General Motors2016 silverado 2500 high country - customer service issues

We had purchased a 2016 Silverado 2500 High Country back in July, brand new. My husband took it for break issues and service end of January 2017, ever since we took it in the first time we cannot drive the truck more than 14 miles before the breaks start to burn and we have no more breaks. Our engine also seized after an oil change, and while GM replaced the motor, we are having continuous problems with the truck. We told them even if it is fixed, at this point we are interested in the trade assist program due to the car having so many issues, and we wanted to avoid filing a lemon law and suing them. They were talking with us at first about it, and now going on a month, we have heard nothing. GM's customer service will call my husband at 4:55-4:58 pm (so right before they close) and he will call back within a few minutes and get no answer. We call multiple times a day, no answer from our customer representatives David or Karen, and no information given to us. On top of it, not only are we paying on a $60, 000 vehicle, the dealer gives us a chevy cruz or we are paying for their lowest line cars while driving their top tuck. It is disappointing to say the least. I have never experienced this bad of customer service for anything, the lack of communication and regard for what we are going through is incredible. We loved our GM vehicles, but now we will be filing a lemon law since they are refusing to work with us, and will no longer be purchasing from GM. Such a disappointment

May 01, 2017

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