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OnStar Member Services, PO Box 455, Station A, Windsor, ON N9A 6L7

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Complaints & Reviews

they will not refund my money

I had free trial of Onstar services. After the trial I called to cancel and the lady kept on and said she would let me have it for 60 more days so I said ok but I don't want to forget to cancel it. She said she would enter my email and assured that they would send a email prior to charging my card. That did not happen so I called once I noticed the charge and they told me they would return the money and it would not happen again. This month I get charged for half the cost of a membership. I call and they say it was for 7 days and understand so they would put in for it to be rejected once it hits the bank. So 3 days later it still is on my account so once again I call and today the lady wouldn't stop talking long enough for me to explain what I was told on Monday she said explained she understood but they will not refund my money like the other Onstar person told me on Monday! It's ridiculous and would never want to have an Onstar service again!


Dec 14, 2019.I have waited 3 1/2hrs to get my car towed 5mins from where I stay. They made me miss my ride to pick up my battery and was not willing to assist me in getting it. The battery was only 5mins from the dealership. NarTowing was suppose to pick me up at 1st and didn't call when they were running behind. OnStar then switched me to Superior 2hrs later bcus of the wait. I explain I missed my ride to pick up my battery n Trisha said they would not pay the additional $8 to pick it up, even though it was their fault. Superior said they had no problem taking me n OnStar would need to approve the additional mileage or I would have to pay. Well, I wind up paying it. OnStar has not held up to the service they use to provide n I am cancelling my service. O, they also cldnt help Wed Dec. 11th when I was in my car due to my battery. The lady cldnt even tell me where my pocket transmitter to use my phobe key. Terrible service.


I received two notices that my on star subscription had been updated and that a payment method indicating a credit card number to be charges. First, I do not have an on star subscription on either vehicle and second the credit card listed is not my card.
I called on star and spoke with Ann and gave her my information and I was disconnected. I called back and spoke with Pat who was argumentative and kept stating that she was there to help.
I believe that this is a sales tactic to get unsuspecting customers to authorize continued on star service. If I receive any more of these notices, I will file a complaint with the consumer division of the State Attorney General's Office.

tire repair

16063 On the morning of Monday 30th I called for roadside assistance at 911 e11th st in Michigan City, In. They put my spar on and didn't put it on correct which caused an accident. On...

4g lte with wifi

OnStar CASE # [protected]

I have been trying to resolve the loss of my WIFI connection on on 2019 Bolt since September 3rd, 2019.

My first call to on September 3rd, the OnStar - Technical Rep reset the system which did not solve the problem. I was asked to wait three days for another call.

My second call on September 6th, I was informed that I had to wait a full 3 days, by a very rude operator, before anyone would call me back.

My third call on September 7th, I was referred to the Technical Rep and again another attempt was made to reset the system. I was told to wait for phone call from a senior rep with a possible solution.

I am paying for 5 GB of data - $35 per month which renews on September 16th. I need to have a solution found prior to that date or I will be cancelling that service.

[Resolved] 12 month data pass can not be added

My brand new Chevy suburban premier edition was supposed to come with a 12 month data pass. Instead of receiving the data pass, I had to wait weeks, talk to multiple different customer service representatives, who all in turn said they could not give me what ONSTAR offered. Onstar offers a 12 month data pass for 250 dollars, which would seem pretty easy to apply to a customer's account, who can PROVE the offer.

If Onstar can not honor my package details, then why advertise the option on a premier plus package (on the sticker) ?!? Someone needs to take notice and fix this problem, so other customers do not have to deal with the run around. MAKE THIS RIGHT. Fix the issues and quit giving the customers the run around. If there was competition, I would already be gone. Bye Felicia!

  • Resolution Statement

    Onstar went above and beyond to take care of my issue. There was a misunderstanding on the amount of data offered. They not only graciously and understandingly explained to me what was offered, but they also gave me additional service. I feel rather foolish for making a stink but am grateful for their understanding and continued kindness. Thanks, OnStar! Laura


I have been an Onstar customer since 2011 and have truly appreciated the services offered. In fact when my husband bought is 2018 Chevy Silverado a year and half ago I insisted he...

renewal fraud

I was contacted in Feb. 2018 about renewal even though my subscription was not due for renewal. I renewed from June 7, 2018 through June 6, 2019 at a promotional price and received an email from OnStar confirming the order, the amount and the effective dates on Feb. 26, 2018.

Recently, in November 2018, I received notice that my subscription will expire Dec. 6, 2018. I called and spoke to Noel (customer service), Anne (billing), and April (billing supervisor) at OnStar explaining the confirmation email I received and offered to share it with them. They have no proof at their end but stated that it was probably a third party error in the email and they would not honor it past Dec. 6, 2018. I requested a refund or for OnStar to honor their contract to June 6, 2019. They declined.


Order Confirmation
Thank you for choosing OnStar®1. Enclosed is a summary of your recent account changes.



Your payment method ending in 9857 will be applied to the following:



Protection, Member Prepaid

06/07/2018 — 06/06/2019

the fees! and no multi car family discount...

It's sad that GM doesn't include their services with the vehicle when you buy it. 2 vehicles (the vehicles are great) - both with unlimited data wifi (@$20/mo/vehicle-no discount) - this is just... ok, but if you want to use the app to start/unlock it's an extra $15/mo/vehicle! That's $70/mo for features the cars come with! No wonder Toyota is taking over. These additional fees with no multi-car family discount are extremely excessive! These features should be included for at least the first few years of ownership. It's like selling extended warranties that cover ‘everything' - except when you read the fine print it actually covers nothing. OnStar is a scam with only emergency benefits - when it works.

didn’t work when needed

Needed my car unlocked so I tried to use my app and it kept timing out. I then called OnStar to get them to unlock it. They advised me I was not an authorized user on the account my husband and I have had since 2009 (I have used the service before with no issue). After telling me I wasn't an authorized user told me they could call roadside assistance for me. How is that possible I ask if I am not an authorized user. My husband calls to add me on account and ask them to unlock my car and guess what they can't. OnStar is having some issue with the signal. I have now been in the parking lot for 30 minutes on this lovely 34 degree evening. I am told they will call my cell back in 10 minutes to ensure my car is unlocked. 20 more minutes go by and no call so I call back. They try to unlock again and nothing. They will gladly send me roadside assistance with an ETA of 70 minutes oh and they need my current mileage?!?!? Ultimately I had someone grab my keys from my house and drive them to me. For a service that you pay for and this being the sole purpose of the operation I find this to be extremely unacceptable! I don't think the product is worth the monthly payment. Save your money and give a key to a friend.

on star — false charging

I bought a new car and was given On Star for six months free. This included the ability to get turn by turn directions. during the 6 months I think I used it twice. After the six...

customer service

Avoid onstar at all costs. Terrible customer service. They kept pushing me over and over again to buy their hands-free phone minutes and other services which I did not want. I had...

unaccptable service

I have been trying for a week to activate my onstar and have wasted at least 2 hours a day with no luck. after finally speaking with an advisor, I was told they are experiencing...

problems canceling account with billing

My husband cancelled his account through OnStar because he didn’t want the service. He cancelled the OnStar account on April 4th. Well, instead of canceling his account, they billed me for it instead. Today they took out 75.21 from my checking account without warning. Now, because of this I have a hot check out!! When I called, they aplogized and stated that it was going to take five to seven business days to return the money!! Why do I have to wait for their mistake? Not to mention, I never had a joint OnStar account with my husband!!! It was always seperate!!!

  • Vr
    VRB1 Aug 29, 2016

    My mother just found out today that her credit card has been being charged for 5 years for her deceased husbands OnStar account for his truck which was sold immediately after his death. How they are able to get spouses credit card numbers and authorization to charge to their credit cards is beyond me. (She is elderly and also has OnStar, seperate account on her vehicle and did not recognize that she was getting charged twice a year for two different accounts).

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On Star Road Servicecouldn't locate us

We have had our onstar road service since we bought the car in 2005 and now it is 2011. We have never used our road service until the weekend of memorial weekend when our car had died out at 1:15 in the morning. Our car had died out on Hwy 4 which their is no cars that come by and the place was pitch dark. I have my 3 kids in the car with 5 adult and we had called onstar road service to have them get a towing for us. First thing On Star road service coudn’t locate where we were at and the second thing is the towing will be here within 1 hr and 1/2 to 2 hr.

Mine me that I have my 3 kids in the car out in the dark and we where scared. We had also got disconnected with them and On Star didn’t call us back until 1 hour later. So we had to call the police to have them be out here with us and have them call the tow truck for us to tow our car. It was a long night and it was such a disspointment about onstar road service. This is just a ripe off of there advertisment. “Didn’t anyone see their commerial about a lady who car died and she had a baby with her and they were their right away” well in my case they were a disspointment to me.

Any the sad thing is they can’t even locate us. We had to used our internet on our phone to let them know where we are close to. On Star road service sucks…

unhappy gm customer

Onstar sent me a letter letting me know they are dumping all Onstar customers with analog devices.

The solution is for me to buy a new 2006 or 2007 GM vehicle and sell my current car, value of which has fallen as a result of this announcement. Onstar knew that this transition will take place in the near future but they didn't think it through and are not willing to make this transition for us more convinient.

I've been with GM vehicles for 20 years. I was a loyal customer and they just lost me. When I contacted them about this issue Onstar and GM offered me $500.00 off a purchase of a new 2007 vehicle. Why would I buy another GM product after being treated this way? This is unacceptable.

On-Star — a rip off; does not work as promised!

On-star is a complete rip-off... Wife's new escalade was stolen this morning. Within one hour after discovering it stolen, the very first call was to on-star to activate the...

poor communciation via tty onstar

as an hearing impaired customer of new gm car purchased sept 22nd to this date i am very angry with the way onstar-tty treatment has not response on how to get tty-onstar system...

unauthorized charges and useless service

I bought a 2008 Saturn Astra which came with Onstar. The only time I ever authorized my credit card to be used by Onstar was to purchase minutes for the cellular service. After a...

they sent survey card can't log on

They sent survey card in mailto log in and sign up for a chance to win one of five $200 prizes, and there is no such site

on starto much information

I was driving through Birmingham Alabama the other day when a on-star comercial came on the radio. It played a call where the on-star operator told the police this is on star, we have a front end collision at 35 MPH with air bags deployed.
My on star button could not contact on star so I called them on my cell phone which has a Blocked Number. They answered the call and asked me is this Mr. Phelps? So much for blocked calls.
I used an example "What if I'm in a collision with a vehicle that doesn't have on star and we're both speeding. It's my word against theirs how fast they were driving but your going to tell the police how fast I was driving?" He said there is no direct line to the police so they would not have that information. I explained their commercial on the radio has the on star opperator telling the police how fast the person was traveling at the time of the front end collision and his responce was they only give out information that would assist police in assisting me. I asked if I could request that such information not be relayed to the police in the event of an accident. I didn't get anywhere with that request.
My concern is this service that I'm paying them for may be used aginst me in court should a law suit arrise from an accident.


Onstar charges $30.00 a mth to get you lost.. They send you to areas where they don't have coverage.. Me &my kids were going to houston turn by turn is a joke... Turn by wrong...

refund to visa credit card

I discussed the monthly fee with one of your employees and they agreed to reduce my monthly fee to @12.95 and credit my Visa account with approximtaely $16.00. This has not been done. The Visa account is in the name of Shirley M. Hawkins, 265 Antebellum Lane, Mt. Juliet, Tn. 37122. I am half owner of the auto and the wife of Ronald Prater, same address. Please advise the status. Shirley M. Hawkins, [protected]

on star — road side assistance

I am extremely disappointed and appalled about the so called "free" roadside assitance covered under my vehicle's warranty. I had to rush out of town to see my grandmother...

on starnot worth the money

on star is not worth the money they charge. My wife and I have been lead to highways that are closed more than a few times. One guy told me that my on star did not work in the area I was in. False. I used it before in the same area, and it worked. I also hit the on star again, and received directions from a more competent person. I am very disappointed in what I thought was a truly global positioning technology. GM will not be my next vehicle.

Poor directions, and all they tell you is that they are working on it. I was left at night on a closed expressway that their so called state of the art gps left me, my wife and our handicapped daughter in a terrible neighborhood at night.

online survey

Like many of the others on this website, I could not access the online survey site as directed per mail card. Unfortunately, in order to have positive results, one has to be able...

discontinued service

I buy a buick century, retirement car. Paid cash... Now onstar... Digital vs analog... Why not update my car so I can still use onstar... After 4 years... Car components are...

Gm Onstarineffective system

I don’t know how to begin this letter except to say that I’m angry and very disgusted with the Onstar product & process. On February 25, 2008 my brand new Pontiac G6 was stolen, I immediately contacted Onstar to begin the stolen vehicle tracking process when they informed me that I had to make a police report before the authorities could be notified. In the city of Detroit where the vehicle was stolen, they then told me that they don’t take police reports over the phone and nor do the police come out to retrieve a stolen vehicle report from the victim.
So now let me fine tune the picture for you. My vehicle is stolen which means I don’t have a way to get to the police station to get a report that Onstar is requiring me to have before the vehicle can be recovered, so in the meantime, Onstar is senselessly tracking the vehicle, while suspect(s) are destroying the vehicle, while I’m attempting to first find a ride to the station, then second, have to fill out a 4 page police report. Then to add insult to injury, at approximately 5:30a.m. (2 hours later), I contacted Onstar again which is the second part of the process, and gave an advisor the report information just to have another 2 hours pass and a different advisor (Laura) call me back at 7:45a.m. & say “Did you get that police information yet so we can have authorities recover your vehicle?” Needless to say, the vehicle has not been recovered & nor is Onstar able to get a signal on it (vehicle’s Time of Death: approximately 24 hours later).
Now I ask you, how exactly did Onstar help me or my insurance company? How useful was this service or the city’s police department in conjunction with it? The only thing that just happened here is a big waste of time & money for all parties except the criminal.
Also; what about those 130 personal calling minutes I had downloaded inside the vehicle and never got a chance to use?
I’m disgusted with the service, the city & the time I have to spend writing letters like this.
Thank you for the unpleasant experience I’ll try to make sure (that I or anyone I know thinking of renewing Onstar) to never have again.


Chantal McWillie

  • Ja
    jaclark Feb 24, 2010

    I'll be sure to cancel my subscription now, the only reason I kept the service was for a theft situation! Thank you for the warning.

    - J. Aaron Clark-

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why onstar don't cover 2000 model vehicles anymore?

Why put a device in a vehicle, and knowing that it won't cover the vehicle in the next up coming years? I have an 2000 Cadillac Escalade w/ the OnStar button inside of it...

misleading information

My 2007 Chevy Silverado broke down on the interstate, when On-Star was contacted they were (1) unable to find closest dealer, (2)determine my location, Both of which I had to...

cheated by onstar!

When we received a notice our 2003 Cadillac was NOT going to be supplied with OnStar service effective December 2007, we purchased enough telephone minutes to last until that time. Recently, with over 100 minutes left on our telephone, you WITHDREW our minutes--without any notice. Now, we learn they had to be renewed by a certain date--or we'd lose the existing minutes. Any company would have notified the customer of the expiration date--so the customer could have renewed.

Unfortunately, OnStar is the ONLY service available -- if they'd had competition, they would have wanted to KEEP EXISTING customers--supposing a New car purchase might continue the relationship.

  • No
    Noel Grace Feb 07, 2008

    FORTUNATELY OnStar already has a huge competitors, but they don't get it yet. It is called CarShield. The difference is that OnStar cares only about selling the GM cars and CarShield is created to give great services. I just want to tell you people OnStar's kingdom will soon come to end thanks to CarShield!

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Onstar Diagnosticspoor service!

My Account # is [protected] and I have a complaint about the diagnostic system giving a notice whenever the battery is close to failing. The Rainier is three plus years old (2004) and the battery has failed three times in each year of ownership.

Today my wife waited for me in the Rainier while I shopped a the drug store for about one half hour. She was playing the radio and when I returned and tried to start the car it would only make a clicking sound.

After several tries, I called triple A and they jump started it. I would think that the diagnostic system would alert the driver whenever the battery is at a low point and liable to fail.

People beware!!!

Onstar Diagnostics Reportsdiagnostic report never received!

I have not been getting my monthly diagnostic report on my 2005 automobile. I called and someone said that i should be receiving it shortly that was 2 months ago. It has been about four months since i have received it. I checked my spam folder like i was told and it was not sent there. — unhappy with onstar service!

Onstar sent me a letter dated March 2, 2007 to let me know they are dumping all Onstar customers with analog devices. Onstar suggests I purchase new 2006 or 2007 GM vehicle as a...