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Goodwill Industries / rude managers

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I went to the Goodwill store in Brandon, FL located on highway 60. I found a purse that I really liked, especially since it appeared to be unused. However, there was not a price tag on the bag. So, instead of being dishonest and stealing a price tag from another item, I asked one of the girls in the back to please tell me how much the purse would cost. She came back and told me it would be $10.00!!! Here reason was that it was a name brand purse. I thought this was unreasonable since the rest of the purses (they have at least 100 in the store since it is a very large store) were priced $5.00 or less. Many of them were name brands!!! So, I asked the cashier if she would reduce the price to $5.00 like the rest of the purses. She was very rude and told me that they cannot change the price once they price the items. I asked to speak to a manager and instead of getting me in contact with her manager, she rudely re-stated what she had already told me. I asked her again, if I could please speak with a manager. Instead of allowing me to talk to the manager she walked over to the manager with the purse and started whispering to her. I then asked the manager to please price the purse the way the rest were priced because I did not feel the price was fair or correct. She WAS extremely rude and told me the same thing the cashier told me. I showed her another name brand purse that actually retails higher in stores and asked why it was priced $5.00 instead of $10.00. She just said the price was set in stone. I was very disappointed with how she handled the situation. I would very much like to speak with corporate or anyone who cares enough to make sure that these stores actually hold up to the values they so proudly say they represent. The manager's name was Allana. If anyone knows how we can get these complaints to the right hands, please contact me. Thanks!

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  • Cg
      18th of Apr, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Goodwill employees are all ###s, , the merchandise is DONATED to them all sales are 100% profit, a sale is a sale a few $$ better than nothing I too have gone thru this situation w/goodwill no tags/overpriced Or here in Texas they have auctions sold to the highest bidder, they dont know what they are doing, , they have 25 cent items trying to auction for $20 and they have the good stuff on the shelfs selling for for $2.99 They are extremely rude especially the ### Vickie in Cedar Park, , , People that are donating to goodwill please take your stuff to the Salvation Army thrift stores, they really appreciate it, and they know how to treat the customers, , or put it on CRAIGSLIST for free it'll be gone super fast, , DUMP GOODWILL!!

  • Yo
      28th of May, 2009
    -3 Votes

    the cashier can't change the price once it's set. do you have any idea how often she probably hears that same stupid question? atleast 15 times a day. you should have known better than to make a scene out of it. a price is a price. you don't go into a store and try to bargain, that is really pathetic and it's goodwill for god's sake, it's already cheap. it's going to charity, seriously wake up. If you don't like the price, don't buy the friggin thing. some people are so ignorant.

  • Fl
      16th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I totally agree with the complaints about goodwill. They get all their stuff donated. I thought goodwill was supposed to be there for people that couldn't afford to buy new. Well, that's the way it used to be. Now they THINK they are antique dealers and are ridiculous with their prices. The store in Annapolis, Md. is an example. They sell used pictures for $30 and up. In Pennsylvania the same pictures at goodwill are $5-$7. Annapolis goodwill are crooks.

  • Ja
      7th of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes

    @flashcds1 Yes this complaint about Tamisha Davis is sexual assaulting customers touching their genital areas I really feel uncomfortable at the Goodwill Outlet can somebody please do something about this

  • Sp
      17th of Sep, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I agree with complaints against Goodwill industries. So lets all get together and take it to the Attorney General consumer complaint dept. If yiour interested comment.

  • Ba
      1st of Nov, 2009
    +2 Votes

    That may not be a bad idea, speakup. Taking it to the Attorney General would open up a dialogue that would show GW for what they really are. I used to work there, and they treat their employees like dirt and make up reasons to fire bunches of them at a time so they don't have to pay medical benefits to them. This is what they did to me and 4 other workers a few months ago... and now they are trying to deny unemployment comp. to all of us saying that we violated one of their policies. They treat their employees like they treat their donations... like property that can be thrown away to make room for new "better" stuff. And they throw away TONS of great stuff that would help many people. GW needs to be taken down.

  • Rr
      22nd of Dec, 2009
    -1 Votes

    if you dont like the price f off dont by it, you cheap f go pay retail they have rent and payroll and need cash to susport there programs not for you to get $100 pocketbook for $5

  • Th
      27th of Jun, 2010
    +3 Votes

    I work for a Goodwill in MN and I have to completely disagree with the pricing argument. And it's not because I work there.. I hate my job. My bosses are [censor]s and they treat their employees like crap. But, when it comes to pricing on the merchandise - it depends entirely on who priced the product. We have very limited and vague pricing guides so if one processor think its worth 5 dollars, another may think it is worth 10 dollars. Regardless of what the price is, it does to go charity and to helping others and 98% of the time you are getting the item a fraction of what MSRP would be. We will receive a $300 Coach purse and price it for $14.99. If you don't like the price then you're a cheap [censor] and don't deserve to have something that nice in the first place.

    Also, we receive products from Target, KMart etc.. and price the items an excessive amount cheaper than what it would have cost in the store. These are NEW items.

    From what I have learned working at Goodwill is that most people don't care where the money goes or what the store is there for. They just want to get items as cheap as possible and complain if they don't like the price.

    Here is how the money you spend at Goodwill is used:

    - rent including utilities
    - payroll
    - job placement and training for disabled workers
    - education

    Also you have to think of supply and demand issues

    The more people that shop at goodwill the more people the industry has to pay to keep up with the demand.

    The quality of the Goods depends on where the store is located. Poorer neighborhoods receive less desirable donations while the richer neighborhoods get the good stuff. Why? Because poor people live in the poor neighborhood and only have used up poor people stuff to donate.

    Also, its a common misconception that poor people shop at goodwill. Plenty if well-to-do people shop there as well.

    As for working for Goodwill, they pay almost minimum wage, give really crappy raises, even to very deserving employees, they micro-manage and treat their employees like crap. If you ever wonder why all the employees are crabby and look miserable - Its because of the management.

  • To
      16th of Sep, 2010
    +1 Votes

    so...are you hoping for some kind of praise or pat on the back for not going ahead and stealing a price tag from other merchandise?

  • Ro
      3rd of Feb, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I have called Good Will to register complaints with their pricing and have never had my calls answered. I have been shopping at various Good Will locations here in Southern California for the past 25 years and have watched the pricing vary from store to store. I would say in the last year when this country is in one of the worst recessions we have ever faced and so many people are either out of a job or are trying to find ways to make their families exist on the little income they have instead of "Good Will" realizing these needs they have raised prices. It is quite evident that the people who are at the corporate level have forgotten what the intention of this institution stood for. It was not only to help foster jobs and education for those in need that they would hire but to also provide sensible pricing of merchandise that would be donated by a caring public. I would purpose that someone in upper management took the time to travel their stores and take notes and than train those that have been placed in the position of pricing to a day of training by affording them a trip to local retail outlets to show them that the electrical appliances and clothing that are on sale in these stores should not be priced at the same price, or higher in some cases, since these items are donated and are used in most cases. Someone please educate these people and get a reality check. I don't place any blame on the workers in Good Will for I find most of them to be hard working and cheerful but I do place the blame on management for not providing them with the tool to do a better job.

  • Su
      16th of May, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I really like the Goodwill Stores in North Carolina, but I have had encounters with some very rude managers, especially the one off of Lynn Rd. in Raleigh, NC. This manager is very rude, I've seen her talk down to customers. She should be thankful she has a job. Some of the cashiers are rude as well. I have noticed that they have gotten better, maybe someone reported the rude behavior. I think you have to be very careful of how you treat people; afterall they are the ones who help with the salary of the goodwill employees by donating the items.

  • Tr
      30th of Jul, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I have visited several Goodwill stores all over the country (FL, WA, OR, NY, MA and CA) and have found most of the workers to be decent people. However, the manager at the Camarillo store in So. CA rude, mean, and loud. I have seen her yell, berate and even bump into customers. The only way I can deal with her is to keep thinking that she apparently has personal issues and is not happy with her life for whatever reasons. I'm just wishing and hoping and praying that they replace this manager!

  • Ma
      17th of Jun, 2012
    0 Votes

    Ms. Jasmine Homes is a very non-professional manager of this GOODWILL store, located in Houston, TX., I45 @ 1960, 330 FM 1960 West .On the Fathers day, June, 17, 2012, my husband and I tried to buy 3 items from this store, and she didn’t accept to sell them to us.
    She said her products for sell are set on an on going exhibition and she said she needs to take pictures of all those things.
    We answered that we will wait until she will take pictures of all of them, but she said this may take longer….maybe too long…so wee need to give up.
    We asked her to sell us 3 Couch purses. Seeing that we are really interested in those items, she took them out, went back and hided them in her office, so we couldn’t have them anymore. We wanted to talk to her, to have a real explanation about why is she preferentially selling and why she refuses to sell to us but she turned her back to us.
    She was really very rude and very not professional, acting like all those items are her personal belongings and she will not sell to anybody but only to her friends. Next day none of those Couch purses were on the shelves.
    We think that Ms. Jasmine Homes needs to go back to school to learn some good manners, as she is not a good representative for the GOODwill, as she is not GOOD at all, but really a shame for the public service.
    We have a strong decision to additionally present this case to some local televisions and newspaper! People need to know how some selfish, non-educated individuals can get away with using public services in their own personal interest.

    Mark Kasmarek - Vietnam veteran, and
    Tamara Oliver - Latin teacher, TX certified.

  • Ja
      12th of Feb, 2013
    0 Votes

    Goodwill is horrible. I worked there for 3 years in a mold infested room. We made a ton of money for them and when I got sick they threw me to the curb. No options to work else where in another building etc. They claim they're all about educating people, but instead had my workers comp denied and no help at all. No offers of help or anything just thanks and see you later... If they have million dollar stores all over the places why... do they needs grants from the states? I don't know what they're doing with all the free money but I do know when we hit our 50 thousand dollar goal. My supervisor and her's both... got brand new vehicles. we got nothing... so no, they're keeping money. In fact a few years back my super told me they we're on the verge of loosing their non-profit status and also refrain against hiring someone with disabilities because that person would slow down production.. thus less money earned for them. So no they're not there for the people... and they don't do what they say...

  • Qu
      2nd of Jun, 2013
    0 Votes

    The new manager that was hired in recently at the Granger, Indiana Goodwill is VERY rude. It was always a pleasure shopping there in the past because the staff was so very nice and outgoing (perhaps in part because it's a nice neighborhood in that area) and now... I'd really like to know who was in charge of making the decision to hire this woman! She is so rude to her staff and the customers alike. Terrible decision! Granger GW had a good rep! I live close (Quail Ridge) and have even donated a lot of stuff there but now... I'll just donate to other charities from now on. Or at least until that store improves.

  • To
      20th of Nov, 2013
    0 Votes

    I wrote corporate about my experience which also included a reference that I had already contacted the local location and would be basing my perception of Goodwill Industries on whether the manager does contact me. I was told to re-contact them and basically they would not forward anything to the location to make them aware that corporate was aware of the situation. So by reading these reports I can only assume that corporate does not care what is said about location experiences. Tat they assume that there will be bad experiences and the customer just has to live with it being the person's problem and not what corporate should be concerned. This is sad because it represents that corporate encourages the idea that they will be attacked by disgruntled people and if they just wait it out nothing will come of it. They believe that they are so dominate that nothing will ever call them to be responsive and resolve situations that over time shape the public perception of the organization.

  • To
      21st of Nov, 2013
    0 Votes

    This was a surprise to me. ALL Goodwill locations are independently owned and operated. Yes. I just received a message from corporate and was told that complaints have to be addressed by that store's owners/management. So if you think that there will be resolution to your concern about the operation of Goodwill stores then good luck. The message was in response to my message to them about treatment at a Goodwill Clearance center in Los Angeles. So Goodwill Industries International could care less how their image is perpetuated locally because they will refer you to the management of that store to resolve the situation. Sounds like a free for all when it comes to Goodwill stores.

  • Ro
      17th of Dec, 2013
    +1 Votes

    As being a participant of the BTW program of goodwill industry’s it has be an horrifying experince there are job developers that have no formal training to assist participant that have experince in the job market. This program that is funded by the city and state of NY has no idea how to place people. They send you on job interviews that either have been closed down or require having little to no education or experience. It seems that it is full of degenerates trying to assist degenerates was told that they only have unskilled jobs or jobs of low caliber pay. This organization should say that the place people in low paying minimum wage The shame of these people, talking down to you and making you feel sub-human because you are in a position of needing assistance There needs to be some type or reorganization of the structure of the staff. Do not attend this program if you are in a position to help or give advise of someone in this position please comment it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Ev
      18th of Jan, 2014
    0 Votes

    Northern New Jersey has a few winners too. There are some good employees, but those with any authority are unbelievably ignorant and rude. The Assistant Manager at one store talks to customers and employees as if she's out on the street, even cursing. I used to go there several times a week, and probably spent $75-$100 weekly. One day she asked why the price tags were coming off, and basically accused me of changing prices. When I asked her if that's what she was saying, she said no. I said, "I hope not." Those items each had two and three stickers on them - it's not likely a thief would go to such lengths on a $1 glass. I was furious - I am not a thief. More than once I've turned in things that were 'extras' - like a black pearl in a $1 wooden box, or other pieces of jewelry that were in with dishes. I've even paid more for things that were worth more. I used to spend a lot of money there, and hours helping them organize their stuff, because it drives me nuts. They don't know men's from women's jeans, they separate sets of things, and leave 'parts' wherever they end up. Well, I used to, not so much anymore. I stayed out of there for six months, now I try not to indulge my OCD if it's helping them.

    As for pricing - same thing here. If you want it, it costs more. The managers will even change the price at the register and say somebody priced it wrong, or somebody changed the tag. How do they decide prices? They don't know either. So if you found a nice plate for $1, they may think it's too nice, and raise the price, or accuse you of changing it. In NJ that's illegal, retail laws favor the consumer - unless they witnessed a price change. If these are independently owned, does that make them franchises? GW should insist that every employee have basic manners, an understanding of retail etiquette, and some common sense. The managers should insist on nothing less than professional conduct from employees, including themselves. This behavior would not fly in the real retail world. Maybe district managers should hire a little further up the IQ scale. Even if they hire less qualified persons, at least they might be teachable.

    Today, I thought maybe I would apply for an open position - maybe even make a difference. I have experience with retail, second-hand retail, collectibles, and employment law. There's a job for immigrant 'outreach, ' to locate, then prepare them for naturalization, among other things. OUTREACH for non-citizens? What about outreach for the soup kitchen families? Or the homeless shelter families? I thought they were a training and teaching organization that employs special needs persons, preparing them for 'life'. That job is more of a social services position. Could they really be just another support and protection for those who come here illegally? That's a pretty big effort to help a “targeted population” - do they do that for the special education schools? I know a young man who suffered cognitive losses following a medical condition. They will not hire him. He would make a great employee, and HE fits exactly the population GW claims to serve. I don’t get it. Corporate should care, it hurts the GW name and reputation.

  • Sr
      13th of Oct, 2014
    -1 Votes

    Goodwill on Orcutt Road in Santa Maria, CA. Angelica rude manager - she doesn't like white people ... she talks spanish to other people when I shop there. How rude. This store allows returns within 7 days of purchase. I always have a receipt. She double checks the clothes to make sure the colored tag is still attached. She's a real ###!

  • Gi
      9th of Dec, 2014
    0 Votes

    I shop Goodwill Thrift Shop in Great Bend, Kansas often and so does my family. My daughter in law was shopping and saw a PreciousMoments mug behind the display case and asked the associate to see it. The associate got the mug out of the display case and handed it to my daughter in law. My daughter in law told her she wanted to buy it, that is when the associate saw the price on the mug .99 and called for a price check. The manager came up and told her it was mismarked and the price was $2.99. My daughter in law was upset and left the store without buying it. Who are these people?

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