse to give me any estimation. After their tax preparer spent about 40 min for my tax return completion I was charged $500.
I consider this as the case of entrapment and trickery. I have complained to H&R main office [protected] x 8237) and spoke with Ashley Loftin. In about 10 days she returned my call refusing to revise my charges and offering next year free tax preparation. I refuse to deal with H&R Block any more.
Beware of this sneaky way H&R block has conduct its business by ex post facto
overcharging customers.

Mar 09, 2011 12:36 am EST

Always always always keep a printed copy of your tax return and all related receipts. No matter what the IRS will hold you responsible for this regardless of who you have do your taxes. If you make over $50K a year I would look for a good Tax CPA/Attorney. One who knows their way around the IRS and who comes highly referred by several people you know. I used H&R Block one year when I made several hundred thousand dollars. They overlooked exemptions I could have taken and the IRS came after me for several thousand more. I got a good tax attorney who redid my taxes - the same one done by H&R block and got me $635 back instead of me owing the IRS. He also got in touch with the IRS adovcates office and told the IRS to lay off trying to collect from me when they owed me money. The IRS does not talk among themselves so if you are filing an ammended return to fix a problem you may need to call an IRS advocate to intervene on your behalf. I had the stupid IRS threating to garnish my accounts when they actually owed me money. Get the right people for your taxes - not H&R Block. I won't even go into the eminant domain crap they pulled to get their corporate office and then have they city and state pay for their taxes and furniture. Sleezebags!

Jan 31, 2011 9:56 pm EST

H%R Block is an absolute SCAM! When I called in to report that my emerald card was not working with over a 5, 000 balance. H&R block told me that they would charge me $35.00 to reissue a card that would be expedited, or I would have to wait 7-10 days for a free replacement. At this point I'm paying to access MY OWN money. Then to make matters worse... after the first incident, I inquired about the process to take all of my money off of my Emerald Card (needless to say by then, I was DONE with H&R Block, and H&R Block informed me that there would be a $25.00 dollar fee to withdraw my OWN money from the card: not to mention their ATM service charge on top of the banks ATM service charge. I would have fared better having my refund in check form. The sad part is that the H&R Block Tax Representative told me none of the above. IMAGINE THAT!

Jan 29, 2011 7:21 am EST

my hr block in grundy va lied to me about refund status, she said that the state refund check and the irs refund check was the same one, just to get me off the phone the status report said the state check and the irs refund checks were ready to be picked up, but only the state check was there, when i called rhonda said not to go to hr blocks status report, but to go to the status report instead, well the irs doesnt send the check to me, it is sent to hr blocks bank!, hr blocks bank sends a check to me not irs, so she lied about that, i believe because they cant find my irs refund check!, so they not only lost the fed check, but made up a [censor] and bull story to try and throw me off ... pretty dirty pool eh...

Jan 27, 2011 12:26 am EST

Well thanks to all the complaint I read I'm sorry about each. And everyone.that went through I'm trully sorry again I have never been .to H@R block before now reading all the comment I will surly be. Filling my taxes somewhere else thanks again and I'm sorry again.about the bad experience everyone went through O, Smith

Nov 01, 2010 7:50 pm EDT

On 01/30/2010, I chose H & R Block via internet to complete my 2009 taxes. I completed the process online and I have confirmation (e-mails) that H & R Block submitted my tax information and payment to the IRS. I paid H & R Block for this service via debit/checking card.
I am currently buying a house and my mortgage broker brought to my attention I have not filed my taxes for 2009.
On 10/26/2010, I went to my local IRS office to inquire why my taxes were not filed. The IRS confirmed that there were no taxes filed for 2009. Due to time sensitive nature of purchasing my house I had no choice but to manually file and submit my taxes for 2009 through my local IRS office.
On 10/27/2010, I called H & R Block ([protected] reference # RES9966472) to inquire why they never submitted my tax information and payment to the IRS. I spoke to a representative and the representative’s supervisor. They both admitted that there was a software malfunction. The supervisor stated that the IRS declined my tax information due to an H & R Block accounting error. I have solid documentation (e-mails) from H & R Block reassuring my taxes were successfully filed.
I paid H & R Block as a liaison to the IRS. I assumed H & R Block would notify me if there were any complications filing my taxes. I was never informed by H & R Block, in any way, that there were any complications processing my 2009 taxes
Due to the software malfunction and the inaccurate accounting of H & R Block, I now owe multiple penalties and interest not only to the IRS but now to the Arizona State Treasury.
The only consolidation for my time, frustration and money was a $10.00 refund from H & R Block.
I have entrusted H & R Block to complete my 2009 taxes in an accurate and timely manner, however that did not happen.
I was mislead by H & R Block in ensuring my taxes would be done accurately.
I paid H & R Block for a service that was not rendered and due to the negligent practices of H & R Block I am now going to pay hundreds of dollars in fines.

Jul 19, 2010 11:48 am EDT

Paid for Peace of Mind Guarantee in 2003, H & R made error on my tax return, they actually admit it but deny my claim due to time constraints. Letter from IRS explaining problem did not reach me in timely manner due to multiple moves... IRS does not forward mail. Have filed an appeal... what a nightmare... H & R Block owes me over $1, 300.00.

Jun 09, 2010 1:33 pm EDT
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we had our 2008 taxes done at hr office in mesa their corporate office andtheir preparer did not add my wifes 2 w2s we recived letter from irs saying we owe them 1566.00 we called since we did purchase the aggrement and recived a check for 69.00 i have been using these people since 89 and will never return to them we have filed with the bbb and are trying to get this out to all the news channels and arizona republic and looks like we will also have to be getting an attorny to help with the matter

Jun 01, 2010 1:56 pm EDT

"Peace of Mind" only covers your return for 3 years. And it's YOUR responsibility to inform the IRS of an adress change every time you move. Don't be blaming others for your own oversight!

Apr 16, 2010 11:18 am EDT

I have been using H&R Block for about six years, and until now merely thought them expensive. Now, I will never use H&R Block again, and specifically because of a Shelton, CT representative named Lisa Dias. The reps there asked us to drive back to their office 6 times over the course of three days, in each instance begging us for more time. The last day was April 15th, deadline day, and included four visits by us, beginning at 11 am and not finishing until almost 10 PM. The H&R Block reps gave us wildly different numbers on our tax return each time we went, varying by as much as $2000. The first rep we spoke to, Lisa Dias, was (besides being dressed to go night-clubbing) demonstrably and quite obviously incompetent; repeatedly asking other reps to help her understand what she was doing. When we questioned the numbers, she became defensive and sharply commented that we should defer to her opinion. The second and third reps who worked on our not-that-complicated return were less offensive, but again gave us different numbers with very little technical explanation of our questions. Needless to say, we are totally without confidence in the accuracy of our tax return this year, and we will be paying more money for a private, real tax accountant to check and amend it. To add insult to this frustration, when I privately (to my spouse in the cubicle), after this marathon ordeal at about 9 PM on April 15th, expressed my opinion of their incompetence, Lisa Dias stood up from across the room and began verbally berating us, yelling that she was a professional and that she wasn't going to take comments like that from us. Her manager and other reps had to pull her away. No one apologized to us. If I were managing this site, Lisa would have been fired on the spot. This is the most unprofessional company I have ever done business with. They clearly hire unqualified people off the street, there is very little supervision or quality control, and we ended up with a tax return that is likely late (the post office doors were closed by the time H&R Block was done with this nonsense) and likely incorrect. I have filed a complaint with the FTC as well, and my spouse pointed out that now there is a deranged woman out there with all of our personal information in her possession. H&R Block offered no assurances or apologies. The other reps in the room simply avoided eye contact with us after her ravings. We paid $213 for this experience, plus lost wages for the day my spouse had to take off of work, plus gasoline for the two-hour drive I had to make because of them. I don't know yet how much it will cost for us to pay an accountant to fix our return.

May 09, 2009 5:13 pm EDT

That's why people use H&R Block and other tax chains because they are supposed to know because they are supposed to know what they are doing. I mean that that's what they get paid to do taxes. smartass

May 09, 2009 4:56 pm EDT

DO YOUR OWN TAXES! These companies hire [censored]s. If you want to pay someone, go find a reputable CPA. Don't go to a "chain" store to do your taxes you dummies.

May 09, 2009 4:49 pm EDT

We filled our 2007 tax return in year 2008. H&R Block in Memphis Tn made a error on the tax return of 1001 dollars. Then when we went and filled our 2008 tax return in the year 2009, we found out that they made another error on our tax return for the year 2007 that was my wife's social security Disability which my wife asked the person who done our taxes at H&R BLock five times whether the disability had to be claimed on our tax and they told us no because we were not married long enough(we were married only three months at that time). Now we have to pay another $315 to the IRS. When it all came down to it, we had to pay the IRS with penalty and late charges $1560. Before the local H&R Block office closed in Memphis, the office superviser tole us in late march, she claimed the peace of mind program claim to get us our money. Then when the store closed in April, there was no claim to be found. So we talked to another one of their stores that was open all year round that would not take care of the problem. So my wife called the 1-800 number, when contacted the district manager top refile the peace of mind claim which was joke. After all the time my wife spent on the phone with H&R Block with her disabilities and her being stressed out, they told us that it was their fault both times. So get this, they only want to give us $16 in penalty and late charges for both claims. I they admit their fault and wanted to pay penalty and late charges. Why can't they pay for the whole thing?

Apr 21, 2009 11:36 am EDT

We just filed a week ago paid about 300.00 for a 2 day anticipation loan got denied the loan they did not contact us THEY CLOSED THEIR OFFICE FOR A WEEK! We were not given a # to contact, and when you finnaly get some one they act like your bothering them. We will never use Block again they have found a way to sccam more money out of the tax payer . I think I'll just go back to doing my own taxes; and forget block

Mar 25, 2009 3:49 pm EDT

H&R Block WHAT A JOKE! For 15 minutes of typing 2 W-2's and a mortgage statement, the lady says it will cost $412 to file my taxes! WTF?!?!? That kind of money is like 5% of my annual income! They try and make it sound like you have to pay after they've done all their "work" but I told them no freakin way. They did however tell me that I had to pay a $29 consulting fee. Horrible horrible horrible.

Also try typing in "H&R Block scam" into Google and see how their PR department has set up a webpage warning about scams so their website will be the top search after people get ripped off! H&R BLOCK YOU ARE A SCAM! Nice try but try erasing all the other results that talk about your scam!

Mar 07, 2009 7:22 am EST

H & R Block charged me $554.00 to do taxes that took my previous accountant (now moved out of State) 1 hour to do, out the door. I am a very good bookeeper and am informed before going to the preparer, but like to have other's coomplete my taxes because they supposedly "know the tax program".

My previous accountant / tax preparer charged $100 / hour. Asking H & R block up front of what cost should be they can not give you an answer other than "after we put everything in then we will know". Of Course, at the end of session you can choose not to have prepared document submitted. What a crock! My wife and I spent nearly 2 hours with the preparer that had to make numerous phone calls to another office because she could not figure how depreciation and rental housing went into their system. This from a 5 year H & R Block Vetran! After, spending 2 hours with this office in Midland, Michigan, wasting time with incompetance and coached the preparer along in their own program to complete. I was ready to leave. Questioning the fee of $542.00 I was shocked. I tried negotiating with office manager and was advised to contact the District Manager about the unfairness of the charge. All I got was lip service. Figuring we already put too much time into the 2008 returns we paid and got out. After settling a bit, I called corporate business office in Kansas made a formal complaint with no response back. Of course I called to check status 3 or 4 times and get "I will upgrade your complaint status to priority, you should here back from somebody in a couple of days". It would have been satisfied with paying up to $250.00 - but, not happy.

The peace of mind I agree that is a scam. That only does cover their mistakes in calculations. Not entry errors or your errors.

I will never use this rip off service again. A matter of fact I might even apply for a job at H & R Block. Side note! My family owns a dairy farm and has very complicated taxes. They go to a privatley owned H & R Block and were charged $380.00. Wow... most Lawyers charge $200 / hour.

Feb 26, 2009 8:30 pm EST

I had use H & R Block for the last three years. And last year they had over charged me 120.oo because they had done a long form on me, even though I did't have a business last year.This year I used them again. I went to the one inside wal-mart on the east side of odessa, because I thought it didn't matter. The manager was the one that had done my taxes. I realized that something was wrong so I tried talking to her, and she said that she didn't make a mistake and if I wanted to fix it there was going to be a 90.00 chardge. So, I took it back to the people that had done my taxes last year. They ammended it and they said that was owed 50. for charges and 279.00 because she put the amounts on the wrong lines. And they had also told me that the manager that done it the first time didn't even know what she was doing and because they said that they are hard on finding people to work for them and anyone can do it with their 8 week course.."THAT SHOULD MAKE PEOPLE WONDER WHO IS DOING THEIR TAXES" !After all of that they had said that 279.00 will get to me in 6 to 8 weeks. and the 50.00 will be sent to me in 8 to 15 days. It's been a month... Also I find out that they made mistakes on the ammended one as well... so I had the IRS Fix it and they found aditional 1, 114.00 on my taxes. and that will also take another 8 to 12 weeks before I get that amount... AND THEY ALSO CHARGED ME AGAIN FOR A LONG FORM... SO I WILL NEVER GO TO THEM AGAIN...AND IM GOING TO MAKE SURE EVERBODY WILL KNOW WHAT KIND OF CROOKS H&R BLOCK IS ON MY WEB PAGE...SO IF YOU HAVE COMPLAINTS YOU CAN EMAIL ME AT and I will post it to tagged and myspace page. so everbody can see it...

Feb 14, 2009 10:05 am EST

what no one knows because this is never stated is Block does no checking on these Tax Pros they paid to "learn" and then they are hired with no reference check, no background check, no training, that pro you ahd do your taxes knew nothing more than you about taxes they use computer software to do taxes they punch in numbers nothing more, then sell you product which is a joke, use the free online software or pay a CPA, Block is never worth the money!

Feb 25, 2017 3:10 pm EST
Replying to comment of YouToo

That is not true. Background checks are done.

Feb 13, 2009 1:30 am EST

Is there anyway one could file a law suit against H&R Block for having their employees provide false information? The guy that did my taxes CLEARLY said i will not be charged for paying bills using my Emerald card, that's funny, being that i am being charged $1.95 per use for withdrawing and over the phone payments. The Atm i used had no money and they still charged me for using that ATM. H&R Block has taught me a valuable lesson, LEARN TO DO MY OWN TAXES!

Feb 07, 2009 12:53 pm EST

For the ex tax preparer. You really need to find what in life would make you a happy person. First I am not lazy. I work 3 jobs, have two sons and I am in college. When Obama...not Obamha, completes his new tax laws, this has nothing to do with the injustice that H and R Block has done to hard working families. We have the right to receive what our government tells us we can receive. H and R Block screwed up my taxes and now the IRS wants 4300.00. I followed all of the rules, I paid for my preperation and I purchased their Peace of Mind insurance. At my cost. I turned in 5...look 5. I must be lazy. 5 W2's. The employee at H and R Block requested that she do my taxes after hours so she could shovel in more victems, and call me with my return amount the next day. I agreed. Did she ask me how I filed the year before? Would I need to have paid someone over three hundred dollars if I new the answers? No. She only put 3 W2's on my return. And did not claim my return from the following year. Because like I said before, she wanted to shovel in more clients. Now when I received and returned my audit form to H and R Block they lost it. For 3 weeks no one looked at my audit because they misplaced it. FUNNY... But I did not turn in my W2's. It is not our fault, we are not losers and as a matter of fact, be very careful who you blame. What is wrong with this country is people like you sticking their nose where it does not belong. Trying to make people feel like less then they are because misary loves company and you are probally worse company then the 6 BRATS that a wonderful single mother brought into the office. Oh and for those of us that you are calling stupid, it is ok. We do not mind. Afterall it is the opinion of someone who does not approve the 8000 thousand dollar refund... Have a good day...



Jan 28, 2009 11:08 pm EST

when you use h & r block if you do not like the fees that it costs to file your return then pick up your papers and walk our! lazy ignorant people! you owe them nothing if you are not satisfied with anything and are not obligate to file. if you need a copy of a tax return go to any block office and they can pull it from thier tax vault program. some offices charge you to get a second copy only because lots of ###s throw it away right after they walk out the door when everyone knows you should keep your return with you for 7 freakin years. like onther person commented before every thing they type in is right in front of your freaking face. maybe if people who live off of their earned income credit and don't want to work a real job cause they would lose the free stuff that they didn't earn, would bring 6 screaming brats that terrorize every employee in the office they might have enought sence to pay attention and listen to what is going on! If you would look at the screen for PEACE OF MIND it clearly states if they make an error, not if you forget this w-2 or you claim 15 kids and none of them are yours or when you flat out lie to the person doing your taxes. if also states that the plan is only good for 3 (THREE) years. they can't control what the irs does and that it took them to long to find errors. most errors are discovered the same tax year. ACCOUNTABLITY PEOPLE don't sign it if you don't read it. if you do 1 your stupid and 2 its your own damn fault for not reading it cause your stupid. i am sick to death with so many people in this country that it always someone elses fault and they are so freaking perfect...wrong your lazy and you have people who don't want to work and don't want to pay anything in and then ### when they dont get 8000 dollars back on their return cause they think the irs owes them something! when Obamha gets done with the tax laws you people will really have something to gripe about cause he is going to stop all refunds and you will only be able to get back what you actually over pay. h & r block is not the BANK, THE IRS, OR YOUR MOMMY so quit blaming them cause you are a loser

Jan 27, 2009 10:42 pm EST

### hr block, i hope a few get robbed this year...

Jan 27, 2009 5:50 pm EST

I will never go to H&R block in Lander, WY again. Not only did they whiz through my return, but they did not ask me to look over the info before submitting it, because there were 5 other people waiting behind me and they wanted to just get it done quickly. Not only did they get my info wrong, but I'm out about $1, 000 minimum, and thanks to reassuring me I didn't need to read what I was signing, there isn't a damn thing i can do about it now. I called the IRS and they basically told me I'm SOL, the fault is on me.
I strongly urge Lander, WY people to NOT go to this H&R block office. The people were rude, and very unprofessional and one lady even raised her voice at me when I voiced my concern. DON'T GO TO LANDER, WY H&R BLOCK FOLKS! YOU'LL GET SCREWED!

Jan 26, 2009 9:01 pm EST

h&r block told me that i am getting my income tax in two to three days and a month later i have not recive nothing

Jan 21, 2009 4:43 pm EST

H and Dunb R BLock SUCK!

Jan 21, 2009 2:41 pm EST

I am another example of how the peace of mind from HR block DOES NOT WORK. It is simply a BIG LIE! Paid for it when I did my taxes and got a letter from the IRS stating that I owed them more than $1000. It happened that it was H&R Block's error. More than six months passed and I never got my money back. The amazing part is that I spoke with every single staff at different offices, including the corporate office and every one of them avoided me and said your case is pending (FOR SIX MONTHS). They stated they will call me back every time and never did. It is very frsutrating when there is no one to talk to, or any answer about my case. They even ended up saying that I did not paid for peace of mind, but THANK GOD, I had a copy of the receipt. It is like they all knew I was just another costumer complaining about their well known trap of the peace of mind.
Horrible experience.


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