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Google Treasure Chest / steal credit cards by scam

1 MA, United States

For all people who are cheated by Google Treasure Chest:
Here is the measure that you should take to prevent Google Treasure Chest from stealing money from your credit cards.
(1) If you find the Google Chest made a transaction on you Credit Card for $72.21, and the transaction is still pending and not finally posted on your cards, call your credit card bank immediately and report that your credit card number is stolen by Google Chest, and you never authorize the transaction. The bank will cancel the credit card ASAP and will send you a new credit card with a new account number later on. In this case, you will lose nothing, because you prevent the stealing procedure before it becomes the fact. I do this today, and my bank has stop the pending transcation as well as cancel the stolen credit card account. The pending $72.21 transaction is stopped.
(2) If the transaction is already posted on your credit card, issue a dispute over the transaction to the bank ASAP. If this happens before the monthly credit card statement, you have high chance to get back the stolen money by the protection service provided by your bank without resorting a refund from Google Chest (this service may vary from bank to bank, so hopefully your bank offers you the best protection). It seems Google Chest never refund any money that they stole. (3) The worst case is that you only find your money was stolen after the transaction has been packed into a monthly transaction. But you should still issue a dispute on the transaction to your credit card bank. I am not sure if the bank can get back you money or not, all depending on the details of the CC protection service they provided.

A lesson from these events is that you may need to check your credit card transactions every day using online banking tools, to keep an eye on the potential credit card stealing in any form, and stop the stealing before the pending transaction is posted on your card. Another lesson is being very careful to input your credit card information to any Internet ordering form that has a new face and no credit record among consumers as well as is telling a too beatuiful story to allure you.

Good luck with dealing with the credit card thiefs, Google Treasure Chest and its mutants!


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