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Greyhound Bus / overcharge and poor customer service

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Not only did Greyhound over charge my bank account for my ticket, they also had me on hold with customer service for over 20 minutes during peak calling hours. It is rude an unprofessional to treat customers the way that I was treated and I am sure that others have received the same or worse treatment. Greyhound needs to clean up its act before a company that has better customer service than them comes along...

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  • Ho
      20th of Dec, 2010
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    I agree completely with anyone that has a complaint with Greyhound. I tried to order a ticket online friday night, having to be back at work on Monday morning. I went online to order going through the whole purchase and when I got to the final PRESS purchase it said "transaction can not be completed" but as soon as that happened I got an email from BB&T (my bank) saying it went through and my account was charged!!! When I called Greyhound they said they could not help me and I would need to contact customer service (which is open Mon-Fri from 7am -7pm) Mon at 7 in order to fix my problem. So I took more money out of my account and tried another method, the phone. The woman on the phone went through the whole process and than said "youre billing address did not match your transaction did not go through, so I get another email at that time and it says that an amount again has been taken out of my account. Since I was still on the phone I asked the woman if she could check again if it went through, telling her I got another email stating that it had. SHE HUNG UP THE PHONE ON ME. So I called back and spoke with five difference ppl, Vanessa (told me to call Customer Service), Ramone (same thing) Mary (same thing) and Nicholas (who told me if I called corporate they would help me). Needless to say I have talked to everyone with no resolution. They simply say they are not responsible and your bank is. It is Christmas week and I have a hold on my account for two tickets from greyhound without a confirmation number or bus ticket to prove it. I finally had my boyfriend purchase a ticket for me because I had to be at work Monday at 7am and needed the ticket. They will not refund his amount because "they provided me with a service and I used that service" Yes I used that service 3 tickets and 300 out of my account later. The customer service people were ALL incredibly rude, unprofessional and unhelpful. Customer Service needs to be open on the weekends considering that is when A LOT of people travel and need help with the horrible people that are hanging up and transferring calls to other agents. This is a huge way of transportation and since it is the cheapest that is automatically assumed that they will get the most business. I encourage Greyhound to get better agents, a better training staff and maybe actually pick up their customer service lines and deal with the customers that allow them to even have a business with more respect. It is shameful that you would have this many unsatisfied customers.

  • Ch
      26th of Dec, 2011
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    Everyone, file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and with the Better Business Bureau.
    Only then, when the government steps in, will these ### get the hint.

  • Az
      12th of Oct, 2012
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    Please contact me [protected] if you have had experience with being yelled at or kick off the bus also if you are mentaly or physical disabled i am in process of trying to get orinizations to help with this problem i am disabled mentaly and told him that and he still kick me off bus

  • Am
      8th of May, 2013
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    Anyone know of a good lawyer I can contact to see about a lawsuit against greyhound.
    My son, who is 14, and my fiance' rode Greyhound Bus Lines from Youngstown, Oh to McAlester, Ok. They got on the bus in Youngstown, Oh and began their trip. Their first stop was in Toledo, Oh, When they went to get on the bus the bus driver looked at my fiance' and my son that my son could not ride the bus without an ID. The bus driver then made a big scene and humiliated my fiance and son, he made them then go buy another ticket for $200 which we did not have. My fiance is a disabled vet and we live month to month on his disability check. The bus driver then finally let my son on the bus. I then called Greyhound Bus Lines and talked to a supervisor whose name was Syliva and she told me that the bus driver had no right to do what he did that my son was traveling with his father and that what 14 year old has ID.

    I am trying to find out if we have a case or not. I am also looking for a lawyer that will only charge us if we win. Like I said before, my fiance' is disabled and we don't have a lot.

    Thank you,
    Amber Chewning

  • Vd
      30th of Jul, 2015
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    I have been unfourtanetly been stuck using greyhound all through university and now living in Toronto On. Sadly, it is the only affordable public transportation to my home town between Toronto and my university town. A quick overview of things that piss me off before getting to an actual example: in the past 5-7 years the prices have TRIPLED yet it seems there are less tellers and customer service aviabale. Sure, the coaches are a little nice... But for 2-3 hour trips why do we need a fancy bus? I'd rather just not pay these ridiculous inflated buses. Buses never leave on schedule yet if you don't get there 30 mins before your trip, they won't guarantee you a seat... Even if you buy your ticket online a week in advance. It 2015... My little cousin in first year computer science could program a way to count seat sales over their network. How do you overbook buses so frequently?! They used to allow same day travel but now its strictly only for your ticket time... Which I might be able to get behind if it yieled any actual results like not being refused on a bus a pretty purchased a ticket for. The customer service is horrible. Any sort of issue with your travel? Good luck getting it resolved. The agents seem stretched so thin they won't even acknowledge you if you try and ask a question. When I was in school there were at least three times when the bus just skipped my university stop even though I bought a ticket from my school explicitly online. Lastly, thourghout the years several student groups have tried to open alterbative public bus services (most students have complained about similar bad experiences) and greyhound sued the crap out of them. Students starting a business obviously can't fight this so all these smaller towns are stuck with no alternative to go home and visit their families. They know they have to maintain a monopoly becuase their service is garbage and people would jump on board with another company ( even if the prices were the same, just because anyone who has to rely on them has at least one story about just horendous service). I've personally had several bad experiences, but here's the worst: last year when my niece was born I was living in Toronto On. I got the call at 4 am that my brothers partner had gone into labour and booked the first bus back to my hometown London On. When I got to the bus station I was told the bus and the next few after were fully booked and they could get me on until a 4pm bus (almost 7 hours later). Then they amagically found a spot on a new express bus system they had ( which isn't faster then regular direct routes they just made it seem a little fancier to board the bus and somehow justified inflated prices)... But they were going to make me buy a whole new ticket and not refund my old one!!! For their screw up!! Since it was an important event I took the hit and resolved to deal it with later. After waiting to talk to the customer service agent for 20 mins and being spoken to rudely. At this point i was getting upset, they refuaed to help me.. I hadnt splet the night before becuase i wanted to get on the first bus i could tp be with my family. I started to get upset. The agent then just refused to deal with me. I finally had to find a manger and the end result? They only offered me $15 greyhound dollars... Which can only be used at a teller.. Where prices for tickets are doubled compared to inline advance tickets. The $15 didnt even cover the dofderemce between the prices so i was useless. So I basically paid twice for a ticket because they overbooked a bus. PS no one ever followed up with me calls or emails to customer service.

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