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Detroit, MI, United States

I have a 2013 Volt that was brought in for service due to a Check Engine light in 1/2018 to Shearer Chevrolet in S. Burlington, VT, the dealership at which I purchased the car new. They determined that there was a bad battery cell and ordered a new one and gave me a courtesy car. I picked up the car 3 weeks later, and on the way home, the car ran out of battery power, but did not switch over to gas generator power, leaving me stranded late at night in rural Vermont. I was able to get a tow ($150) and was able to get a family member to cross the lake to pick me up ($25 ferry costs).
It was determined that the new battery cell was bad, and that also led to drainage of my 12v battery (latter replaced at greater than $200), and the car was repaired.
In August 2018 I, I received a recall from GM (18215) for just the issue that I experienced, which was caused by a software issue that caused imbalance in the batteries, leading to cell failure, and subsequent loss of power, with no switch to gas generator power. I called the dealership to inquire if the software had been updated when it was repaired and they said no. I brought my car in and the update was done. This being the fourth time I had to travel interstate to get my car finally repaired, I requested ferry ticket reimbursement, and the dealership declined.
I called GM customer service on 8/2/18 and received a case number of 8-[protected]. When I had not heard in 6 weeks, I called back and was given a new case of 8-[protected] on 9/27/18.
I had difficulty getting in contact, but left a message with Shaunderice on 10/2/18 and finally got to speak with her. She stated the best she could do, was a $100 service voucher, good for a year. When I explained that this was an electric hybrid car and that I had no need for a service voucher, she was unwilling, when requested to escalate this issue further, and refused to pass this on to her supervisor, and she closed the case without my assent.
I called back to customer service again on 10/16/2018 and spoke to a representative that said she would reopen the case and I then requested, on another call that day and spoke with Bis, who said he would refer to his supervisor to refer to Shaunderice's supervisor. To date, I have. Or heard back.
The car was $41, 000 new and we are talking about a reimbursement of $20. Very poor customer service. Makes it unlikely I will buy a GM product in the future.

Oct 29, 2018

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