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Goodwill Industry - Winston Salem, NC / greatly disappointed in the goodwill store

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The concerning the Goodwill industry Winston Salem NC. I found a pair of sandal shoes on the rack that stated they would be $3.50. After trying them on and seeing if they were going to be comfortable and upon arriving at the check-out was advised that the shoes would be $25.00. A far cry from the rack price.

The check-out person said it was marked on the bottom of the shoe that it was priced $25.00. It was in very light magic marker. I failed to see it and I had examined them very carefully. I am greatly disappointed in the Goodwill store in Winston Salem N C. If one is not careful they will run all the business off with higher prices on ALL merchandise.

PS - the dollar General and the Dollar store as well as some other places of business are getting cheaper than the Goodwill.

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  • De
      22nd of Jan, 2019
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    Goodwill Industries International - Filthiest place
    United States

    The bathrooms are discusting. I took photos. Every time I use the bathroom at goodwill it's nasty. There's never paper towels or soap. The toilet paper is practically nonexistent. It stinks & it looks like it never gets cleaned. It's a health hazard. They obviously don't take pride in their store.

  • Ba
      1st of Sep, 2018
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    Goodwill Industries - Harassment
    United States

    Messaging my Girlfriend she has a nice ass is uncalled for

  • Ro
      28th of Jun, 2011
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    Goodwill may not let their employees steal but Goodwill is taking anything worth a crap and auctioning it either online at their own site, in their store, on ebay, or on amazon. They have auctions everywhere~just check online~these people are making a killing~long gone are the days where you can go in a goodwill store and get deals on things the way you used to could. It is a travesty for all the disadvantaged people that shop there. They have become the auction kings. Just look for them at their own website or look them up on ebay or amazon. And the items that do stay in the stores are priced by all kinds of employees~one day an item will be $2, the next identical one that comes in might be $10~this "charity" needs to be regulated somehow. I think they are not focusing on what they were born to do but focusing on making mega bucks. Yes, they might help train people and get them jobs but if you ask me they are getting a little too big for their britches. They also cherry pick items and hide them in the back for their favorite customers and give them unreal discounts when they buy in bulk~I have witnessed this personally on several occasions and even reported it a few times~the way goodwill operates now is shameful. I would rather give my donations to another charity that actually is trying to help people on both ends rather than see them take items out of their stores and try to make a fortune on them.

  • Ed
      24th of Jan, 2010
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    Educate yourselves. Goodwill's Mission is not to help the needy. It is to provide employment opportunities to people with barriers. The do this by selling donated and new goods to the public at a discounted price. And just for your information also, Goodwill International does not condone stealing or taking advantage of donations. (Employees taking / buying merchandise in an innappropriate manner). If these practices are indeed going on, then eventually these folks will be found out and fired. Just one more thing...Goodwill, and ALL thrift stores have the same overhead as other businesses. They have to pay rent for the building, pay the same employees and taxes on those employees. They have to pay the phone bill and the electric. They have to pay the trash bill as well as the snow removal and lawn maintainance. Goodwill does not LET people that work for them steal. The people just do it like they do in anyother business. Stop sending donations, and you will only hurt the people who need it most. The good people with barriers that need places like Goodwill to hire them and work with them to go beyond their barrier and be self supportive.

  • Ti
      16th of Oct, 2008
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    Thats all Goodwills, not just in your area, the ones in Pa allow the managers and clerks to take out all the valuables and jewelry for themselves and friends. The manager at the Thorndale Store Ginger Haase and her friend and co worker Barb take out all the jewelry and other expensive items and place in a bag for their friends to pick up, one friend in particular Joanne Pacana of the brandywine Health foundation in Coatesville makes daily pick ups. She calls ahead on her lunch break for pick up. The CEO Ron Kratofil who runs that store and regional goodwill manager April Marconi allow it and cover for them. They warn them. Also they mark stuff up high so no one will buy so they can buy when on break or when their shift is over. They also place items out right before closing hoping no one will come in. The Stores run in Pa have got to be the worse. Stop donating to them, they do not donate to the needy, its a myth in my opinion. Its a shill to bring in high dollar items than sell the junk for high prices and let the managers steal the valuables.

  • La
      6th of Oct, 2007
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    it's not just the winston salem store it's all of the goodwill stores, not long ago you could get a good price on anything in the store but not now, i was in the asheboro store today and there price's have gotten higher,goodwill was supposed to help the needy now it's looking like the greedy

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