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I purchased two round trip tickets a couple of days ago two tickets from sacramento to SF. I tried to get a refund when I found out that my daughter (the other passenger) would be working, even though she requested the day off.
I was told that I would need to pay 20 per ticket to get a new date. I was willing to pay this but my daughter works. I wanted to put my name on the new tickets but told I couldn't. I don't understand first why don't you make customers happy. You will be able to resell my tickets. I would be okay with your company and you would get a loyal customer. Instead I am frustrated and only want to share my frustrating experience with others.

  • Updated by Julie Fellion, Jul 26, 2018

    My daughter and I planned a trip from Sacramento to SF. I purchased two round trip tickets through Greyhound. Unfortunately, my daughter is unable to go. As soon as I found this out I called customer service. I was told I purchased a non-refundable ticket. For a price of 20 dollars per ticket, ( very close to the price of the original ticket) I was told that greyhound would allow me to change the date. I was ready to do this, but wanted to change my daughter's name on the ticket to my husbands name. My husband's schedule is much more predictable and I don't want to go through this again. They said they were unable to change the name even though I paid for both tickets. I am left with two tickets that I cannot use and a frustration about the poor customer service provided to me by Greyhound. Having worked in the restaurant business for many years, I learned it was good business to listen to people who were unhappy with your service, not continually say there is nothing you can do. I will not use Greyhound in the future.

Jul 26, 2018

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