General Motors / 2014 gmc seria 2500hd diesel / unethical behavior

Truck was brought in to Ed Rinke Chevrolet for DEF fluid issue (speed limited to 65mph def fluid quality poor). Was diagnosed and determined that diesel had a blown head gasket. Truck has 127, 000 miles on a diesel motor that bought new! Ed Rinke had the truck from [protected] to [protected]. Then called on 3-20-17 that the steering position sensor was bad and needed to be replaced because the stabilitrack light was on. They attempted to charge me $600 for a $100 part and what the book calls for a 1.7 hour labor charge. I was able to argue them down to $300 which is at least reasonable for the type of work performed. Where this gets worse is when I left with the truck it pulled badly to the left. I had absolutely no drive ability issues with this truck prior to bringing it to this dealer. To remove or replace the heads the dealer decided to remove the cab to do the job more than likely damaging the steering sensor. Also the truck must have been damaged or misaligned during the mentioned service. I had put on new tires and had an alignment not 20, 000 highway miles prior. Also the hood open warning light was now coming off and on randomly. Called Ed Rinke service mgr, told him the issue he said he had seen the hood latch light on and did not think it was his problem. He also did not thing that the new drive ability problem was his issue either. I told him as a mechanic my self that it seemed quite obvious that when removing the hood and cab if the hood latch switch was coming on it more than likely was an out of adjustment switch or an improperly attached connector wire. He agreed to fix it and look at the truck and check the alignment. Gave me the t ruck back told me he checked the alignment and it was fine the pulling to the left was because my tires and shocks but did rotate the tires. I was not about to allow them to preform that. I picked up the truck and first thing I did was look at the tires. They Were not at all touched. The tires are fairly new and the front are a little scalloped in the front most likely due to the 200 mile I had to drive home holding my wheel to the right to compensate for the alignment issues I now have. I feel that due to the incompetency of the dealer and its mechanics my truck after being in there for 2 months and $4800 later the truck has issues it never had and Rinke will not fix or acknowledge any problems they introduced. Also General Motors can not seem to make a diesel motor last more than 13, 000 miles when the diesel is an increase of around $8000.

Mar 27, 2017

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