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My trip started from mcallen tx delays started in San Antonio with 30min then another 1hr and a half in Dallas. Then your bus stalled on the highway in Oklahoma with no warnings as per driver. State troopers were able to locate us after 1hr or so remind you bus was full with no power we're told to wait in the bus until the heat was unbearable so we waited along the side of the road for maybe about 3hrs. When local school buses were dispatched by authorities not greyhound to rescue us. Our safety was on the line for failure to maintain your buses. So we're transported to a flying j truck stop where we wait another 1hr or so when we're picked up by a replacement. Head back to the stranded bus to retrieve are bags in the dark. Now as the trip went on we ran into some rain in tulsa Oklahoma when the roof started to leak water. Same thing bus i rode in to Chicago bus had duct tape on roof to hold leak but even that didn't stop it. Another passenger amazingly had red duct tape with him and handed it out to other passengers to seal the leaks. I go in to Chicago terminal asking info about departures not knowing he was a driver that would eventually take me to my destination. Well that driver had advised me if i wanted to get to my destination to buy a ticket from another agency to get there earlier. My entire trip was supposed to be 33hrs mcallen 12:30am- markham il 9:25am 5/29/18 ended being close to 48hrs. Now mind you i was traveling across the country for work that i almost lost due to your negligence.

Jun 01, 2018

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