Glocell / cancellation not being processed and money deducted from my account

Midrand, South Africa
Contact information:

Email sent to GloCell with no response

It is with absolute disgust that I write this email today!!!

Before I explain the situation, I would like a senior person to contact me on [protected] to apologise as well as to submit a proof of payment for the money that was again deducted from me today.

I went to your store in Carnival Mall and cancelled my contract on 19.09.2016. Ref [protected]

The cancellation was sent to you and Cleopatra confirmed the receipt hereof.

The money was still debited from my account in October, November and December after which we stopped the payments from the bank for November and December.

We again visited your store on 02.01.2017 and the cancellation was sent through again, Ref [protected], and we were told to phone you.

On 10.01.2016 we phoned your offices, had to hold for more than 30 minutes before our call was even answered. Cleopatra confirmed that the cancellation was received, I had to hold on for another 15 minutes for her to speak to Retentions to find out why it was not processed. She confirmed that the cancellation was done. She also said that they would reimburse us. This did not make any sense as we stopped the payments from our side, which cost bank charges.

She confirmed that you would reimburse bank charges if I send the bank statement, which I did not do as I just wanted this issue resolved and no more money being debited from my account for a contract that I am not using.

Once again the money was deducted today 01.02.2017.

As mentioned above, should this money not be refunded to me TODAY 01.02.2017, I will log a complaint with PASA. If you do not know who PASA is, they are the Payments Association of South Africa. PASA investigates disputes on unauthorized debit orders. PASA has the right to send your bank audit enquiries and could lead to financial implications for your company if found that you are debiting accounts without permissions. I know this as I am a Business Analyst in Finance and I deal with debit order deductions for major Insurance Companies.

Not only will I contact PASA, I will also contact the Ombudsman as well as log a complaint on Helopeter. I will use every social media available to me to make known how PATHETIC Glocell is.

Please note that this is no idle threat, this is an absolute promise.

Feb 2, 2017

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