General Motors / pcv valve replacement on a 2011 chevrolet cruze lt 1.4 turbo engine

Baltimore, MD, United States

I have a P0170, {0171} code car running lean and l was told that a defective PCV valve was the problem. When l looked under the hood l was surprised to see that the PCV valve is a physical part of the engine valve cover. That, of course, means taking off the valve cover and replacing a whole new valve cover/PCV plus getting the ignition coil pack out of the way. Why was this done? I'm no mechanic, but l can take my time and do the work myself as a new GM part comes complete with the cover, the gasket, and the bolts. Is 12-13 Torque pounds on the bolts sufficient?
ln future vehicles, can the PCV valve be mounted in a user friendly replaceable manner ?
Other than my little problem, l like the Cruze very much -styling, decent tires, comfortable ride, FABULOUS interior, especially the front dash-A real winner

Apr 28, 2017

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