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H and R Block / giving the wrong information

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My wife is from Montana and when she moved here in Iowa the second year we took our taxes to H and R Block. My wife divorce papers said that her x claim the boy and she claims the girl. We told the person at H and R Block that and he said we couldn't claim her because she wasn't with us for that long in 2005. He mentioned they have to live with you so many months. In 2006 we figured we could claim both children so we did. They lived with their mother more that year. The x filed and his came back because both claim the son. Now he is threatening my wife and says if we don't amend he will sue. We will amend. I found out now the divorce papers come first.

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  • Sh
      17th of Sep, 2007
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    I'm not sure how this is possible, because it is true that in order to claim a child, there are rules and test that apply.

    One is for dependency, and since this is her child, she meets that test, and if the child lived with her for more than half the year and provided more than half of the support, the ex-wife is entitled to that

    Now, if they went to divorce court, and she agreed to allow her exhusband use the son, then that is on her....she should have explained that, but I don't see how a court can over rule tax law

  • Ry
      24th of Jan, 2008
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    I am extremely unsatisfied with my experience involving H&R Block. I normally use a small tax company to take care of my needs every year. Due to financial issues I needed funds responsively. I was told by many people not to go to H&R Block due to the rates of charge for services. Well, this year I bit the bullet and went because I was under the impression by the representative for H&R Block in which prepared my return saying I would receive funds within twenty-four hours. Thats fine, because thats what I was told that day (Jan 22 08 ). Today I call the office to inquire about a city tax voucher and other paper work that the rep. couldn't give me that same day I had my taxes done, in which seemed slightly ironic but yet I agreed to COME BACK to get my paperwork due to the convenience and time it took to do my taxes, and not to mention I was TOLD I would be receiving my funds on my "emerald card" and I quote the rep. "you will receive money on your emerald card within 24 hours". I had an associate of mine come along, and he heard this as well. I call the office today and now i'm told I was denied from some outside bank, and that I would not receive funds on my card for now another fifteen days. Well, this isn't going to work with me. If I were TOLD in person that I would not receive the funds for fifteen days then I would have went to my regular tax preparer and I would have not only paid -- 50 % -- less than what H&R Block is charging me, I would have had an honest experience as well. This is why I do not come to H&R Block. I do plan to pursue this to the farthest extent until I am satisfied. If the rep. would have just told me the truth, I would not be writing this, I would have just accepted the facts and lived with it. I feel as if I have been violated, and lied to. Please respond to this via email as soon as possible. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing source in a negative manner as well. Thank you. -Ryan D. Harner

  • Wi
      6th of Feb, 2008
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    I have to agree with what you stated. I live in Nashville Tennessee, and have had the same experience. In addtion to what happened to you, H&R block did not submit the return electronically on the day they said they would, I am on day 20 and am still waiting on my refund!

  • Ry
      8th of Feb, 2008
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    Well, i got my return in eight days... acceptable... but in an ideal world, verbal and written agreements are the law. I still want whats coming to me... i plan to to anything possible to show H&R Block what [censored]es their reps are making of them... i continue to use negative remarks about H&R Block as my word of mouth advertising for a negative way, and strongly expressed i may note. Anyone know anything I can do ? Im no lawyer, and I would love any kind of insight or advice on what I can do to go after this cut-throat company "H&R Block". Thank You.

  • Al
      21st of Feb, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I am an H & R Block employee for the past 29 years. This year I see a number of complaints regarding the rapid refund. When people apply for the instant or 1-2 day LOAN - that is exactly what it is. A LOAN FROM A BANK. If the taxpayer has bad credit, no credit or has offsets (ie) owes irs, student loans, back child support. the bank WILL NOT APPROVE. There is no guaranteed REFUND LOAN. They must sign a LOAN application, and it is written across the bottom LOAN in big blue letters.

  • El
      16th of Mar, 2008
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    I just got raped by H&R block and I was a college student last year and am a teacher this year, things were not filed correctly we have to go back today and pray we get back the $400 fee we paid yesterday like dummies. This was the worst experience and I walked out in shock after 3 hours of being in there I said and did anything to leave pleasantly and when I got home it hit me how horribly I had been violated.

  • Do
      24th of Mar, 2008
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    We were audited for 2005 in Ma. My husband got a job in NJ. and traveled twice a week from Ma. to NJ. The woman in the Webster, Ma. office told us that all of the miles that my husband traveled to and from work were tax deductable. Guess what we have to pay $734.95 by April 6, 2008. All of the people at H&R Block keep telling us that they will take care of it, but nothing has happened as of yet. We paid for the so called (SCAM) peace of mind. She also did an amended return for 2006, and we were supposed to get $3771.00 back from the IRS. But the IRS. can't seem to figure out the return that she did for us. They said that it was too confusing, as she did not write the figures where they belonged. If they don't pay for the 2005, we sincerely intend to sue H&R Block for damages as well.

  • Ma
      9th of Apr, 2008
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    H and R block is a company that trains there tax pro for a week and have them doing taxs thats where all the problem being. Lack of training. H & R Block ask for 300 to 400 dollers to do your taxes but give you five dollers of work. What!!! Turbo taxes gets you back more money than H & R block taexs cut. Anyways. The people doing taxes are ### ups.

  • Gr
      5th of May, 2008
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    I used H&R Block for the convienience because they had a kiosk set up on the military base on which I live and I couldn't get ahold of my usual tax-preparer. The agent set my bank account routing number from a drop down window, and I said that we should check it because my account was with a subsidiary of the bank in question. I retuned with my checkbook and gave him the CORRECT routing number and was assured that my 1040 would be updated before it was sent out.
    My tax rebate and 2007 incentive package never arrived because the routing number for my bank account was wrong. Instead the IRS is sending a check and I can't afford the airline tickets that I desperately needed for my wife and I to come home!
    They offered me no refund for preparation fees and refused any attempt at rectifying THEIR mistake. With H&R Block you DON'T have people!

  • Fo
      9th of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I have been employed with HR Block for 10 seasonl yrs as Customer Serv Specialist. HR block corresponds with employees throughout off-season, via email. I returned from off season and was asked to complete a pre-assessement quiz. I was told paq score was too low; then told "we will not be able to hire you this season, mainly due to low quiz score. i questioned DM about sudden pre aq? I asked why not given adquate prior notice . DM referred me to Human Resource. I left messages for HR but no reply; I am currently in crisis situation ex; returning Holiday items already purchased.

  • Ta
      18th of Mar, 2010
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    It really amazes me how people get mad at the tax offices when they do not get approved for the LOANS that THEY apply for. When you walked in the door, you were all happy and trying to be nice. I understand that things get tight at times but you should never base your bills on something that is NOT guaranteed. Im not saying that its all your fault because the tax preparers should be familiar enough with their products to explain this to you before you start. The one problem that most of you are having at this time is that you did not read all the documents before you signed them and you have agreed to ALL of the terms. So when you go in and you don't get a refund, just remember that YOU signed the paperwork stating that YOU understood the consequences if any.

    So before you point the finger, make sure that you ask yourself if you did everything you could have done to prevent this from happening. That would include asking all questions and reading all paperwork that is given to you.

  • De
      24th of Jan, 2011
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    My friend and I went to H and R Block, but since I did not have all of the paperwork I needed, she went ahead and did her taxes, and I was to come back the next day. When she finished, I was shocked to learn what they charged her. All she was filing on was unemployment she received, and they charged her 136 dollars, and said she had to get the Emerald Card, they could not send a check. No she did not read the paperwork, just took what they told her at face value, but none the less it is just awful to do a senior this way...

  • Mc
      18th of Dec, 2012
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    That is the chance you take with companies like Jackson Hewitt, Liberty Tax and HR Block. The person above is right. These "chop" shops open up for a couple of weeks during tax season-here today and gone tomorrow. You never know if the person doing your taxes can do math, operate a computer correctly, or even read. A lot of times they are just high school students. They do a rush training job- about a week and sometimes less than that. Liberty tax was running Rapid Tax classes which were one day sessions in January. You're just as well off doing your own taxes and using Tax Slayer, Turbo Tax or Tax Act - all free or very low cost about $14 for state and a free Federal If you can read and answer the questions, it's all interactive and user friendly. You can pay extra for tax audit insurance and still come out cheaper than iberty, JH or Block. Better yet look for a VITA/TCE office. I'm a VITA volunteer. We start training in October, have to take IRS courses from the IRS website and certify through Advanced level taxes. I just certified through military taxes and health savings accounts in addition to advanced level taxes. It was not easy. You can get your taxes done free of charge at a VITA site.

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