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Giant Eagle / pharmacy

1 New Castle, PA, United States

Dropped off script last night after a painful trip to ER with my child. Of course they didn't have it and told me it would be ready at 9:30 next day. So my child had to go all night in extreme pain!! Went to the drive thru the next day at 10am and got behind a customer that was very angry and I waited for almost 30mins!! I then pull forward only to be told the script that should have been ready hadn't been touched yet! They then ask me to pull out and go to the back of the line which by that time 4 cars were behind me. They got irritated with me because I would not pull forward and become 5th in line after waiting so long. How can you tell a customer who had been waiting so long (for 12 pills mind you) to pull out and go to the back of the line? Didn't I wait long enough? And now you're asking me to let 4 people go ahead of me so I'd have to wait even longer? So after I refused to pull out of the line and start all over again, they became very ignorant! But brought me the script in less than 5 mins. So my question is, if it took them 5mins to fill the script as I waited at the window because I refused to move, why would they want me to move to the back of the line knowing damn well 4 cars that would have then been ahead of me would more than likely take a lot longer than 5mins before I got back up to the window??? Horrible attitudes and horrible customer service! Any time I have ever brought scripts to this store it's always an hour wait and when you go back to get it you still end up waiting because they didn't get it done yet still! Experiences like this one is exactly why I quit filling scripts there in the first place but unfortunately my normal pharmacy closes at 5:30 so I took it to giant eagle because my daughter was in horrible pain and needed the medication and ended up being in pain all night anyways! Thanks!! The pharmacy I go to all the time takes my scripts and in 10 mins or less I'm walking out the door with my medications! What happened today is totally unacceptable in any customer service scenario. And I'm a business development manager where I work and I would never treat my customers like that and I promise that as a manager I wouldn't tolerate my employees treating customers with a nasty attitude either! Get it together Giant Eagle! I spend thousands of dollars each year there in groceries but I no longer will after this experience! When you set customers expectations and never meet the expectations YOUR COMPANY sets then you deserve to lose business because of it! You need to also teach your employees some tact and how to smile. No one ever looks happy to help when I go there after my regular pharmacys hours. Lousy service and poor inventory caused my daughter to not only be in agonizing pain all night, no sleep for her and I, and they made me late for work and I missed a very important meeting! Very disgusted over this experience and I hope you address and make adjustments where needed!

Nov 22, 2016

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