General Motors / 2013 chevy impala

I purchased a 2013 Chevy impala..with the notion that this car is fuel efficient, I'm here too tell you that it's soon as I started using the'E 85 gas' the engine light comes I take it too a couple of places they couldn't find a problem of why the engine light is staying I take it too (haggerty Chevy on 73&western), where I purchased the car they charged me 150 dollars to put it on the machine it came up to nothing then afterwards the service men witch is was two of them at different times asking me did I use the flex fuel..E85, and I said yes I have.they both said the same thing...the car says fuel efficient E85...but don't use it or else that happens they had a few more people come with the same problem, they tell everyone too fill your tank up with regular gas twice an it should go off, Witch it did after a couple of fill ups now all my sensors going bad since the fuel efficient gas.can someone please help isn't that false advertising..please help

Mar 25, 2017

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