Golden Corralcustomer service and quality of food

Golden Corral #2429 902 Towne Centre in Mesquite, Texas 75150.

I came in a little after 8pm with my uncle who has never been. For the 2 of us my bill 30.83. One senior and one adult with 2 waters. I was seated and eating around 8:45 when I had to ask my server for water. The second time I just got up and asked for it myself. I was eating the meat with rice but it had no juice or gravy in the lan so it was dry. I asked the lady behind the area for gravy, and she replied in poor broken English that she didnt cook it and she proceeded to walk away. She never said let me get someone. Another customer commented that she had asked her about the pot roast and that she mumbled something and walked away. Anyway the manager came and made some gravy with some hesitation because it was near closing time. He said some people make it with too much gravy. Ok so the answer is no gravy. So he gives me some and it is too strong. Then he tells me yes because it cooks for 30 to 45 minutes. Then why the hell would you give to me after warming it for 5 minutes. Then my server reaches over my plate to refill the sugar after he been cleaning tables. No excuse me or nothing. I don't know what he dropped in my plate. I stopped eating at that point. The ham was beautiful but the lady didnt know how to cut it cause it was so damn tough. The steak smelled so good but I didn't know well done meant burnt. It was black as an ace of spade. The corn was hairy then, well it was hair. So others weren't. The corn was good and tender the way I like it. The day after a holiday is the worst day to eat out. I could have cooked and out 30.00 in my car for gas. I will not it again. Hire more cooks and people who speak English. I am all for everyone but damn be able to say something. The manager is Juan and the lady name is maybe Inez.

Thank you,

Katrena Dawson

May 29, 2018

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